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(EN) Vision Ark.

PDF document prepared to provide further information to the poster 'Ark's in the Parks'.

Please see both together.

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Ark vision v1

  1. 1. ‘Ark’s Vision Global ARK “projects” bought for illustration Graphic from
  2. 2. The Ark Water Project Anaerobic Digestion Desalination & Renewable Energy Drought Flood Risk Hydrogen + O2 Permaculture Pollution Tap Graphic bought for illustration from
  3. 3. Seed-Fund-Raising Graphic bought for illustration from
  4. 4. Seed-Fund-Raising Graphic bought for illustration from
  5. 5. For Affordable Housing In Perpetuity & Temporary Build Code 6 (+) Eco-Hamlets Eco-Resorts/Tourism Eco-Villages Eco-Urban Sustainable Communities
  6. 6. So People Can Live Free Without Any Impact Graphic bought for illustration from
  7. 7. (Saving Councils £Millions) E.G. East Anglia 153,000 Householders on Waiting Lists for Affordable Homes E.G. Costing Local Authorities ‘lots’‘VALUE’ (Saving Earth ODS) of money in Housing Benefits & Top-Ups E.G. Losing E.G. entrepreneurs their Aim in East businesses, forcing Anglia/other to people into B&Bs, squats or face offer people homeless- E-Co-Op housing ness for workers (E.G CLT) Land
  8. 8. Eco-Festival Program• Friday: Introductions & Talks by Conference Attendees• Friday Night: Organic Raw Food Dinner for the above• Saturday: Open (Skyped) Conference (Experts, Land-Owners, Decision Makers, Communities) + Exhibition• Saturday Night: Reggae Concert/s - Skyped Live Broadcast - which communities everywhere can stream into public buildings & sell tickets to raise seed-funds for their own communities. (Masks &/or Face-Painting invited for celebrities & survivors of domestic/other, for fun & in order to protect their identities from film & photographs)• Sunday: Green Build Exhibition - showing Build Code 6• Sunday Night: Reggae Party (Freedom for ‘the’ people)
  9. 9. Open Skyped Introductions & Eco-Conference (+ Raw Organic Dinner) Graphic bought for illustration from
  10. 10. Graphic bought for illustration from
  11. 11. Saturday & Sunday Exhibitions
  12. 12. Graphic bought for illustration from
  13. 13. Reggae ConcertsGraphic bought for illustration from
  14. 14. Graphic bought for illustration from ARKS in the pARKS
  15. 15. Why Reggae?• It’s GREAT roots music & liked by most people• Songs of God & Jehovah - for freedom for people (from slavery)• The Reggae colours of red, yellow & green have even more poignancy than those of the flood risk map. • Red - is for the blood ‘they’ shed • Yellow - is for the gold ‘they’ stole • Green - is for OUR plants & dreams
  16. 16. When I checked my fullyresearched report & Ark proposalswith my ex-tutor, Tony Smith MA, he said to remember I.T. also stood for ‘Intermediate Technology’ (Ineeded to come up with a way of explaining which was understood by ‘everyone’), ergo as colours have meanings which are understood without written} language, I’ve used them as the basis of Ark’s presentations. Red - STOP/DANGER Yellow - IN Transition Green - GOOD to GO When I first started to build Ark’s website, I wanted a circle (better still, a spherical orbital shaped website - squares are inorganic & unnatural), I was told I couldn’t have one, it would cost far too much money. Instead, I settled for the current - but this graphic showing a colour wheel represents the original concept - to have an ethical internet hub (Social Enterprise), where people could find ‘The Best’ Eco-Ethical design solutions & innovations. (ALL Net Profits for ALL Non Profits - especially Eco-Homes/communities)
  17. 17. Graphic bought for illustration from Every Web Has a Hub • But the World Wide WEB doesn’t yet have an ethical hub for people who care to shop ‘differently’
  18. 18. • Ark is Eco-Designed as a Social Enterprise to form an Eco-Ethical NETwork hub. (To provide ALL the NET profits needed to float children/life through the predicted Economical & Ecological ‘storms’) • E.G. People currently use Google - whose NET profits for the first quarter of 2011 were in excess of US$2 Billion. • According to ‘Poverty Facts & Stats’ on it would cost just over US$9 Billion to provide water & sanitation to everyone in the world. • If the Ark Directory were as large as Google, it would mean that a regular supply of clean water could be provided to everyone in need in just over one year.
