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Evolution and innovation


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Fantastic presentation, photos and so on about Innovation and evolution. Everything is changing and very quickly.
You can be part of it, ...

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Evolution and innovation

  1. 1. LEADING INNOVATION Professor Peter Fisk @geniusworks Creating a culture of innovation in a fast and digital world
  2. 2. Innovation = MindsetInnovation = Opportunity Innovation = LeadershipInnovation = Process
  3. 3. Innovation = Opportunity
  4. 4. Kaleidoscope world +genius
  5. 5. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous +genius
  6. 6. Vibrant Unreal Crazy Astounding
  7. 7. Anything is possible
  8. 8. Uber and beyond
  9. 9. Robot heart surgery
  10. 10. Xiaomi beats Apple
  11. 11. Worldchanging decade 2010 Pop 6.9Bn GDP $63T G7 2020 Pop 7.7Bn GDP $90T E7 Middle Urban Travel Carbon
  12. 12. Tectonic shifts +genius
  13. 13. East Small West Big IdeasSize © Peter Fisk 2015
  14. 14. Speedboats beat fast and focused supertankers
  15. 15. Customer Emotional Business Rational © Peter Fisk 2015 RelevantAverage
  16. 16. Customers in control +genius Context and relevance
  17. 17. ImaginationCapability CollaborativeIndependent DisruptingEvolving © Peter Fisk 2015
  18. 18. Megatrends 2025
  19. 19. Human Technology Global Personal Circular Economy Reputation and Privacy Collaborative Consumption Anytime Anywhere Wearables and Sensors Primary Megatrends Enabling Megatrends Supporting Megatrends
  20. 20. Human Technology Global Personal Circular Economy Robotics and Intelligence Big Data and Clouds Smart Cities & Creative Hubs Reputation and Privacy Collaborative Consumption Social Change and New Tribes Wellbeing and Biotech Anytime Anywhere Wearables and Sensors Primary Megatrends Enabling Megatrends Supporting Megatrends
  21. 21. Human Technology Global Personal Connectivity & Convergence New Business Models Circular Economy Robotics and Intelligence Big Data and Clouds Smart Cities & Creative Hubs Reputation and Privacy Collaborative Consumption Social Change and New Tribes Wellbeing and Biotech Emerging markets Urban Living and Travel Anytime Anywhere 3D Printing & Smart Systems Wearables and Sensors Primary Megatrends Enabling Megatrends Supporting Megatrends
  22. 22. 99c downloads, $900 experiences Digitally enabled real world
  23. 23. Innovation = MindsetInnovation = Opportunity
  26. 26. Redefining markets
  27. 27. Shaping the future +genius
  28. 28. Time to think bigger
  29. 29. 10 times, not 10% +genius
  30. 30. The Gamechangers +genius
  31. 31. Audacious ideas +genius
  32. 32. es 1.  23 & Me 2.  Aravind 3.  Epocrates 4.  Genentech 5.  Intuitive Surgical 6.  Narayana H 7.  Organova 8.  PatientsLikeMe 9.  Scanadu 10. Second Sight 1.  Amazon 2.  Aussie Farmers 3.  Etsy 4.  Fab 5.  Greenbox 6.  Le Pain Q 7.  Positive Luxury 8.  Trader Joe’s 9.  ZaoZao 10. Zilok 1.  Apple 2.  Beauty’in 3.  Godrej 4.  Lego 5.  Method 6.  Natura 7.  Nike+ 8.  Oculus Rift 9.  Pebble 10. Renova 1.  Alibaba 2.  ARM 3.  Bharti Airtel 4.  Giff Gaff 5.  Google X 6.  Rackspace 7.  Raspberry Pi 8.  Samsung 9.  Tencent QQ 10. Xiaomi 1.  Aeromobil 2.  Air Asia 3.  AirBNB 4.  Emirates 5.  Kulula 6.  Moveo 7.  Pipistrel 8.  RedBus 9.  Virgin Galactic 10. Zipcars 1.  3DHubs 2.  Corning 3.  DP World 4.  Dyson 5.  Embraer 6.  Local Motors 7.  Space X 8.  Syngenta 9.  Tata 10. Tesla 1.  Aeroshots 2.  Gram-Danone 3.  Graze 4.  Isis Organic 5.  Juan Valdez 6.  LA Organic 7.  Moa Beer 8.  Nespresso 9.  Yeni Reki 10. Zespri 1.  Ashmei 2.  Beats 3.  Desigual 4.  Gilan 5.  Indetix 6.  