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Essay topics eso 4


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This handout contains advice about how to write an essay at ESO-3.

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Essay topics eso 4

  1. 1. TOPICS FOR ESO-4 ESSAYS IN ENGLISH 1. One of your friends has written an email telling you about his/her problems. Give him/her some advice (should / shouldn't / why don't you...) 2. What your mother or father does every day. 3. Compare Santiago Segura to Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber. 4. Dialogue: (In a shop) You want to buy a blue jacket but you don't like any of the jackets in the shop. 5. Dialogue: (At the doctor's) You have a terrible headache. 6. Last weekend (Use at least one verb in the past continuous) 7. Your favourite festivity. Say which one it is and describe it. 8. What would you do if there were an earthquake in Guntín? 9. What would you do if you were a millionaire? 10. What will you do if your marks are very good this year? 11. Compare Lugo to New York (link your sentences). 12. Describe an imaginary mobile phone that you have designed. 13. What you are going to do this afternoon. 14. What your family will do this summer. 15. The styles of music that you like. Explain why and mention singers and groups. 16. Something interesting you did last Christmas. 17. When I was 7 years old... 18. What you would do if you won € 2,000. 19. You are 80. Tell an old friend from CPI Tino Grandío about the old times there (used to) 20. Advise a new ESO student at CPI Tino Grandío. 21. What you would do if you were a famous writer. 22. If I get good marks next month... (conditional structure) USEFUL LINKING WORDS: first and then but later (on) so after that because finally that's why although / though however moreover besides while when meanwhile whereas despite in spite of on the one hand... on the other hand firstly secondly finally to conclude with I think that in my opinion