  19. 19. Graphic bought for illustration from
  20. 20. & Co-Operative Housing for workers
  21. 21. ARKS in the pARKS• All the net profits made from all the Eco- Festivals, will go into seed funding for all the sites’ local communities, for community building/s & affordable Code 6 Housing for all in need within those communities
  22. 22. E.G.• Hollesley Bay: • Grove Farm Dairy (currently losing 3p per pint of organic raw milk) - needs: • £50k to install the creamery equipment (they’ve already bought) • £15k - £25k to install each adapted shipping freight container (Housing Justice) - to offer free accommodation on a WWOOF scheme for homeless people & ex-offenders who are willing to work on the organic vegetable & fruit production on the farm • Education will also be available, as Keith Jefferson-Smith (Proprietor) has over 20 years experience as a lecturer in agriculture at Aylesbury College • I’ve spoken with some Big Issue vendors & young rural squatters (+ Crisis, Poverty, Housing Justice & a non-profit organisation set up specifically to find accommodation to ex- offenders who had massive government grant cuts), all of whom confirmed interest in these proposals.
  23. 23. E.G.• Hollesley Bay: • Grove Farm Dairy needs: • Seed fund money to install an anaerobic digester & bio-gas plant (which could also significantly reduce the running costs of Hollesley Bay Open Prison & The Suffolk Punch Trust) • James Youngs’ contacts in China are prepared to work with us in East Anglia, & dependent upon the success of the proposed scheme in Hollesley Bay, work with a local college or university to teach local mechanical installations. potentially send component parts for Bio-Gas plants to the UK without fossil fuels), E.G. into Great Yarmouth & King’s Lynn, where employment could be provided in the assembly (& running) of the plant mechanics. • (We’d offer free Code 6 E-Co-Op housing to employees in Great Yarmouth &/or King’s Lynn.)
  24. 24. • Stalham E.G. • The Happing Community Shop is trying to organise £225,000 to buy the land needed to accommodate Community Buildings (deadline on option to buy the land = mid September 2011: • Cinema/Youth Theatre & Youth Facilities • Police Office • A New Library • Shared P/T offices for: Healthcare, Citizens Advice Bureau, Parish Council & more - which may be adaptable to use as conference rooms etc. • A New Church • (+ needs investment for affordable housing & employment opportunities) • I’m quickly preparing a sketch scheme to show Foundation East - which if approved & we can get a Community Land Trust, may in exchange provide The Tree Ark Project with the existing Library Building/site for our franchised showrooms & E-Co-Op outlet for locally manufactured renewable technologies virtually ‘off-the-shelf’, (via The Ark Directory)
  25. 25. Who am I?• Linda Beamish (architectural designer), rural self-employed lone parent of three• Founder Eco-Designs & ‘Friend of The Earth’ since childhood• Ark Building Social Entrepreneur• NO grants applicable - as no banks would touch me - hence I couldn’t open a bank account for Ark Social Enterprise, (I’m one of the national statistics for rural poverty & deprivation, ‘stung’ by 4 developers this recession)• I did the research & prepared the presentations, so nobody else would have to, (or publish their personal/debt situation if they didn’t want to - its basically the same for ALL in poverty)• My ex-tutor wants to buy my research & graphics to use as class resources for ‘The Subsidiary Diploma in Environmental Sustainability• Neil Godfrey at Voluntary Norfolk, hopes their volunteers will load all my research, links & book-marks onto all Global Ark’s websites - to help build sustainable, resilient communities across Norfolk, East Anglia & beyond. (Neil appreciated the fact that I need to get on with paid work to feed, home & clothe my children.)
