Media Evalution


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Media Evalution

  1. 1. Amy Walker11. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?I took inspiration for my own local newspapers from other local newspapers that arepublished throughout vast communities. I tried to enable my stories to contain those similarto those found in the Salford Advertiser, whilst making the layout of the pages similar tothose in the Metro newspaper. I took inspiration for my mast head mainly from the SalfordAdvertiser. This is mainly due to the high degree of formality that’s entailed with thenewspapers mast head. I noticed that they usually make the typeface for the name of thenewspaper obvious and noticeable to its main target audience. They do this by using largetext with, often, a bold format. Often, the name of the area that is in a newspapers masthead, is often smaller than the actual name of the newspaper to show it’s importance andsignificance. As a result, I called my newspaper The Manchester Independent, making surethat ‘The Manchester’ was a smaller font than ‘Independent’.I also made sure that this wasthe largest piece of text on the front page implying its importance. I have noticed that theterm, ‘Independent’ adds a sense of formality. The national broadsheet newspaper, ‘TheIndependent’ is a highly formal and traditional newspaper; I wanted to follow this sameconvention of a traditional national newspaper by applying the same purpose to my localnewspaper. The newspaper I produced is a local, weekly newspaper. It does not follow theconventions of both, a tabloid or broadsheet newspapers. This is due to the main fact thatit’s a local newspaper, it’s purpose is to deliver important and interesting local news to itsreaders. Local residents don’t want to here about celebrity news, especially with thenewspaper only being published weekly. My newspaper can appeal to a variety of ages andreading abilities, I didn’t want to pick one particular style of newspaper, I felt that I would beneutral and combine both a tabloid and broadsheet style newspaper. An example of this isthe fact the tabloid newspaper use extremely large and over powering images that implies aslightly informal approach to the reader. Whereas in a broadsheet newspaper, there is moretext overall than there are images. In my local newspaper, I have made sure to include anequal balance of both images and text to ensure large amounts of text don’t over face andput off the reader from reading on. I have also made sure that the images are totallyrelevant to the articles. I have tried to keep the colour scheme of my newspaper as neutraland realistic as possible. I have followed a simple grey colour scheme throughout, makingthe newspaper appear more formal as well as applying a simplistic and sophisticatedapproach. In addition, I also noticed that a lot of local newspapers use advertisements forlocal schools for things such as opening evenings and car boot sales which overall, helppromote the school as a whole. I have decided to use this in my local newspaper as a smalladdition on the front page, advertising my brother’s school. I have applied this sameadvertising technique on my second page when I wrote about a local community schoolraising money for Comic Relief. I spoke about the activities in which one class took part in.This is usually brought up throughout a local newspaper; I felt that this would be a goodalternative story of write about in my newspaper. The images I have used throughout my
  2. 2. Amy Walker2coursework are fitted appropriately with the articles. It took a while to collect my images asI had to use different locations and objects in each image. Whilst writing up my articles, Itried to make sure that all of the key, necessary information was placed in the firstparagraph. I felt that this would help engage the reader into reading further on in thearticle. I also attempted to be as creative as possible when it came to making up my mainheadlines. The article mentioning ‘I’m Hoofin’ It’ applies to local residents as it’s about horsemeat being found in ‘100% beef burgers’ in the Walkden branch of McDonalds. This is eyecatching to the local audience and community and also relates to a global institute of foodthat has been falsely advertising their burgers as ‘100% beef burgers’.2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?My first ancillary task was to produce a local newspaper billboard poster. In order toproduce this I used Adobe Photoshop as I was able to manipulate images and be as creativeas desired using this manipulating software. My billboards overall purpose is to advertisethe newspaper to a local audience and community. As mine is named ‘The ManchesterIndependent’, I used a variety of images to make this billboard poster appeal to localresidents of Manchester. In order to portray this message, I had to use things within theposter that would be apparent and appealing to local residents. I used images of theManchester Wheel, Manchester Cathedral and Salford Quays, all of which play a large rolein Manchester’s society. This is also a form of iconography as the images that are used are alarge part of Manchester’s community. The newspapers masthead is also displayed,covering a large amount of the page which is typed in large, bold text. This makes it clearwhat is being advertised. I also used a large red circle in one of the primary optical areas toestablish the price of my newspaper. It sends the message to the viewer that the newspaperis accessible and reasonably cheap to purchase. My second ancillary task was to produce a30 second radio advert, helping promote and advertise my newspaper. I think my radioadvertisement was relatively successful as it portrayed relevant information about thenewspaper in the time limit that was allocated. In terms of my inspiration for this ancillary,there wasn’t any form of radio advertisements for newspapers so it was very difficult toknow what to expect from such advert. This advertisement informs my target audience andothers, of what content you’d typically expect to see inside of my local newspaper. It givesthe impression that the newspaper is rather formal and not too much like a tabloidnewspaper, which I feel is very similar to a real local newspaper and what people of todayssociety, want to see.
