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Anahi Ayala Iacucci - Curriculum Vitae

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Anahi Ayala Iacucci - Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. Anahi Ayala Iacucci • • +39 345 80 53 067 • SUMMARYOF QUALIFICATIONS • Clear well-demonstrated skills in political analysis, socio-economical context analysis and dynamic involved in conflict with a balanced experience in the human rights sector, refugee issues and humanitarian affairs. • Demonstrated capability to work under pressure, in dangerous, unsecure and difficult environments and changing situations, with demonstrated ability to take quick decisions and work under little supervision. • Considerable practical experience and very strong background gained in the field, in humanitarian and protection issues, human rights and protection of civilians as well as strong developed understanding of information coordination and integration in complex emergencies. EDUCATION Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) New York, USA“ MA, International Affairs 2008-2010 University of Padua, Faculty of Political Sciences Padua, Italy MA, Institutions and Policies for Human Rights and Peace 2005-2008 University of Padua, Research Center into the Right of People, UNESCO Padua, Italy Post-Graduate Course, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian 2006 Action in Emergency Situations University of Bologna, Faculty of Political Sciences Bologna, Italy BA, International and Diplomatic Sciences 2001-2005 INTERNATIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Internews Network Juba, South Sudan Humanitarian Director – Humanitarian Information Service June 2015 – Present  Provides overall management, vision and direction of the Humanitarian Department, including budget management, technical oversight and quality assurance.  Expands presence in regional and national level cluster representation, ensuring Internews continues to have a seat at the table for discussions and decisions around priorities in the humanitarian response.  Continues to pioneer new program approaches, projects and activities to maintain and grow Internews as a leading, innovative partner doing critical humanitarian work.  Leads in designing, advocating and implementing the Internews South Sudan Community Centered Approach to CWC and Accountability in various forums and using multiple channels.  Manages Humanitarian Project Managers (HPM) who deliver day-to-day management of the Humanitarian Information Service/BBTT in Juba, Bentiu, Bor, and Malakal and any other locations which may arise.  Drives CWC in all programming by supporting multi-channel communications to deliver better accountability to communities affected by the conflict.  Coordinates closely with the Media Initiatives Desk to aid with the production of ‘generic’ health and protection related programs for hard to each areas where Internews is not operating.  Designs, creates and implements training modules, materials and tools to train humanitarian aid agencies in speaking to the media, and in particular how to share information specifically with effected communities.  Leads coordination with the CDAC network and the OCHA CWC forums in South Sudan.
  2. 2. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 2  Leads in the growth and development of the humanitarian program by seeking funding opportunities, writing proposals, and conducting advocacy for Internews humanitarian work.  Leads in proposal development work with CHF and CERF (Central Emergency Response Fund). Liaise closely with other departments on CHF or CERF project development.  Leads relationships with humanitarian partners (UN and NGO) relevant to the UNMISS sites to strategize about messaging. Elva Community Engagement Global Board of Advisors January 2016 – Present  Continuously assesses the quality and relevancy of the organization’s stated goals and objectives, as well as the strategy and work-plan to reach these goals.  Identifies and discusses relevant developments and industry best practices with regard to the use of civic technologies, including promising points of entry for the organization in growing its international presence and impact. Internews Network Monrovia, Liberia Country Director – Liberia Ebola Response Programs November 2014 – June 2015  Provided leadership, management, representational and operational oversight for Internews’ program in- country;  Provided strategic, operational and representational assistance to ensure that activities are meeting their goals and targets, including recommending program adjustments when necessary to keep the project on track;  Cultivated and strengthen relationships with local partner organizations and ensured that implementation is responsive to the needs of partners and beneficiaries;  Tracked and reported project progress and activities monthly against work plans;  Oversaw program monitoring and evaluation in the country to ensure effective implementation and to measure the impact of activities;  Maintained a thorough knowledge of independent media issues in the region (especially broadcast and new media), and a general understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing independent media across the region;  Served as the primary budget authority over the project, responsible for ensuring all costs charged to the project are allowable, reasonable and correctly allocated;  Provided management and oversight of daily operations of the program, in particular with regard to coordination of activities and events at the country level;  Carried out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws;  Carried out management responsibilities including interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; and addressing complaints and resolving problems;  Maintained regular communications with Internews headquarters staff to communicate progress on programming and address upcoming issues in advance;  Leaded fundraising and development activities to advance and enrich programming in the country. Internews Network Washington DC Senior Innovation Advisor & Humanitarian Technology Advisor January 2013 – November 2014  Oversaw internal experimentation with new applications of technology and innovative solutions in ICT4D.  Served as central technical advisor on the appropriate use of technology and innovation for development programs and for the Humanitarian Unit  Supported Internews regional offices, VPs, the Research Director and other Internews stakeholders on activities related to application and uses of new technologies, including proposal writing, strategic ICT4D design, program implementation, etc.
