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Christmas in the usa


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Christmas in the USA by Reid Wagner

Published in: Education
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Christmas in the usa

  1. 1. Christmas in the USA
  2. 2. What holidays do people celebrate in the United States? ● Christmas ● Hanukkah ● Kwanzaa ● New Years
  3. 3. Christmas Eve ● December 24th ● Midnight Mass
  4. 4. Traditions ● Dinner with family ● Decorate the house, tree, yard, etc. ● Watch Christmas movies (Rudolph) ● Prepare/wait for Santa Claus
  5. 5. How to prepare for Santa Claus: 1. Go to the mall and see him (or write him a letter) 2. He will decide if you’ve been naughty or nice 3. Turn off the fireplace 4. Bake him cookies and milk 5. Go to sleep!
  6. 6. Christmas Day ● December 25th ● Christian Holiday ● Federal Holiday too ● Day to remember the birth of Jesus and the events around it
  7. 7. Traditions ● See if Santa came ● Open presents ● Spend the day with family ● Have a big dinner (similar to Thanksgiving) ● Go ice skating ● Go skiing ● Go to ugly sweater parties ● Go to a play (The Nutcracker) ● Go to a parade (if your town has one) ● White elephant parties ● Bake Christmas cookies
  8. 8. Christmas Vocab Lump of coal Nutcracker Gingerbread Presents Sleigh Ice Skating Christmas Carols Christmas Tree Reindeer Santa Claus Snowflake Snowman Ornament Eggnog
  9. 9. New Year’s Eve ● December 31st ● Parties ● Watch the ball drop in New York
  10. 10. New Year’s Day ● January 1st ● Federal Holiday ● No school or work ● Rest
  11. 11. Christmas Videos