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Your Reputation is the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your local market and really getting that phone to ring with new patients. Every medical practice needs a marketing strategy. Learn how you can take advantage of your reputation by implementing 4 proven marketing strategies to create and deliver proven marketing systems that enhance your Reputation with a 5 star reputation, Reach more of your target audience, Resell your products and services to increase the lifetime value of each patient, and generate more Referrals for your practice.

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  • Hi there… Dr.___ …and welcome my name is Amy Zehr owner of Social Txt Map right here in Waynesville, Mo. and my goal is to show you step-by-step how to dominate your market online. I’m 100% focused on the medical industry and have studied under the leading Medical Marketing experts in local online marketing.(Jeff Smith, Laura Betterly, David Sprague, Mike Cooch)with continued weekly training. The proprietary marketing systems and strategies I'm going to be showing you today will give you the edge that your practice needs to achieve rock star status in your industry and position you’re practice as the market leader.
  • So a little about Social Txt Map. I'm A full service, one-stop-shop provider of Medical SEO, & Internet Marketing Solutions.(No Problems Just Solutions)I'm your medical marketing consultantI'm a medical SEO company who believes in under-promise and over-delivering.I'm a medical SEO company who has taken the time to understand which types of ideal patients (they generate the most profit and impact on the equity value of your practice) are in highest demand for each Medical Specialty I serve.A medical SEO company that listens to your needs, goals and objectives in order to develop a full service, custom medical marketing solution.A medical SEO company who always looks at my services from your perspective – as in "what would I do if I were in your shoes?”
  • Now I want to walk you through how I view marketing practices like yours, and I think you'll start to see how I can tackle these challenges  It's my experience that there are 4 R's that every practice needs to plan for and optimize to maximize their growth potential. The four R’s are reputation, reach, resell and referral. Each of these 4 R's represents a marketing system that unfortunately most practices in your industry don't consciously develop, and sometimes completely neglect. Now this is very costly, because data shows that each of these marketing systems can count for about 25% annual growth on their own and when combined have a compounding effect that can ignite annual growth to 100% or more.
  • First one is ReputationDr____, It’s never been easier for potential patients to find out what others think about your Practice. As you know, nowadays people search online before they buy. We know that People put a lot of stock in what they read online. In fact, studies show that 72% of U.S. Consumers said they research companies through social channels before making purchases and 74% of U.S. consumers choose to do business based on online feedback—even when it’s from total strangers!  This probably isn’t anything new to you, and there’s a decent chance that, like most, you are not very pleased about some of the things People have written about your practice!
  •  Next is Reach Yes Dr______I’s my experience that a practice that wants to grow needs to make sure that more people know about them today than did yesterday.95.91% of all clicks occur on page 1 of Google, and the top three positions deliver 58.4 % of traffic. Target your marketing efforts to the right audienceGet your name in front of more of the right prospects each dayKeep you front-and-center in the marketplace so you aren’t forgottenIf you’re not developing a pipeline of potential new patients then you are going to see fewer sales in the future as a result.Write down this URL to get your free Visibility Report 
  • OK the third R is Resell Now Dr______ Once you’ve done all of the hard work of getting new patients, you need to make sure to maximize the lifetime value, or LTV of that patient. And that means increasing the dollar value of each transaction or by increasing theFrequency that patient comes into your office, either by offering add-on services or upsells or cross-sells. McDonald’s is the classic example: ‘Do you want fries with that?’ ‘DoYou want to supersize your order?’ These days there are so many cost effective and trackable ways to bringPatients back to your office.
  •   The fourth R is Referral Now since you are taking care of your patients and keeping them happy, the best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them, right? So that your patients are doing the marketing for you!It’s well known that if you just leave it up to people to do referrals for you, very few will, even if they are very happy with you. You have to make it very easy for them to do it—almost effortlessly—if you really want to maximize your referrals.Now 92% among 25,000 consumers surveyed, 92% trust online recommendations from people they know. – According to Nielsen Global Trust one of the top rating companies in the world when it comes to advertising. We all want referrals because they help us save money on marketing, right? but there’s also even more to gain from referrals than cost savings: according to a case study noted in the Harvard Business Review, referred customers are, on average, about 18% more likely than others to stay with a company and they generate 16 % more in profits!
  • Now I want to show you why you have to start with reputation: Here are some stats from Google. 2,900 people typed in the word St Louis Plastic Surgery. I mean the numbers are astounding. Just imagine thousands of people online every single month looking for your practice. The question is, can they find you? Because everyday people, as you can see, are looking for services like yours. The problem is who they should do business with. And what they're doing is they're looking for the most reputable practice to do business with, and I’m going to show you how to make sure that you are the practice that they call and not you’re Competition.  
  • So let me start by asking you, Dr____ a question. Would you buy a product or service that has bad ratings and reviews? Obviously, it would be no, because no one wants to actually have that exact same experience when they buy a product or service. So we always look at reviews as the indicator of how we might experience that product or service. But here is the more important question.
