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This presentation was made by Marina Fernández and Lorena Lodeiro.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ENGLAND Lorena Lodeiro&Marina Fernández 2014
  2. 2. Your country It's in the south west of the island of Great Britain. London is divided in 32 borough. England is in the west of Europe ENGLAND ENGLAND
  3. 3. ENGLAND There are 8 278 251 people It has 1,572.00 km2 of area In London people speak in English. Main cities: Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire del norte, Chesire, Shropshire,Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and Kent Monetary unit: Pound Neighbouring countries: Gales,Ireland and Scotland. Government: Monarchy. Head of state/president/king/queen: Elizabeth II.
  4. 4. ENGLAND Additional data: - The English people have the tradition of drinking tea at 5 o' clock in the afternoon. -There are 60 thousand pubs in the UK.
  5. 5. ENGLAND Origins and history: England forms the largest part of the United King- dom, a country in north-west Europe. In the past it was invaded the Celtic, Roman and Anglo Saxons.
  6. 6. ENGLAND Main cities: City of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bris- tol, Leeds, etc.
  7. 7. ENGLAND Traditional food: The principal food in England is fish and chips and they have other additional foods like beef, sandwiches, chicken, lamb and vegetables. The drinks that are more consumed in England are above all the tea though the coffee, whisky, wine and black beer.
  8. 8. ENGLAND Sport: Doing sport is very important for English life. The most popular sports in England are: cricket, Football Rugby Tennis Badminton Squash Hockey Billar Dards, horse racing
  9. 9. ENGLAND Interesting places to visit: London is the capital of England and it's the principal city to visit. In London there are many interesting places to visit, for example Big Ben London Eye Palace of Buckingham and the change of guardian
  10. 10. ENGLAND Reference: ● Mention all the websites you have used to get the information men- tioned in your presentation. These sites might be helpful: ● ● ●