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Audience and British Social Realism films


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Audience and British Social Realism films

  1. 1. Audience and British SocialRealism filmsRESEARCH
  2. 2. Why did we conduct this research?As part of our audience research we gave out a questionnaire to different age groups to see where they are most likely to exhibit certain British Social Realism. The questionnaire involved 19 different British Social Realism Films they could tick whether they have seen them at the cinema, in their own time or not at all. This helped us establish our target audience and how they are most likely to watch our trailer for our film.
  3. 3. FINDINGS
  4. 4. From this we can see the AGE 16-19 majority dont tend to watch British Social Realism films. These finding s are the 16-19 most important because they are relevant to our0.7 target audience. The top 30.6 films they have watched in0.5 their own time0.40.3 are: Kidulthood, Billy0.2 Elliot and This is England.0.1 0 16-19 This may reflect into Blumler and Katz findings into why people consume film. This age group likes to identify with their own age in a film. Something which we will have to consider when deciding the plot of the film.
  5. 5. This shows this age group dont tend to watch British AGE 20-29 Social Realism films but they watch them more than the 16-19 age group. 20-29 The top 3 films they have watched at the cinema60.00% are: Full Monty, East is50.00% East and This is England.40.00% The top 3 films they have30.00%20.00% watched in their own time10.00% are: Trainspotting, Full 0.00% 20-29 Monty and Billy Elliot. These also reflect the age group wanting to identify with their age group on screen as well as wanting to socialise about the film with their age group.
  6. 6. This shows that this age AGE 50+ group are the people who are most likely to consume British Social 50+ Realism films. The top 3 they have seen at the60.00% cinema50.00% are: Trainspotting, Full40.00% Monty and East is East.30.00% The top 3 they have20.00%10.00% watched in their own 0.00% 50+ time: East is East, Full Monty and Billy Elliot. This shows they watch films for their interests and to socialise with other age groups.