  3. 3. Amy Walker33. What have you learned from your audience feedback?When looking at my audience feedback, I revisited the market and audience research that Idid in the initial stages of production. This allowed me to see if I took on board and utilizedthe information and data that I received. When I looked back at my findings for the marketresearch task, I discovered that the vast majority of people enjoyed reading the Metro themost. This is a daily tabloid newspaper that is published nationally for those on the go usingpublic transport. I tried my best to adopt a similar style for my own newspaper. This ismainly due to the fact that I actually like reading the newspaper also, it portrays a simpleand sophisticated appeal. However, as mentioned, I did not want my newspaper to fall in toone specific genre of newspaper such as tabloid or broadsheet. I wanted my newspaper tohave an equal balance of the two. For example, the inside page of my newspaper looks veryformal and follows similar conventions to those found in a broadsheet or a local newspaper.Tracy mentioned that my inside cover alone would “persuade her to purchase another issueof the newspaper as she enjoyed the formality of the articles as well as the stories that werewritten.” My front cover has similar styles to both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet. Ithas the large image placed in the primary optical area on the left hand side of the page, butit evenly balanced out by the large amount of text positioned directly next to the imagewhich continues all the way down the front page. It looks a lot like my desired newspaper,the Metro. Peter mentioned that it was “nice to not see celebrities all over the front coversof newspapers” in addition “I like how it looks a lot like the metro, with the large images butare balanced out by the interesting article by the side”. Many of the people from myaudience feedback mentioned that the main articles attracted and they would considerbuying an issue of it. This is positive feedback for my as I feel I made the right choice inchoosing an evenly balanced newspaper style and layout. When looking at my second pagefeedback, the focus group agreed that the stories in my newspaper were appropriate for theformality of the newspaper and the audience in which it was aimed it. Those who took partin my feedback said that they liked how the articles inside were aimed at small, localcommunities which made the newspaper appear to be formal, sophisticated andprofessional. Overall my feedback was positive. It said that the layout of the newspaper andarticles were displayed to professional standards. I think that this was mainly due to theequally spaced columns and accurately placed text. However, Lucy spoke out about thegeneral size of the images. “They were quite hard to work out what they were; they couldhave been a little bit bigger”. I didn’t make the images too large as I didn’t want to force theimages into the readers faces and over power them however, I can see this from Lucy’sperspective and she is correct. Considering my media product in all aspects, my radioadvertisement, billboard poster and final piece, my feedback came back that I had created amedia product that successfully used the conventions of a real media products. It wasevident that I wanted to create a consistent house style and layout in terms of colourschemes etc. For example, the red used on the logo, the grey boxes and lines that were used
  4. 4. Amy Walker4to separate articles from one and other, all which were carried out throughout both pagesof my newspaper.4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planningand evaluation stages?In the process of the research and overall production of my product, I used a number ofdifferent media technologies. I used, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Google, MicrosoftExcel, Prezzi and my phone to record my radio advert. When conducting my initial researchfor newspapers and their articles at the beginning of the course, I used the search engineGoogle which helped display a large amount of text and image for me to conduct myresearch. Whilst using the search engine, I was able to gather images of the different stylesand types of newspapers that are on offer today. I used these to analyse and takeinspiration for my own project and product. Google was also useful when it came to notknowing how to do something in the image manipulation software, Adobe Photoshop.Initially, Photoshop is quite hard to come to terms with even though I used the samesoftware to produce my AS coursework. For example, I used this to refresh my memory onhow to alter the brightness and contrast of and image. Google helped me develop my ownskills on Photoshop as a whole. I thought that Photoshop as a whole, was the most usefuland successful software to use for the construction of my newspaper. I used it in order todevelop and create my initial layout plans, my front cover as well as my inside page. This isdue to the fact that Photoshop is professional software when it comes to producing suchproducts. Photoshop was also the best software to edit and manipulate my images to how Iwant them to look and appear. By using this software, you’re able to resize images withoutthem becoming pixelated or misshaped. I used the eyedropper tool to make sure that aconsistent image was used throughout my products. Such tool uses colours from otherareas of the document and places them in the areas where you want them to be. This keepsthe uniformity of my products as well as making the overall look of my newspaper look toprofessional standards. I used my phone to record the sounds of my radio advert whilstediting and adding a backing track to it by using Adobe Premiere which is an editingsoftware used to manipulate films. I then uploaded my file to sound cloud where I used theHTML code to put on my blogger account where I display my coursework. I used thesoftware Microsoft Excel to arrange and sort my market research findings.