  26. 26. The presentation slides will be introduced at ‘ARKs in the pARKS’ - running behind the musicians (to show problems & solutions graphically) & we hope that Tony Smith MA, will be a conference attendee to explain it all. s Introduction to Permaculture,Eco-Villages/Hamlets, & Studying ‘Build Code 6’ Construction (We hope that decision makers will study all the evidence with us)
  27. 27. I’m also founder of my own sustainable community ‘showcase’. Ark’s showcase community is designed to showcase & enable othersto help build their own sustainable & resilient communities. In spite of repeated requests, emails & phone calls to Local Authorities & others for assetland, our Ark is still as land-less as the original Ark was, after three years (free) work. As I had to prepare architectural proposalsrepeatedly for this application without incomeor costs covered, I wound up with a replicable Eco Design which could work anywhere through permutations & permaculture. Most of the potential sites proposed for ARKS in the pARKSare sites which I’ve outlined & prepared somenetworking in readiness, or know of interest.The question is, (as always), ‘what can we build- where’? (Temporary or permanent, we don’t mind - we simply cannot continue to live unsustainably.)
  28. 28. Left: Sketch scheme for ‘The Avril Fox Visitor Centre’ (The Tree Ark Project’s Community Centre - based on an EarthShip + ‘the hub of the net’ - with water as the central point of focus)Avril is now 94 years of age, & hopes tofind care & support in our community -and to live the sustainable life which she herself has advocated for nearly 50 yearsTogether with her late son Robin, Avrilwrote “Green Design”, Published 1989(ISBN-10: 1854542001 - Phaidon Press. via guide to the Environmental Impact of Building Materials)Avril has also very kindly asked me toact as her agent, to find a publisher for her autobiography: “The Long Road to Realism”.
  29. 29. With great thanks to all who have helped form Ark’sproposals - who we are very pleased to be able to invite to show their work at our Eco-Festivals & Open Eco- Sustainable Conferences Proposals are based on ‘The Best’ Exemplars of Sustainable Design: Centre for Alternative Technology, (CAT), Wales Earthships (Fife & Brighton, and Brightonʼs Zero Carbon Community) The Eden Project The Findhorn Community (Scotland) The Hockerton Housing Project The Lammas Project The New Forest Visitor Centre (& Transition Towns)
  30. 30. Invitations (& Thanks) to:Boudicca Tribe Eceni Tribe All Tribes Little Acorns WEETU Woman’s Notebook The Workhouse WREF WIRE NPS CIC Renewables EastProduced in Norfolk Truly Local Happing Community Shop Organic Farmers/Land Owners BTCV Earth Restoration Service Generation Journey Survivors Womans Aid Avaaz Water Aid Unicef Amnesty Emmaus Crisis Poverty Shelter Housing Justice The Big Issue Oxfam JRFChristian Ecology Christian Aid Action Aid EPI (econ4peace) Red Cross Global Issues Inside Housing Rural Community Council The Guild Eco-Designs Kass & Beard John Jewell Structural Engineers Eartha Foundation East Voluntary Norfolk KickStart DEFRA Broads Authority Local Authorities/Councils Development Control/Building Control/Conservation English Heritage National Trust Eco-Village Network Eco-Hamlets ONE Village The Permaculture Organisation Transition Towns WWOOF Farmers Guardian CoHousing Organisation Co-Operative Housing Flagship HA Broadland HA FreeBridge Community HA Burnham Deepdale HA Survival Wood Norton Poors Allotment Guist Charity Trust CornerStone HA Co-Operative Bank Tridos Bank (Eco-Ethical) Renewable Technologies - exhbitors at NNDC ‘Green Build’ (& Earth Day, Burnham Deepdale) Environmental Investigations Agency The College of West Anglia/Anglia Ruskin University CUE East/University of East Anglia RSPB Easton College Cambirdge University National Rural Knowledge Exchange NNCF Friends of THE Earth Blue Forest Pink Saris Woodland Trust The Fairy World Fairyland Trust Hudson Architects EarthShips Kate Edwards Cob Wiser Earth Organisation (more to add later)