  3. 3. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 3  Acted as a principal representative for engaging with external actors from technology, innovation and ICT4D communities.  Monitored technology trends and innovations to inform the Center focus areas and opportunities for engagement or collaboration.  Participated in and monitor discussions in the ICT4D community, Volunteer Technical Communities and open development, as well as innovative approaches to media development .  Developed and implements comprehensive community engagement strategy at Internews with regard to technology and innovation.  Managed all communications across the Center’s online ecosystem and, where appropriate, manages web developers and interns dedicated to the management of the Center online ecosystem  Acted as a learning catalyst to provide knowledge management and technical guidance activities for all country offices  Served as a promoter of learning at Internews, and as facilitator of the collaboration between the Center and other internal Internews units  Developed systems for learning from pilot activities and research studies to inform the development and implementation of innovation and technology projects at Internews more broadly.  Managed the development of the experimentation process for the Center  Acted as internal consultant for field missions in all Internews country offices to perform assessments, project design, project implementation and overall field support (i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, West Bank and Gaza, etc.) National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) Washington DC Consultant June 2012 – August 2012 • Developed a draft curriculum for a set of online courses on how to verify human rights violation reports in the Iranian context, for the use of the “Iran: Increasing Awareness of Rights Violations through Online Activism” • Produced a curriculum, which included 8 self-contained lessons suitable for online learning using text, images and graphs • Developed a short multiple-choice quiz for each of the modules to evaluate participants’ knowledge of the subject matter • Designed a curriculum which outlines a process/methodology for assessing the credibility of human right online and offline reports based upon experience in other crowdsourcing projects • Adapted the methodology for verification of crowdsourced information to the Iranian context and the crowdsourcing methodology specifically used for the project Internews Network Africa Region – Nairobi based Media Innovation Advisor – Africa, Health and Humanitarian Media January 2011 – January 2013 • Worked closely with the regional director/manager/VP to do an assessment of the various projects in the Africa region to gain an understanding of what the greatest accomplishments and challenges have been, including any innovative programs in thematic areas, such as the use of new media, health programs, humanitarian activities as well as other accomplishments or failures • Supported on the ground all country programs, specifically South Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Niger, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Haiti in the implementation and use of new technologies and in the design and implementation of information management programs • Conducted an assessment of the various projects Internews offices in the Africa region to gain an understanding of the available technologies in the countries and do inventories of international/local organizations that show promise for innovative use of media in the region to be uploaded on a common on line wiki
  4. 4. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 4 • Functioned as a technical advisor to all unit staff ensuring they are familiar with new tools, their various applications, and continued to update themselves on tools most relevant to media work • Worked with the regional director and assist in the drafting of proposals on new media tools and made suggestions of field developments that might lend themselves to white papers, or other research reports • Managed the implementation of pilot projects in the region on Innovative Information Management systems and methodologies • Supported in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs in the Internews country offices involving the use of new technologies or alternative information systems • Supported the Humanitarian Director in all matters related to the implementation of the ICTs and ICT4D in emergency situations, including practical implementations, factsheets, remote and on the ground technical support and general recommendations World Bank Lusaka, Zambia Crowdsourcing and Information Management Specialist August 2010 – July 2012  Did in-country visits every 3 months for a period of 4 years starting on August 2010 with the purpose of carrying on the following activities:  Assisted in the development of the project strategy, design and actions to be taken by the World Bank in assisting local government, NGOs and media in using crowdsourcing platforms and mobile technology in relation to the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, and specifically on the creation of an Early Warning System and a Disaster Management System.  