Alessandra, michelle and vivian tdc11 f


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Alessandra, michelle and vivian tdc11 f

  1. 1. + ARTICLES ∅Alessandra MiguensMichelle Costa a, an, the,Vivian Mattos
  2. 2. + A or An? Indefinite Articles car is useful transportation. Which car? A yellow Camaro? A red Ferrari? Any car!
  3. 3. + A or An? eraser is very useful at school. Which eraser? The pink eraser? The black eraser? eraser!
  4. 4. + A or An? car is useful transportation. CONSONANT Use a before a noun that begins with a consonant sound. eraser is very useful at school. VOWEL Use an before a noun that begins with a vowel sound.
  5. 5. + U or H Consonant or vowel sound? hat is a head covering. Consonant sound hour is a period of 60 minutes. Vowel sound (letter h is silent) umbrella is very useful in the rain. Vowel sound uniform is worn to go to school. Consonant sound /y/
  6. 6. + The Definite Article car is useful transportation. What is the difference? car my father gave me is incredible eraser is very useful at school. What is the difference? eraser my mom gave me is beautiful.
  7. 7. + More definite  Use to talk about something specific. Ex: The car parked outside is mine.  Use when the speaker and the listener are talking about the same thing. Ex: Open the window, please.  Use for second and any other references to the same noun. Ex: I bought a new dress. dress was a success at the party.
  8. 8. + More definite  Use with the superlative form of an adjective. Ex: A Ferrari is the most expensive car in the world.  Use for the names of countries that look plural. Ex: The Philippines, The United States, The Dominican Republic, The United Kingdom  Use for parts of something. * In general we don’t use the for parts of the body. Mark’s living room is beautiful. The sofa is black, the table is wood and the carpet is white.
  9. 9. + The end of definitive  Use with most bodies of water except individual lakes. Ex: The Pacific Ocean, the Amazonas River.  Use with geographic parts and areas of the globe. Ex: the equator, the Sahara Desert.
  10. 10. + ∅ No Article  To talk about a category or group in general. Ex: general: Dogs are loyal pets. specific: The dogs trained by the police are very intelligent.  Use no articles before abstract nouns such a feelings or ideas. Ex: wrong: The love is a very strong feeling. correct: Love is a very strong feeling.
  11. 11. + Your turn! Complete with a, an, the or ∅  a I have _____ new job!  an I bought _____ apple.  an The show will take _____ hour. The  _____ United States is a powerful country.  The Carl close ______ door!  ∅ I don’t trust _______ politicians  ∅ ______ lions are strong animals.