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19 advantages of B2C e-commerce solution


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Key advantages of e-commerce solution for:

- optimized business
- excellent customer experience
- high customer retention
- sales acceleration
- data collection
- analytics
- great social experience
- optimized mobile use

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19 advantages of B2C e-commerce solution

  1. 1. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE SOLUTION  World's leading e-commerce solution  Ideal solution for companies that operate in larger environments  Long-term solution for all selling and purchase needs MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 2  Flexible and scalable solution that meets the needs of e-commerce
  2. 2. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE SOLUTION BIG, EASY AND SECURE  Large amount of customers  Capability of high transaction volume  Easy maintenance and management with online store  High security requirements INTEGRATION  Capability of integration with existing systems (ERP, CRM...) MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 3  Capability of integration of all sell and purchase channels
  3. 3. MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 4 IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE SOLUTION
  4. 4. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE B2C ADVANTAGES - BUSINESS 1. Process automation - integration, reduction of errors, elimination of double work with data entry, increased responsiveness. 2. Lower costs - reduction of data manipulation and integration costs, inventory, purchasing costs, order processing costs, costs associated with data entry. 3. Unlimited market place and shopping time - online shopping gives customers the opportunity to browse and shop in their home, office, on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is offering company‘s products to a global customer base. 4. Easier business administration - store inventory levels, shipping and receiving logs, and other business administration tasks can be automatically stored, categorized and updated in real-time, and MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 5 accessed on demand of customers.
  5. 5. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE B2C ADVANTAGES - USER 5. Superior and uniformed user experience - special features are created to help boost conversion by giving the customers engaging, interactive experiences designed to help them make informed decisions without ever leaving website. 6. Differentiation through individuality - individually tailored products are often perceived as more attractive by customers and are not as easily comparable as mass-produced goods. 7. Optimized search experience - extensive search capabilities by item, corporate name, division name, location, manufacturer, partner, price or any other specified needs. 8. High security - secured, automated registration verification, account entry and transaction MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 6 authorization features. Possible introduction of different roles (sales, sales manager…).
  6. 6. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE B2C ADVANTAGES - SALES 9. Multi-channel sales - WebSphere Commerce offers mix of traditional and online sales through integration of back-end systems of the company. 10. Precision marketing - personalization of online sales, adjusted to individual customer groups, combined with efficient after-sales activities. 11. Sales acceleration - increase the number of purchases and an increase in the average purchase with: cross-sell, up-sell, accessory and replacement techniques. Possible integration with existing approaches of sales promotion. 12. Increasing customer loyalty - control over sales processes gives company control over existing customers. With the IBM WSC‘s tools it MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 7 builds up loyalty of existing customers.
  7. 7. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE B2C ADVANTAGES - DATA AND ANALYTICS 13. Catalog browsing behavior - monitoring of buying process, with possibility to optimize sales funnel to increase sales. Targets customers who have browsed certain parts of your store catalog over a set time period. 14. Uniformed data collection - with integration of all business processes we are ensuring uniformed data collection on buying habits of individual customers. 15. Web analytics - to uncover customer insights and turn digital data into analytics that can be used to optimize marketing efforts and boost ROI. Integratable with IBM MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 8 Coremetrics and Google Analytics.
  8. 8. IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE B2C ADVANTAGES - SOCIAL and MOBILE 16. Voice of customers - registered customers can participate in product ratings and reviews, helping build brand loyalty and preference. Via integration with Bazaarvoice. 17. Customers are advocates - unsolicited recommendations on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. can drive preference and boost sales. 18. Playing in social sandbox - by tracking customers' social participation and behavior, segmentation of marketing messages tailored to their individual needs and desires is easier. 19. Mobile experience - today‘s customers are never far from their smartphones. WebSphere Commerce storefront is always open and ready to MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 9 serve the needs of modern customers.