Patagonia 7.  Rapha 8.  Shang Xai 9.  Threadless 10. Tom’s 1.  Alior Sync 2.  La Caixa 3.  Fidor 4.  First National 5.  Itan Unibanco 6.  Moven 7.  M-Pesa 8.  Square 9.  Umpqau 10. Zidisha 1.  Al Jazeera 2.  Coursera 3.  Future 4.  Pixar 5.  Pledge Music 6.  Red Bull 7.  Rovio 8.  Spotify 9.  Ushahida 10. Wordpress futureproduct futurefashion futurefoodfuturestore futurehealth futuretech futuremakersfuturebank futuretravel N/S American brands European brands African/Arab brands Asian/Oceania brands futuremedia 1.  Ashoka 2.  AzuriTech 3.  Graal Bio 4.  IBM 5.  IDEO 6.  Kickstarter 7.  Li & Fung 8.  Live Nation 9.  Salesforce 10. Y Combinator 1.  FC Barcelona 2.  Bitcoin 3.  Bhutan 4.  The Elders 5.  Lovemarks 6.  Oregon Project 7.  ParkRun 8.  WWF 9.  Zoe Suggs 10. You futureservice futurebrands © Peter Fisk 2015 The world’s most disruptive innovators today …
  33. 33. Don’t just play the game Change the game
  34. 34. © Peter Fisk 2013
  35. 35. +genius Rocket’s Creative Beer
  36. 36. © Peter Fisk 2013
  37. 37. +genius Lululemon’s Yoga Beer
  38. 38. © Peter Fisk 2013
  39. 39. New Zealand’s Moa Beer
  40. 40. © Peter Fisk 2013
  41. 41. +genius Beer 52 by Subscription
  42. 42. © Peter Fisk 2013 How will you change your game?
  43. 43. Innovation = MindsetInnovation = Opportunity Innovation = Process
  44. 44. © Peter Fisk 2015
  45. 45. Insight Lab Design Lab Growth Lab © Peter Fisk 2015
  46. 46. Making innovation happen © Peter Fisk 2015
  47. 47. Making innovation happen Creative Exploration Future back Commercial focus Now forward InsightLab DesignLab GrowthLab © Peter Fisk 2015
  48. 48. © Peter Fisk 2015 InsightLab DesignLab GrowthLab Growth opportunities Future possibilities Consumer insight Creative parallels Idea mapping Stage 1: Insight Lab Creative Exploration Future back Commercial focus Now forward
  49. 49. Future Back Future back Now forward 2016 2020
  50. 50. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink markets Geography Category Segment Channel Geography Category Segment Channel Geography Category Segment Channel
  51. 51. +genius Beauty’in
  52. 52. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius ConsumerBusiness Rethink purpose
  53. 53. +genius Harley Davidson
  54. 54. “The consumer is boss” © Peter Fisk 2015
  55. 55. P&G Connect + Develop
  56. 56. P&G Connect + Develop
  57. 57. Product-centric Consumer-centric © Peter Fisk 2015 P&G Connect + Develop
  58. 58. P&G Connect + Develop
  59. 59. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink brands
  60. 60. +genius Nike+
  61. 61. Nike+
  62. 62. +genius Nike+
  63. 63. +genius Nike+
  64. 64. Nike+ Training Club
  65. 65. © Peter Fisk 2015 InsightLab
  66. 66. © Peter Fisk 2015 InsightLab
  67. 67. © Peter Fisk 2015 InsightLab
  68. 68. Stage 2: Design Lab © Peter Fisk 2015 InsightLab DesignLab GrowthLab Connecting ideas Reframing concepts Processes and partners Simplicity filters Best scenarios Creative Exploration Future back Commercial focus Now forward
  69. 69. Banks Caffe Latte Funky Concierge Sofas Life Colourful Community Fun Long Queues Silent Cashiers Bars Finance Complicated Transactions Boring Take a seat Funky music Great service Openness About lifestyle Made easy Community build Fun +genius © GeniusWorks 2014. All rights reserved. Creative fusions
