Sexual fetishism


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Sexual fetishism

  1. 1. -All the things you need toknow about the paraphilias No taboos!-Sexual fetishism
  2. 2. This magazine is the latest information ofinterest to psychologists today, with emphasison sexology, and all related topics. our journalcontains articles of interest, important data,images related to the subject, true stories, and asection of jokes and entertainment thatprovides fun and laughter to readers.In our edition we bring information to youabout some of the paraphilias and paraphiliatypes, leaving the taboo and talking with realtestimonials
  3. 3. • Sexual fetishism Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a The word fetish derives from person receives from a physicalthe French fétiche, which object, or from a specific situation.comes from the Portuguese The object or situation of interestfeitiço ("spell"), which in turn is called the fetish, the person aderives from the Latin fetishist who has a fetish for thatfacticius (“artificial”) and object/situation. A sexual fetishfacere ("to make"). A fetish is may be regarded as an enhancingan object believed to have element to a romantic/sexualsupernatural powers, or in relationship "achieved in ordinaryparticular, a man-made objectthat has power over others. ways (e.g. having the partner wearEssentially, fetishism is the a particular garment)" or as aattribution of inherent value mental disorder/disorder of sexualor powers to an object. The preference if it causes significantterms "erotic fetish" and psychosocial distress for the"sexual fetish" were first person or has detrimental effectsintroduced by Alfred Binet. on important areas of their life.Sometimes, the word fetish Arousal from a particular bodymay be thought synonymousto "sexual fetish" (for part is classified as partialism.example, when used inpornography based on sexualfetishes).
  4. 4. "Spiritual love" occupied the “Plastic love" referred to thedevotion for specific mental devotion exhibited towards materialphenomena, such as attitudes, objects such as animals, body parts,social class, or occupational roles garments, textures or shoes. • Sigmund Freud believed that • The sexologist Magnus sexual fetishism in men derived Hirschfeld followed another from the unconscious fear of the line of thought when he proposed his theory of partial mothers genitals, from mens attractiveness in 1920. universal fear of castration, and According to his argument, from a mans fantasy that his sexual attractiveness never originates in a person as a mother had had a penis but that whole but always is the product it had been cut off. He did not of the interaction of individual features. He stated that nearly discuss sexual fetishism in everyone had special interests women. and thus suffered from a healthy kind of fetishism, while only detaching and overvaluing of a single feature resulted in pathological fetishism. Today, Hirschfelds theory is often mentioned in the context of gender role specific behavior: females present sexual stimuli by highlighting body parts, clothes or accessories; males react to them.
  5. 5. Sadism and masochism In psychiatry, the terms sadism and masochism describe a personality type characterized by the actor or actrix deriving pleasure and gratification from inflicting physical pain and humiliation (sadism); however it is difficult to distinguish this from the exercise of the purest sentiment of justice, and the sacred need of the expression of judgement, punishment, and from suffering pain and humiliation upon the self (masochism). Sadism can be defined as a serious, asexual activity to which one is devoted, perhaps psychologically definable as pure black[vague], while sexuality is considered obscene and demeaning, and to be despised in the exercise of at times unexpressed pure sadism.Sigmund Freud mademasochism andsadism integral to Moreover, the term sadomasochism denotes thepsychoanalysis, thus, i co-occurrence of sadism and masochism in onen Three Essays on the person, as discrete mental disorders, yet in fact masochism may be the spiritual inner self-Theory of Sexuality punishment for acts inwardly acknowledged to be(1905), he described sadism. In psychiatric theory, the termthe tendency to inflict "sadomasochism" often replaces both terms, per the school of thought. The medical definitionsand receive pain (denotations and connotations) of "sadism" andduring sexual "masochism" have been modified as required byintercourse as “the medical progress, since the Austrian psychiatristmost common and Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing (1840–1902) introduced the terms to psychiatry in the 19thimportant of all century. This article presents the development ofperversions”, and that "sadism" and "masochism" as medicalboth psychosexual terms, leading to their contemporary definitions as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statisticaltendencies usually Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). As eroticoccur in the same practices, the sadomasochistic subculture, andperson. related matters, are noted historically.
