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WordCamp Tokyo 2019 Ana García


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In just 3 years Spain has become the second most active country for local WordPress events, preceded only by the US. Meetups increased from 9 to 52 and the number of local WordCamps reached the amazing number of nine in 2018. This all happened on a territory smaller than the state of Texas. Having the opportunity to witness this amazing community growth from within I felt humbled and inspired. In this talk I will share how the active engagement of inspired local individuals, the support of companies from the WordPress ecosystem and the know-how taken from the global WordPress community has shaped this success story. I believe that the lessons we learnt in Spain can be beneficial for the growth of Japanese WordPress local community too.

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WordCamp Tokyo 2019 Ana García

  1. 1. What does it take to be among the fastest growing WordPress local communities?
  2. 2. ¡Hola! はじめまして Soy Ana. Ana です Head of Marketing Spain at SiteGround
  3. 3. Spanish community growth @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO
  4. 4. Spanish community growth Meetups @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO
  5. 5. #WCTOKYO Spanish community growth @Anagarcialop WP Community members Left picture: Weiko
  6. 6. Spanish community growth Forums #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop
  7. 7. Spanish community growth #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop Translation
  8. 8. #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop Spanish community growth WP on the street
  9. 9. Spanish community growth #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop A Community with heart
  10. 10. Reasons #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop WordPress growth Devoted individuals Generous companies
  11. 11. WordPress growth #WCTOKYO @Anagarcialop
  12. 12. WordPress growth 2017 2018 2019 27.3% 29.2% 34% @Anagarcialop WordPress Market Share - Worldwide #WCTOKYO
  13. 13. WordPress growth WordPress Market Share - Spain 2017 2018 2019 65% 66% +66% - TBC @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO
  14. 14. @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Devoted individuals
  15. 15. Picture: Fernando Tellado Devoted individuals Fernando Tellado @Anagarcialop
  16. 16. Picture: Rocío Valdivia @Anagarcialop Devoted individuals Rocío Valdivia #WCTOKYO
  17. 17. Devoted individuals José Ramón Padrón Picture: Felino y Mauricio Gelves @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO
  18. 18. @Anagarcialop Devoted individuals Ana Cirujano Pictures: Ana Cirujano and Mauricio Gelves
  19. 19. Devoted individuals José Luis @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Picture: WC Pontevedra and Weiko
  20. 20. @Anagarcialop@Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Generous companies
  21. 21. My experience @Anagarcialop@Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Generous companies
  22. 22. Generous companies Business benefits Knowledge Clients Product Influencers @Anagarcialop@Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO
  23. 23. Generous companies Ethics @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Picture: WC Madrid
  24. 24. Make friends Real friends @Anagarcialop#WCTOKYO Picture: WC Irún, WC Pontevedra and Weiko
  25. 25. #WCTOKYO Generous companies What are you or your company waiting for? Join the WP Community! @AnagarcialopPicture: WC Irún
  26. 26. Let’s (Connect) Where to find me next: Online Twitter: @Anagarcialop LinkedIn: In Person In our SiteGround booth right here in WC Tokyo! Ana García López