  70. 70. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink business models Make and distribute business model eg CocaCola Microsoft Spectrum retail business model eg Amazon Marks & Spencer Make and sell direct business model eg BMW, HSBC Niche retail business model eg ToysRUs,Wiggle License to make business model eg ARM, Ed Hardy Curated retail business model eg Fab, Positive Luxury Membership club business model eg Costco, Quintessentially Crowdfunded ventures business model eg Kickstarter, Zidisha Opensourced community business model eg RedHat, MySQL Subscription payment business model eg, Graze Buyer and seller marketplace business model eg Etsy, NYSE Micro payments business model eg Flattr Grameen Danone Collaborative consumption business model eg Buzzcar, Regus Regular Replacement business model eg Gillette, Nespresso Branded Consortia business model eg Cisco, Spar Advertising or Sponsorship business model eg Google, Metro Newspapers Listed or Promoted business model eg Monster Linkedin Network builders business model eg Hotmail, Twitter Demand then Made business model eg ZaoZao, Threadless Auction retail business model eg eBay, Sotheby Knowledge and time business model eg McKinsey, Harvard Franchised retail business model eg McDonalds, Subway Certification and endorsement business model eg ISO, Verisign Remainder retail business model Eg Saks, Vente Privee Multulevel marketing business model eg Tupperware, Natura Group buying business model eg Groupon, Huddlebuy Reverse auction business model eg Priceline Freemarkets Shared rental business model eg Zilok, Hilton Tradeable currency business model eg Bitcoin Air Miles Freemium pay within business model eg Angry Bird, Coursera Transaction facilitator business model eg Paypal, Visa Pay as you go business model eg AzuriTech Techshop Dynamic pricing business model eg Expedia, Uber Reputation builders business model eg Tripadvisor, PaywithaTweet Customer data business model eg Facebook, 23andMe Non-profit business business model eg Oxfam Wikipedia Maker models Channel models Crowd models Payment models Exchange models Asset models
  71. 71. Iconic design iPod Brand U2 Vertigo iTunes Podcasting iPod Phone Special Edition Exclusive Releases Music Store Legalising Filesharing Success Story Apple White cables Imitation And buzz Ad Graphics 60G Photo Video Desperate Housewives Mini Shuffle Nano Motorola (RED) Steve JobsiMac
  72. 72. Customers trust cusyomers Customers do more together
  73. 73. Customers trust cusyomers Co-enable Co-design Co-create Co-sellCo-support Co-consume Customer collaboration
  74. 74. Lego
  75. 75. Threadless
  76. 76. © Peter Fisk 2015 DesignLab
  77. 77. © Peter Fisk 2015 DesignLab
  78. 78. M&S New Store Concepts © Peter Fisk 2015 DesignLab
  79. 79. Creative Exploration Future back Commercial focus Now forward InsightLab DesignLab GrowthLab © Peter Fisk 2015 Business model design Issues/impact analysis Concept evaluation Implementation horizons Action planning Stage 3: Growth Lab
  80. 80. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink experiences
  81. 81. IT support is boring, isn’t it?
  82. 82. For the customer, it’s an emergency
  83. 83. !© Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Rethink relationships
  84. 84. © Peter Fisk 2015 GrowthLab
  85. 85. 5 © Peter Fisk 2015 GrowthLab
  86. 86. © Peter Fisk 2015 GrowthLab
  87. 87. Making innovation happen InsightLab DesignLab GrowthLab © Peter Fisk 2015 Creative Exploration Future back Commercial focus Now forward
  88. 88. Insight Lab Design Lab Growth Lab © Peter Fisk 2015
  89. 89. Innovation = MindsetInnovation = Opportunity Innovation = LeadershipInnovation = Process
  90. 90. Are you ready to change your game?
  91. 91. audacious Google X 23 and Me Syngenta Tesla Motors
  92. 92. Amazon Fidor Bank Scanadu Intuitive Surgical intelligent
  93. 93. Airbnb Nike+ Lego Threadless collaborative
  94. 94. Li and Fung Tencent Alibaba 3DHubs networked
  95. 95. Disney Moven Epocrates Safaricom Change Why enabling
  96. 96. What will you do?
