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Gustavo tdc11 f

  1. 1. ARTICLES Gustavo Carvajal Alvarado
  2. 2. The Indefinite Articles: a, an We use “A” and “AN” only before singular count nouns.  A Cat is a small animal.  I like to eat an apple everyday. Be careful with plurals  Girls love roses. Pay attention if there’s a non-count noun I like to drink water.
  3. 3. The Indefinite Articles: a, an A when followed  An when followed with a consonant with a vowel sound. sound.  An orange A baby  An apple  A cake Pay attention to words beginning with H and U  A House / an Hour.  A University / an Umbrela
  4. 4. The Definite Article: the When you are talking about something specific.  General: I love motorcycles. (I love all types of motorcycles)  Specific: The television is not working. ( One specific television isn’t working) When you are using the superlative form  Natal is the most beautiful city in Brazil.
  5. 5. The Definite Article: the Countries whose names make a reference to plural.  The United States (more than one state)  The Philippines (Islands)  The United Kingdom (4 countries)  The Netherlands (The Low Countries) Most countries don’t use an article  Italy  Brazil  Japan
  6. 6. The Definite Article: the When talking about Geographic areas.  The Atacama Desert  The equator  The Middle East  The Nile River  The Pacific Ocean  The World We don’t use an article when refering to Lakes  Lake Paranoa
  7. 7. No Articles When talking about a category or group.  Rabbits are faster than Tortoises. When refering to Abstract Nouns.  Allyou need is love.  The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.
  8. 8. Things to remember 1) Indefinitive articles must be used when talking about professions.  I’m an English teacher. My brother is an Engineer. 2) Pay attention to the SOUND of the next syllable, when deciding to use A/AN.  An European country/ an MP3 player Don’t forget to use an article (the/an/a) before Singular Count Nouns  dog/ball/book/orange/airplane/desk/chair