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Cristina and andrea tdc14 f


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Cristina and andrea tdc14 f

  1. 1. Articles Students: Cristina GoveiaAndrea Motoyama
  2. 2. Use A / an ... Indefinite Articles: a / an Rule Example1. Only before singular count nouns. A penguin is a small black and white bird.2. Before singular count nouns that An igloo is a dwelling that is madeare not specific and are being of ice.mentioned for the first time.
  3. 3. Use A / an ... Indefinite Articles: a / an Rule Examples1. Use a before a noun or an a tree, a beautiful tree.adjective (+ noun) that begins with aconsonant sound.2. Use an before a noun or an an afternoon, an excellentadjective (+ noun) that begins with a afternoon.vowel sound.3. Attention to words beginning with Beginning with a consonant sound:the letters h or u, as the use of a and a hat, a will depend on the beggining Beginning with a vowel sound: ansound of the word. hour, an umbrella.
  4. 4. Use The... Definite Article: the Rule Examples1. When you are talking about The apple on the table is not mine.something specific.2. When the speaker and the listener John, don’t forget to close the door!are talking about the same specificitem.3. For the second and all other James and I bought a new computerreferences to the same noun. last month. The computer let us access the Internet really quickly.4. With the superlative form of an In a jewelry store, diamonds are theadjective. most expensive item.
  5. 5. Use The... Definite Article: the Rule Examples5. For the names of countries that the united states, the Netherlands,look plural, including countries that the Republic of Angola, the Unitedend in –s or have the words united, Kingdom.union, republic, or kingdom.6. For the parts of something. I went to Mary’s new flat last night. It(Exception: body parts). is beautiful. The kitchen is modern, the bedrooms are confortable, the garden is brite.7. With most bodies of water except the Mississipi Riber, the Pacificindividual lakes. Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Great Lakes.8. With geographical parts of the the equator, the Middle East, theglobe and geographic areas, Gobi Desert, the Southdeserts, and peninsulas.
  6. 6. No Article... No Article Rule Examples1. When you want to talk about a Cats can be great pets.category or group in general.2. Before abstract nouns such as A person’s future success dependsfeelings or ideas. on education. Patience is a virtue.