Designed and prepared a Crowdsourcing Training Workshop, for the various World Bank partners (e.g Red Cross, Peace Corps, Civil Society Climate Change Network, Academic Groups, District representatives, WFP, ICRC and UNDP) to integrate those groups into the national climate information and vulnerability assessment network.  Accompanied the World Bank mission to the field (Zambezi River Basin) to ascertain the best ICT technologies for participatory early warning systems.  Assisted the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit staff in integrating potential crowdsourcing platforms with the existing Information Systems for early warning systems and disaster response  Networked between the ICT and climate change/crisis communities, and elaboration of potential tech application to real-life problems in Zambia for the Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon for Zambia. Ushahidi Inc. Beijing, China Information Management & Strategy Consultant January 2011 – June 2011 • Provided both strategic and technical support in the development of a fully customized Ushahidi platform that support the creation of a crowdsourced information system via mobile phones (both smartphones and basic SMS phones) and through web forms for spatially referenced feedback (text, photos, videos) on urban transport in Beijing • Worked with software designers to create templates of the Ushahidi platform and to elaborate specific plugins and applications for mobile technology integration (FrontlineSMS, Android Application and iPhone application) • Liaised with the local partners in the country, the World Bank local office and Dept. of Urban Transport, for the development of the outreach strategy • Oversaw the finalization for the project for the final launch in July 2011 • Trained local staff in Beijing on the use and deployment of the tools and on the application of Crowdsourcing methodology Freedom House Cairo, Egypt New Media Consultant August 2010 – October 2010
  5. 5. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 5 • Developed project strategy, design and methodology for the Freedom House “Blogging the Egyptian Election program”. • Assessed and studied the information flow and the capacity of the partner organization, bloggers and electoral monitors, in relation to the use of the information management software Ushahidi for the identification of the customization of the tool. • Trained bloggers and electoral monitors team in the use of the Ushahidi platform and security issue related to the project • Kept contact and communication with the donors and the partner organizations. • Designed, developed and implemented a cyber-security strategy for the protection of the identity of reporters, the protection of data exchange and the protection of beneficiaries of the project based on the Do Not Harm principle. Internews Network Nairobi, Kenya New Media Consultant May 2010 – August 2010  Assessed the needs of Radio Stations in relation to the use of mobile technologies and social media platforms for the identification of the appropriateness of this tool for their goals.  Provided feedback, technical assistance, guidance and wrote a work-plan on how to move forward on the recently started Ushahidi Internews platform for Journalists according to the goals identified.  Investigated the willingness and the capability of Community Health Workers in Korogocho to use FrontlineSMS:Medic, Patient View and Health Map to share information with the local community radio station and design related project proposal. Ushahidi Inc. New York, USA/Santiago del Chile, Chile Director and Crisis Mapping Coordinator February 2010 – May 2010 • Managed crowd-sourcing information system collecting information from SMS, Twitter, Facebook and local and international media monitoring using the web based Ushahidi platform. • Coordinator of the Crisis Mapping team responsible for the geo-locations of reports and liaison with technical team • Trained over 150 Columbia students, in addition to UNDP officials and Mailman School of Public Health students, on crisis mapping media monitoring and the use of the Ushahidi platform • Kept contact and developed communication with donors and with Chilean organizations on the ground and conducted field trip to Chile to train them Iraq Inter-Agency Information & Analysis Unit, UNOCHA Amman, Jordan New Media Consultant (Columbia University Capstone) November 2009 – May 2010  Served as Project Manager on a team of graduate students to assist IAU to further develop and enhance its website and the web-based “interactive governorate profile” on Iraq.  