  9. 9. ABOUT US…  More than 20 years of experience in trainings  More than 20 years of experience in application development  More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce  Team of experienced and highly specialized developers and consultants  Certified IBM Premier Business Partner OUR PECULIARITY „We are highly solution oriented and trying to do everything that is in our client‘s benefit. Our solutions MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 10 always have high price/performance ratio.“
  10. 10. OUR WORK…  Software and development trainings  More than 150 courses for XML and related technologies, application development with JAVA, IBM software and system solutions, business processes and SOA  Consulting on  Introduction of new information technologies, software and hardware  Application servers and infrastructure  Relational databases  Development environment  Message systems  Service oriented architecture  Web-design MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 11  Marketing
  11. 11. OUR WORK…  Development of advanced customized applications in J2EE environment  Integration between very heterogeneous systems  Implementation of e-commerce (on IBM WebSphere Commerce)  Advanced administration and optimization of IBM DB2 databases OUR ADVANTAGE „We see our clients as our long-term partners. In accordance with that we are trying to put ourselves in our client‘s and their customer‘s shoes. We want to know everything about you and your business MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 12 processes in order to achieve as optimized solutions as possible.“
  12. 12. EXPERIENCE IN E-COMMERCE  More than 10 years of work in e-commerce  One of CEE region’s leading providers for e-commerce implementation  Specialized for medium and large enterprises  Specialized for development of B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business) and B2S (business to supplier) production models  Specialized for IBM WebSphere Commerce platform OUR RESULTS „With unique solutions we have optimized business, sales and purchase processes in versatile large MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 13 companies.“
  13. 13. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Client / Solution  Leading Slovenian pharmaceutical wholesale company  Part of leading international wholesale and retail company for pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors Celesio (and McEsson)  More than 16.000 products  More than 500 sales orders daily  Revenue 2012: 268,558,829 EUR  OUR WORK:  B2B and B2S e-commerce portal  Implementation of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise edition  Integration with Kemofarmacija‘s legacy system S21  ACHIEVED GOALS: process automation, sales acceleration, sales order automation, increased sales order lines by 30%, improved cross-sales and repurchases Solution presented as leading example in major events (e.g. Las Vegas, Monaco…) MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 14 
  14. 14. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Client / Solution  One of the largest supplier of medical, laboratory and orthopedic appliances  More than 60.000 products  Revenue 2012: 53,108,408 EUR OUR WORK:  B2B e-commerce portal  Implementation of WebSphere Commerce Express edition  Integration with Sanolabor‘s ERP system  Integration implemented via web services  ACHIEVED GOALS: process automation, sales acceleration MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 15 
  15. 15. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Client / Solution  One of leading wholesalers in the area of medical care, medical devices and pharmaceutical products  Revenue 2012: 174,230,796 EUR OUR WORK:  B2B e-commerce portal  Implementation of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise edition  Integration with Salus‘s ERP system S21  Integration implemented via Remote Procedure Call  ACHIEVED GOALS: process automation MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 16 
  16. 16. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Client / Solution  … in progress …  SE Europe energy company (leading in Slovenia)  467 gas stations across SE Europe (311 Slovenia, 97 Croatia, 36 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8 Serbia, 8 Montenegro, 7 Kosovo)  Revenue 2012: 3,753,992,682 EUR OUR WORK:  B2C e-commerce portal  Implementation of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise edition  Integration with Petrol’s ERP system  Integration implemented via IBM MQ, JMS and standard web services  Single sign-on access to multiple applications  GOALS: sales acceleration, process automation, increase of customer loyalty and brand awareness MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 17 
  17. 17. HOW DO WE EVOLVE THE PROJECT? Our goal is to achieve long-term relationship. MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 18 We are trying to reach our goal with: • looking for client‘s new opportunities • seeking for client‘s hidden potentials • helping our client to achieve the position of being the best in its league
  18. 18. MZR d.o.o., Gregor Humar ( 19 For more information feel free to contact us on: or