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  1. 1. THE CONVENTIONS OF OUR POSTER COMPARED TO REAL MEDIA CONVENTIONSWithin this presentation I will be comparing and challenging the conventions of real media posters within the British Social Realism genre with my poster for my chosen film ‘Temporary Life’. I will be looking at previously analysed posters and see if the conventions are similar or dissimilar to the real media products.
  3. 3. COMPARING TO SKET POSTER: As in the ‘SKET’ poster we decided to place our reviews for our film in the top corner of our poster. We used the different size font for the quote and a smaller size font for the source as doesThe title of the film is the the ‘SKET’ poster.largest text on the postermaking it stand out on the Use of a tagline underneath the titleposter. We chose black as it of the film: like the ‘SKET’ trailer westood out the most on the decided to use a taglineposter compared to other ‘SOMETIMES LIFE IS BETTERcolours. With the font being the ALONE’. This is a convention of abiggest it shows a convention of real media text which we decided toa British Realism film. use for our poster.
  4. 4. COMPARING TO BULLET BOY POSTER:The dark clouds and foggy haze connotes a heavy weight onthe characters life. This is similar to Bullet Boy as the use oflighting and colour connotes a specific meaning within afilm. The lighter shade around the characters shows therelationship between the characters is something which isinspirational and something to look forward to in theirbright future. This is a similar convention to the lighting ofBullet Boy as they use a light shade to connote atransformation in story.
  5. 5. COMPARING TO BULLET BOY POSTER:The colours in our trailer are green, grey and white.Green – natural urban environment which surrounds the charactersand adds to the realism of the poster.Grey – mysterious environment which covers the cloudy sky adding adark background to the film. – purity and a new start, this could connote the characters aresearching for new start or a friendship with a new personThis is similar to the poster of Bullet Boy as they use two contrastingcolours to develop a journey and then a prominent colour to adddiversity to the plot.
  6. 6. COMPARING TO FISH TANK POSTER: The positioning of the characters alongside one another creates enigmas: what is the relationship between them? Where will their journey take them? Is it love or friendship? Like inUnlike the Fish Tank poster we decided to not the Fish Tank posteruse the character as the largest image on the it creates enigmas forposter. We decided to use more of the landscape the audience throughand urban setting to enhance the feeling of lost images.and lonely. We decided to not see the charactersfaces to enhance the mystery of the plot withinthe poster.
  7. 7. COMPARING TO FISH TANK POSTER:Landscape layout: we chose to design our poster with a landscapelayout. Similar to SKET and BULLET BOY the poster uses the samelayout but dissimilar to FISH TANK which uses a portrait layout.This shows the variety of layout conventions within the BritishSocial Realism genre.