Reviewed available humanitarian indicators and identified additional indicators proposing new methods to analyze, synthesize and present them on the website.  Produced a technical feasibility study on the implementation of SMS information systems available (FrontlineSMS, RapidSMS, SwiftRiver)  Created and managed a survey for IAU website users and potential users to highlight information needs and suggest further information to add.  Studied, built and customized two Ushahidi platforms sync with FrontlineSMS for Protection of Civilians and Water issues in Iraq  Presented, explained and illustrated the Ushahidi platform and its possible uses to UNDP Iraq, OCHA Iraq, IAU and UNAMI officials. Alternative Information Center Beit Sahour, occupied Palestinian territories Project Manager Assistant October 2006 – October 2007 • Monitored and evaluated human rights violations in the West Bank elaborating response strategies, action plans and weekly reports
  6. 6. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 6 • Assisted Palestinian victims of human rights abuses in applying for legal assistance for violations of human rights • Attended meetings with government officials, UN and EU agencies and NGO staff related to the POC, HR and IHL. • Participated in situation assessment to enable the elaboration of new project proposal and related budgets. • Elaborated advocacy strategy and action plans for the Occupied Palestinian Territory in relation to human right protection • Organized, conducted and managed guided tours for international activists in Hebron and Nablus, with meetings with local authority and NGOs and providing an overview of the human rights situation in the area Karibu Africa Association Nairobi, Kenya Protection Officer March 2006 – May 2006 • Monitored and evaluated the activities of 7 humanitarian projects in urban slums around Nairobi (Kibera, Korogocho and Mathare). • Conducted group and individual interviews with refugees, assistance partners and authorities to assess the voluntariness and appropriateness of the return and/or relocation in a third country and/or relocation in the refugee camps in Kenya. • Visited and assessed the appropriateness of potential or actual sites of return and relocation. • Prepared, coordinated and delivered information to refugees, refugees’ representatives and government officials on the conditions and requirements of return and relocation movements, and on the rights of refugees in the host country. . • Attended meetings with government officials, UN agencies and NGO RELATED INTERNATIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Radio Onda d’Urto Brescia, Italy Broadcasting Journalist 2008 International Middle East Media Center Beit Sahour, oPt Broadcasting Journalist 2007 Zajel Association Nablus, oPt Volunteer 2005 Ya Basta Oventic, Mexico International Observer 1998 SELECTED PAPERS/PUBLICATIONS Sophia B. Liu and Anahi Ayala Iacucci, “Crisis map mashups in a participatory age”, ACSM Bulletin #245, June 2010 Sophia B. Liu, Anahi Ayala Iacucci, and Patrick Meier, “Ushahidi Haiti and Chile: next generation crisis mapping”, ACSM Bulletin #246, August 2010 Clark C. Freifeld, Rumi Chunara, Sumiko R. Mekaru, Emily H. Chan, Taha Kass-Hout, Anahi Ayala Iacucci, John S. Brownstein, “Participatory Epidemiology: Use of Mobile Phones for Community-Based Health Reporting”, PLoS Med 7(12), December 7, 2010 Anahi Ayala Iacucci, “Ushahidi User Guide - A Step by Step guide on how to use the Ushahidi platform”, March 2011 Periodismo ciudadano. “Evolución positiva de la comunicación” (Citizens Journalism: positive evolution of communication), Fundacion Telefonica, December 15, 2011
  7. 7. Anahi Ayala Iacucci +39 345 80 53 067 7 Anahi Ayala Iacucci, “A speedy recovery of health system”, Geospatial World, July 1, 2012 European Journalism Centre, “The Verification Handbook”, edited by Craig Silverman, 2014 (Case Study 3.1: “Monitoring and Verifying During the Ukrainian Parliamentary Election”) Anahi Ayala, “The Dichotomy of Technology in Conflict: Beauty and the Beast” – in Vazquez Llorente R. and Wall, I. (eds.) (2014) “Communications technology and humanitarian delivery: challenges and opportunities for security risk management”, European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) MEMBERSHIPS AND AWARDS  Co-Founder of the Volunteer Standby Task Force (  Member of the Board of Directors of Freedom Connect (  Member of the International Network of Crisis Mappers (  Nominated in the Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders 2012 by Diplomatic Currier (  Member of the Board of Advisors of Elva ( LANGUAGE SKILLS  Italian (mother tongue)  English (excellent)  Spanish (excellent)  French (good)  Arabic (basic)