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Ana genao a2.4.1


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Ana genao a2.4.1

  1. 1. Think it could never happen?... And if it did, would you be ready? courtesy of flickr
  3. 3. Ebola virus? Black Plague? Help!! KILLER COMEBACK!!! Courtesy of Flickr
  4. 4. CDC expresses we should prepare... Zombie Apocalypse, unlikely.. But preparing for one... = a good chance at surviving the worst DISASTERS Courtesy of Compfight
  5. 5. Just a tad obsessed with the idea... that’s me... as a zombie! I should have prepared.... Courtesy of The Walking Dead
  6. 6. What was once beautiful... . Destruction... Looks like he didn’t get the memo to leave his home... in time that is... Courtesy of Flickr
  7. 7. Maybe if the signs were displayed like this on television.. people would have gotten serious about the extremities of the hurricane. Courtesy of Dreamstime
  8. 8. Have everything you need?
  9. 9. Courtesy of Dreamstime
  10. 10. Zombie attack? Random attacks? Do you know the warning signs of an attack?? How are you preparing? Courtesy of Dreamstime
  11. 11. Work together Stick together so..Make a plan Commit to it stick to it Disasters can happen to anyone.... Courtesy of Dreamstime
  12. 12. Preparing for the worst, will most likely leave you with the ones you love. And that’s all that matters. Courtesy of Dreamstime
  13. 13. FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Courtesy of Dreamstime
  14. 14. Zombie attack? One of these is not like the other...
  15. 15. Looks Like i’m all set, are you?
  16. 16. make a plan of action, and secure A safe zone, TOGETHER Courtesy of Dreamstime
  17. 17. Plan for a zombie apocalypse, and survive any natural disaster Courtesy of Dreamstime
  18. 18. V.S what are you going to do...... If it happens to you?
  19. 19. AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST Courtesy of Dreamstime
  20. 20. Talkie here Plan here Water bottles here Schedule bootcamp classes here Survival kit here Fire drill schedule here