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Christmas in Poland


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by Magdalena Bartoszyńska

Published in: Education
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Christmas in Poland

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS IN POLAND Primary school no. 28 torUŃ, POLAND
  2. 2. ADWENT „Advent” – it is a special time when we are waiting for birth of Jesus
  3. 3. Christmas tree in our school
  4. 4. Carols at the school concert
  5. 5. Christmas dinner
  6. 6. Holly wafer
  7. 7. Santa Claus in our school
  8. 8. Presents
  9. 9. 12 christmas dishes
  10. 10. Christmas Eve Mass at 12 a.m in church
  11. 11. Christmas time in poland The most important time of the year. Children loves Christmas especialy when the snow is falling. In Poland we celebarte Christmas Eve on 24 th of December, the first day of Christmas on 25 th of December and the second day of Christmas on 26 th of December. On Christmas Eve we go at 12 am to church – there is Christmas Eve Mass – the most important religious Mass of the year. Christmas in Poland is a family time, at Christmas table there is always an empty plate waiting for an unexcepted guest.
  12. 12. Dear eTwinners, Merry Christmas to all of you from Primary School No. 28, Torun, Poland