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Tok oral


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Tok oral

  2. 2. What makes up creativity? 4 straight forward factors include the Person, Process, Product, and Press.1. Person includes cognitive abilities, traits, p e r s o n a l i t y ;2. Process describes the m e n t a l p r o c e s s e s that are operative in creating ideas, which include preparation, illumination…3. Product includes the ideas expressed in the form of language, craft etc…4. Press includes the relation a person and his or her environment.  CULTURE
  3. 3. • While some factors affecting creativity are unique to an individual, most factors affecting creativity have a relationship to a person’s macrocosm (environment, culture etc.)• An individual’s personal domain and creativity skills is insufficient to enhance overall creativity if the person’s cultural setting does not foster creative growth and expression.
  4. 4. Hmm…Artists create to express reality.If Culture influences reality, then Culture influences the artist’s creativity. (Focus on Religion) (Focus on Fashion and visual art) • Many studies have found that people from East Asian societies tend to be • People dress differently less creative than people throughout the world. from the more individualistic Western societies. • Byzantine Period Is something in East Asian culture that may present blocks to creativity?
  5. 5. fashion• TRENDS/ CUSTOMS IN CULTURES• Most obvious expression of culture is probably through fashion Emotion-studies show Indian fashion. that the way you feel in• INDIAN: the morning affects the Women wear traditional way you dress. colorful gowns. Certain Colours express different emotions. Yellow is proven to express happiness, wheres grey/black, sadness.
  6. 6. VISUAL ART• Byzantine Art (12th century) • Byzantine art is the artistic products of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire, as well as the nations and states that inherited culturally from the empire.
  7. 7. ETHICS Religion:• “East Asian culture is deeply affected by Confucianism because it serves as society’s core values, traditions, and ethical and moral foundation for business and social interactions, and it deeply affects people’s thinking styles.”•
  8. 8. Confucianism • How do their ethical values affect creativity? TEACHING/PRINCIPLE AFFECT ON CREATIVITY EMPHASIS ON EDUCATION • unhealthy emotional and psychologicallearning and memorization conditions may prohibit the developmentEast Asian parents do not accept childhood as a time for of creative or for having fun FAMILY SYSTEM • overemphasis on following rules and traditions at work creates organizational barriers to creative innovation • reduce autonomy and independence, discourage divergence, and thus, inhibit creativity. HIERARCHICAL SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS • sanctions against questioning and exploration limit the development and expression of creativity. BENEVOLENCE suppression of emotion, self-restraint, self-discipline minimization of verbal interaction, and restricts verbal interactions, especially in males conformity.
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