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Dove leave on - Integrated Communications Plan

My assignment when taking Branding & Communication training

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Dove leave on - Integrated Communications Plan

  2. 2. That is serum humidity belong to top favorite Dove product line in the U.S Dove wants to launch a brand new product but can spray-on
  3. 3. That means... This leave-on product is serum but can spray-on humidity Butweighted-down worry time-consuming vague effective
  4. 4. So what are we supposed to do for... A caring & sensitive lady who is so in love with “Real beauty” Caring: A Dove girl would think about other people’s benefits before her own. caring sensitive Sensitive: She cares about other people’s emotions. Real beauty: “Real beauty” Dove understands that “Real Beauty” is already inside every woman. There is no need for her to be someone else.
  5. 5. Consumer Understanding Human Truth ● Vietnamese women think that they look normal What They Think Now ● Helmets and hot weather make hair oily & uncomfortable in daily life ● There are no hair care products that could reduce oil in seconds while nourishing hair What They Need To Think ● Dove Nutri-Vitamin E Serum Spray with Grapefruit extract, Nutri-Vitamin E and Oxyfusion technology will balance the oil and moisture, yet also provide nutrients to hair
  6. 6. A lady with DOVE PERSONALITY caring sensitive real beauty How can we match Dove Nutri-Vitamin E Serum Spray without any stage of consumption habit SO WE MAKE A STORY TO CONNECT TWO OF THEM
  7. 7. We find these cases inspiring ● Vietnamese women think that they look normal ● Taking care of their appearance are not too important to them, because they have other things to care about in life ● Family members, whom they care about, always think that they are beautiful and talented ● They are sensitive enough to understand that family members are really supportive ● But they feel sorry about not living up to family members’ expectation
  8. 8. and here’s the BIG IDEA for launching campaign Unleash Your Real SelfUnleash
  9. 9. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 ● Viral clip ● PR: Stories about confident girls who have success in life (relate to Dove leave-on product) ● Digital: Amusing content/posts on Hot Community Page ● TVC: 30s (10s cut from viral clips, 20s product usage, function) ● Promotion : Product Promotion (Dove product or Unilever products) ● Activation: events at supermarket ● PR ● DIgital: Dove Fanpage ● TVC: 15s product usage, function ● Promotion : Product Promotion (Dove product or Unilever products) ● Digital: Dove Fanpage ● PR: articles (emotional + functional) on new leave-on product Pre-launch Launch Post-launch
  10. 10. Execution Guideline Campaign Objective: To boost self-esteem for every woman in Vietnam DOVE - UNLEASH YOUR REAL SELF TVC COMMUNITY PAGE DIGITAL ACTIVATION PR Channel Role -To reach mass target audience about campaign message Tool/Activities TVC, 3 Viral clips about campaign message Channel Role -To bring campaign message closer to target audience Tool/Activities -Photo contest “How to dress to boost confidence” -Beauty Booth to help girls be confident in themselves Channel Role -To boost self-esteem of girls via successful stories and their way of taking care of herself Tool/Activities -Magazines, use vlogger to talk about girl who lost her self-esteem Channel Role -To use voices of Hot Community Page to promote campaign message Tool/Activities -Have real succesul women to share their stories about self-confidence and how can they be confident Channel Role -To spread campaign message and interact with audience Tool/Activities -Have Social Media engagement via hot account post fo
  11. 11. Viral clip on Vlogger pages PHASE 1 - FEEL SORRY WITH FAMILY, THE ONE WHO THEY CARE ABOUT
  13. 13. PR UNLEASH YOUR REAL SELF Magazine and online newspapers encourage discussion among people. Sample topics (emotional): Stories about confident girls who have succeeded in life but care about family, especially their motivation to try
  14. 14. TVC Dove Nutri-Vitamin E Serum Spray
  15. 15. Activation Dove Miracle Mirror Dove Girl Community Share your story with Dove #HowIbecomeconfident #Myuntoldstory #FavoriteStreetStyle
  16. 16. DISPLAY & OOH
  17. 17. APPENDIX
  18. 18. CompetitorAnalysis COMPETITION Celebrity Beauty Real Beauty
  19. 19. THANK YOU