  6. 6. Terminology There are three terms thatare most commonly used in Zoophilia, is the practice of sexual activityregards to the subject: between humans and non-human animalszoophilia, bestiality, and (bestiality), or a preference for or fixation onzoosexuality. The terms are such practice. People who practice zoophiliausually relativelyinterchangeable. Zoosadism, are known as zoophiles, zoosexuals, orsodomy, zooerasty and simply "zoos". Zoophilia may also be knownzooerastia are other terms as zoosexuality.closely related to the subject Although sex with animals is not outlawed inbut are less synonymous some countries, it is not explicitly condonedwith the former termsand/or are not commonly anywhere. In most countries, zoophilic sexualused. "Bestiosexuality" was acts are illegal under animal abuse laws ordiscussed briefly by Allen laws dealing with "crimes against nature";(1979), but never became however, the notion that such acts areestablished. "abusive" is disputed.
  7. 7. Non-sexual zoophilia Zoophile community An online survey which recruited participants over the internet concluded that prior to the arrival of widespread computer networking, most zoophiles would not have known other zoophiles, and for the most part engaged in zoophilia secretly, or told onlyThe love of animals is not trusted friends, family ornecessarily sexual in nature. In partners. The internet and itspsychology and sociology the predecessors made peopleword "zoophilia" is sometimes able to search for informationused without sexual implications.Being fond of animals in general on topics which were notor pets in particular is accepted in otherwise easily accessibleWestern society, and although and to communicate withsometimes ridiculed, it is usually relative safety and anonymity.respected or tolerated. However, Because of the diary-likethe word zoophilia is usually used intimacy of blogs and theto mean a sexual preference anonymity of the internet,towards animals which is acted zoophiles had the idealupon, a paraphilia. People whoidentify as zoophiles may feel opportunity to "openly"their love for animals is romantic express their sexuality.rather than purely sexual, and saythis makes them different fromthose committing entirelysexually motivated acts ofbestiality. They may not act ontheir sexual attraction to animals.
  8. 8. Characterization of pedophile Psychiatry sees pedophilia as a paraphilia.• From a medical The pedophile, from this perspective, are standpoint, pedophilia or subject to sexual orientation aimed primarily pedophilia is a paraphilia at children, with little concern for adults, and consisting of the excitement or compulsive behaviors are not mediated by sexual pleasure are obtained stress. mainly through activities or sexual fantasies about children, generally The pedophile often man. Women tend to be between 8 and 12. A person who pedophiles or people with mental disorders suffers is called pedophilia or very lonely people living on the margins of pedophile, an individual of at least society. 18 who entertains sexually with minors of 13 and for whom you have an age difference of at least five years.2 Pedophilia is a multifactorial trait in the personality of the sufferer, and is composed of mental, institutional, activity, sex education, violence, control of drives, etc.. In this sense, we generally distinguish between two types of pedophilia, a primary or essential, deeply rooted in the subject, and a secondary (or other), which appear motivated by situational factors.
  9. 9. Emotional needs of pedophiles The clinical case series has shown the kind of emotional needs that can meet pedophile practice in the affected First, it is almost the only way forAs far as the them to achieve sexual arousal;Internet is secondly, makes them feel powerful through the control exercised over theconcerned, we child, something more complicatedknow that it offers than if they were adults;an ideal cover for Thirdly, as a result of the foregoing, itthe encouragement serves to increase their self; fourth, by repeating traumatic scenesof paedophilia experienced by them (in cases in which they were given), the pedophile contact allows them to overcome their own personal traumas and have a kind of revenge by now placed them in the dominant position; fifth, the whole process of its relationship to the pedophile gets under their privations comfort of social competence or self- consciousness in relation to adults, it is therefore not just something to do with their sex lives but the very personal fulfillment.
  10. 10. Jokes-RING ... RING ...Welcome to the virtual lineTelepsique psychological.Please follow theinstructions ...If you are an obsessivecompulsive, press 1repeatedlyIf you have multiplepersonalities, press 2,3,4 and5If you are an insecureperson, find someone tohelp you press the 6If you are a paranoid, doesnot need to press anything,we know who is and whowantsIf you are schizophrenic,listen to the little voice thattells you the number to pressIf you suffer fromdepression, no matter thenumber to dial, no one willanswer
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