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Rubric epals project


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Proyecto The Way We Are

Published in: Education
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Rubric epals project

  1. 1. Name:__________________________PROCESS ePals Activity RubricCATHEGORY3 2 1INDIVIDUAL WORKGreat interest upon autonomous workor upon the project, followinginstructions and using tools available.Capable of confronting difficultiesproperly and finishing tasks on time.Few interest upon autonomous workor upon the project. Not alwaysfollowing instructions and using toolsavailable. Not always capable ofconfronting difficulties properly andfinishing tasks on time.Little interest upon autonomouswork or upon the project. Notfollowing instructions and notusing tools available. Unable ofconfronting difficulties properly orfinishing tasks on time.GROUP WORKGreat collaborative work, withmaximum interest upon working inpeers. Capable of achievingagreements and finish tasks on time.Not brilliant interest upon working inpeers. Very hard collaborativerelationships and irregularagreements. Not always finishingtasks on time.Little interest upon working ingroups, not collaborating with therest of peers. Unable of achievingagreements and finishing taskson time.INTEREST UPONLEARNING ON ANOTHERCULTUREShowing maxim interest upon learningabout another culture and beingrespectful upon different attitudes andvaluesShowing good interest upon learningabout another culture and beingrespectful upon different attitudesand valuesShowing no interest uponlearning about another cultureand no respect upon differentattitudes and valuesINTERNET USEExcellent interest upon implementingdigital resourcesGood interest upon implementingdigital resourcesNot a good interest uponimplementing digital resourcesCOMMUNICATIVE GOALEnglish is used at most of the timesand there are not significantpronunciation grammatical, spelling orpunctuation errors that difficultcommunication.English is used at times whileperforming the activities or there arefew pronunciation, grammatical,spelling or punctuation errors thatdifficult communication.English is not used at all whileperforming the tasks, or there aremany pronunciation,grammatical, spelling, orpunctuation errors that difficultcommunication.
  2. 2. PRODUCT ePals Activity RubricCATHEGORY3 2 1TASK PERFORMANCEAll tasks are finished. Nearly all tasks are finished. Few or none of the tasks arefinished.QUALITY OFINFORMATIONAccurate information, clearlypresented, and in sufficient detail.Most accurate information, clearlypresented, and in sufficient detail.Few accurate information, clearlypresented, and in sufficient detail.PRESENTATION OF THEINFORMATIONStrong visuals. Language used richand appropriate.Some visuals. Language used onlysometimes rich and appropriate.Few visuals. Not appropriatelanguage.INTERNET USE Excellent use of internet resources Good use of internet resourcesNot a good use of internetresourcesCOMMUNICATIVE GOALNo significant pronunciation (in oralpresentation), grammatical, spelling orpunctuation errors that difficultcommunication.Few pronunciation (in oralpresentation), grammatical, spellingor punctuation errors that difficultcommunication.Many pronunciation (in oralpresentation), grammatical,spelling, or punctuation errorsthat difficult communication.