  97. 97. Relentless Curiosity Thinking bigger Seeing more Embracing paradox Courageous action Enlightened mind Making connections Da Vinci’s 7
  98. 98. INNOVATION DIAGNOSTIC 1=Strongly disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Agree, 4=Strongly agree 1 Managed Innovation My organization’s approach to strategy, new product development and process improvement goes beyond traditional planning methods and take an externally-focused, exploratory approach that challenges the status quo and creatively inspires new thinking. 2 Strategic Alignment Our leadership supports (and actively drives) a collaborative culture that encourages different departments working cross- functionally to identify and develop innovative solutions. 3 Industry Foresight My organization has a systematic process for actively monitoring and exploring emerging trends and developing alternative scenarios that represent either threats or opportunities. 4 Customer Insight My organization directly involves consumers/customers (both existing and potential) as an integral part of the innovation process as a means of identifying both articulated and unarticulated customer needs. 5 Core Capabilities My organization clearly understands its core capabilities and has explicitly outlined the linkage between its long-term strategic goals and its short- and medium-term R&D Investments and technology strategies. My Organization actively explores new ways to extend beyond our existing competencies. 6 Organisation Cultural My organization demonstrates an innovative mindset, a bias for collaboration, an inclusive, non-bureaucratic decision-making style, a willingness to embrace change, and a penchant for action. 7 Process and Structures My organization has (or demonstrates a mindset that is willing to develop) appropriate operational processes and functional structures and allocates adequate staffing, funding and management support to high priority innovation initiatives. 8 Disciplined Implementation My organization consistently demonstrates its ability to create measurable business impact by taking a disciplined approach to the implementation of strategic thinking 9 Performance Metrics My organization has established innovation-related goals and measures (for example: “X% of revenues must come from products/services introduced over the past Y years”) 10 Sustainable Impact My organization takes the time to learn from its innovation efforts and is committed to deliberately building an innovation-based culture and instituting a set of innovation-focused methodologies
  99. 99. Problem Vision Urgency Insight Priority Stimulus Parallels Space Process Impact Story Simplicity Attitute Coca Cola DNA Leadership
  100. 100. Coca Cola DNA © Peter Fisk 2015
  101. 101. Business model Finance Networking 2. Networking
 enterprise’s structure/ value chain 1. Business model how the enterprise makes money Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience 10. Customer experience how you create an overall experience for customers 9. Brand
 how you express your offering’s benefit to customers Core process Process Enabling process 3. Enabling process
 assembled capabilities 4. Core process
 proprietary processes that add value 6. Product system
 extended system that surrounds an offering Product performance Offering Product system Service 7. Service
 how you service your customers 5. Product performance
 basic features, performance and functionality 8. Channel
 how you connect your offerings to your customers Business Innovation
  102. 102. Volume of innovation efforts Last 10 years Business model Finance Networking Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience Core process Process Enabling process Product performance Offering Product system Service Where most innovation happens © Peter Fisk 2015
  103. 103. Business model Finance Networking Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience Core process Process Enabling process Product performance Offering Product system Service Cumulative value creation Last 10 years Where innovation has most impact © Peter Fisk 2015
  104. 104. Make innovation matter to everyone © Peter Fisk 2015
  105. 105. The business case for innovation © Peter Fisk 2015
  106. 106. Building a growth factory © Peter Fisk 2015
  107. 107. Connect Catalyse Communicate Coach Innovative leaders © Peter Fisk 2015
  108. 108. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2014
  109. 109. Vision Canvas Strategy Canvas Growth Canvas Disruption Canvas Brand Canvas Engagement Canvas Proposition Canvas Relationship Canvas Insights Canvas Co-creation Canvas Innovation Canvas Business Canvas Leadership Canvas Sustainability Canvas Culture Canvas Performance Canvas FUTURELABBRANDLAB CREATIVELABPERFORMANCELAB +genius
  110. 110. +genius
  111. 111. Peter Fisk is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and expert consultant, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is a Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at IE Business School, one of the world’s top ranked business schools, and leads his own company, GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, helping clients around the world to make sense of fast-changing markets, and find new ways to think, compete and win. He features on the Thinkers 50 “Guru Radar” as one of the world’s top business experts. Having trained as a nuclear physicist, Peter moved to managing brands like Concorde at British Airways, helping Microsoft to adopt a value-based marketing model, and Virgin to launch into new markets. He has worked in every sector and region of the world. As CEO of the world's largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he became a global authority on what's best and next in business and markets. Finding his own space, he founded GeniusWorks, with offices in London and Istanbul. He works with businesses in every sector, food to fashion, skincare to stock exchanges – brands as diverse as Aeroflot and Coca Cola, DSM and GSK, Mars and M&S, Philosophy and Red Bull, Sabre and Santander,Tata and Turkcell,Virgin and Visa, Vodafone and Yapi Kredi - to think bigger and smarter, develop innovative strategies, bolder brands, and accelerate growth. Peter’s new book "Gamechangers ... Are you ready to change the world?” explores the next generation of brands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning in new ways. Based on 100 global case studies, it explores the challenges of new markets, changing customers, brand building, new business models, real-time marketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has been nominated for Marketing Book of the Year 2015. His other books include "Marketing Genius" explores the left and right-brain challenges of success, and is translated into 35 languages. It was followed by five others – “Business Genius” on leadership and strategy,“Customer Genius” on building a customer-centric business, “People Planet Profit” on sustainable innovation - and most recently "Creative Genius" defining what it takes to be Leonardo da Vinci in the 21 Century.  Peter was described by Business Strategy Journal as "one of the best new business thinkers". He is thoughtful and practical, combining high-energy keynotes with high-impact workshops. Each one is uniquely designed for the specific audience, their issues and aspirations. Helping people to find their own space, to be leaders of change - to be bold, brave and brilliant.
  112. 112. Email: Twitter: @geniusworks Website: