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Halloween story 6ºB


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Halloween story 6ºB

  2. 2. It is the 31st of October, Halloween. Everybody is wearing costumes, ghosts, vampires, spiders, skeletons, etc.
  3. 3. A girl goes to a very big house. Nobody lives there. She knocks... and the door opens
  4. 4. She gets into the house, and the chimney turns on. Suddenly, the door closes! PUM! She tries to open it but she can't! l
  5. 5. She goes upstairs and all the doors start opening and closing... Then, she sees a key but a black cat catches it and gets into the last door.
  6. 6. The girl goes behind the cat but the cat runs very fast. When she gets into the last room, she finds a lot of pumpkins and five skeletons.
  7. 7. Suddenly a skeleton says...“If you find the answer of this riddle, you can go out this house: It is black, it can't see, it can fly, it drinks blood, it lives in a cave and it's a mammal.
  8. 8. The girl thinks and finally she guesses the answer “a bat!”
  9. 9. Then, the cat appears, with the key in its mouth and suddenly it becomes a ghost! “if you tell this to anybody, you will come back to this house! And you will stay here until next Halloween... when another girl come in”
  10. 10. The girl is very scared, she catches the key and goes out of the house. She walks to her house and she meets a friend. She can't be quiet, and she tells her the story about the haunted house...
  11. 11. FLAAAAAASH! ....she appears in the house again, in the skeletons' room.
  12. 12. Her family and friends don't know anymore where she is....
  13. 13. …TO BE CONTINUED…