  • Two surgeons are identical; one has ten good reviews; the other has three good reviews but one bad review. Which one do you choose? Obviously, it's the one with ten good reviews. And why is that? Because we want to have a great experience and we’re looking to make sure that a company is consistent with delivering that experience or service. So this is what consumers, individuals, and companies do every single day. They go online and they're looking to find the most reputable company to do business with. And only one bad review, as you can see here, can send the potential patient from your website or your listing online to someone else's. So that’s the difference between your phone ringing or your competition's phone ringing.
  • And that's what I want to talk about. So let me officially welcome you to my reputation marketing training. The most important way you can market your practice online and implementing all 4 marketing strategies. Now there are a lot of companies out there that actually do reputation management. The reason I don't do reputation management is because reputation management doesn’t get the phone ringing. Management is a very defensive posture. Marketing is a very offensive posture. So when you see a company or hear a company doing reputation management, that company really doesn’t know what they're doing.  
  • I believe that your reputation is everything. More importantly, the online marketing game is changed and your competition doesn’t even know about it. Ok so you see, everybody has been doing reputation management for such a long time. But they don't understand these big game changers that have just happened and now it's all about reputation marketing. So let's talk about the big game changers.
  • Big Game changer number 1. Any company name and a city when you do a search for it reveals the company’s reputation. For example, when I type in the word Dr. Michele Koo plus her city, Saint Louis and look what comes up, her company name. But look at under her website is her reputation score. More importantly, her Zagat reputation score. (Which is, Google takes the rating of all the reviews on Google for that business and averages them. So Google takes the total reviews and then multiplies them by 10 to arrive at the averaged score.) Dr. Koo has 26 out of 30 which is not bad. So anyone actually searching for them, maybe even if it’s just for directions is going to go and type in the company name and the city to find some more information. And they’re going to see either a good reputation or a bad reputation. Wow, I mean, it's incredible! Now let me actually open up my browser and show you. And let's look at your company name and see what people are finding.Enter: Doctor Business Name Now, before anything comes to the top, I want you to see what Google is doing. Google is giving suggestions of what hundreds or even thousands of others have typed in. It's one of the great features, but look at what it’s suggesting. See here, Ben Massell Dental Clinic reviews. This is proof positive that people just aren't looking for you, but they are looking about reviews for you. Now not every practice gets this term. But just know that you can see that people are actually typing these words in to find you. It's a major surf churn for people that want to do business with you, or maybe even been referred to you and they want to check you out online to see about your reviews. Also patients usually don't carry around a stack of your business cards right? So typically what they will say is Google him or her (the doctor) to find your phone #, make an appointment etc.  (Continue) Ok so let's see, when we actually click on this, what comes up? So you can see at the top here this is your company name. This is your company website. But there it is right there, your reviews for the whole world to see. Your reviews are right here when someone's actually trying to find your practice. And these reviews can either help your phone to ring or hinder. So let's take a look at what your reviews actually say. Clicks through to a Google+ Local business page then scrolls down to the reviews sectionNow, I don't know if you’ve seen this or not, but let’s scroll down. …  … Oh, wow, look at this. You’ve got a very poor review. This is the first thing that people see. Now, if you scroll down there is a very big scathing review about you. Did you know about this? Well, I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can actually eliminate reviews just like this. Would like to learn how? Let’s scroll down here. …  … Look at this; you have a great review here. It doesn't give a lot of details but this state’s three out of three. But that’s not the one people are going to be looking at. …  … They're going to be looking at the ones here. And you'll see with a few stats how many reviews people actually look at before they make a purchase. More importantly, how many reviews you need to be credible in the marketplace. So very quickly you can see the big game changers. 80 million companies all around the world, whenever someone types in their name and their city, their reputation is the first thing that people see. … … So I want to make sure when someone types in your name that they find a five-star rating, a five-star review about your practice and not what we just saw. This is why we want to anchor this kind of thought process. You’re only one patient away from a bad reputation.
  • Wow, I want you to look at this. Even though Dr. Koo has a Zagat rating of 26 over 30 this is thesecond review from the top. What??? I don’t care if the first review was excellent just like we talked about. Looking at this review,Dr. Koo is losing new patients over this review.You might be thinking, Amy, Why are you picking on Dr. Koo. And my answer is I’m not, imagine how a potential client feels looking at this review. Question, what is your reputation..
  • So, let's talk about big game changer #2 which is that reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing. And that’s because bad reviews show up like we saw in Google Maps, your Google plus listing. It shows up on Pay Per Click Ads. Look right here. You can see reviews showing up inside the Pay Per Click Ads. They show up on website rankings, organic rankings. They show up in local directories like Vitals, RateMD, PlasticSurgeryReview, TheGoodSurgeonGuide, MakeMeHeal Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages the list goes on. Reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.
  • This really leads us to big game changer #3 and that’s SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click Ads and Local Marketing does not work anymore if you have bad reviews or a bad reputation online. It’s pretty much that simple. Why would you want to do all that work, spend all this time and money getting to the top of Google and doing online marketing, so that when people find you all they find are bad reviews. So really what's happened over the last several years is a complete flip-flop in an online marketing strategy. Before, we used to perform Google Maps, SEO, Pay Per Click Ads, Yelp, Video Marketing and Social Media marketing first, and then we would work on getting some great reviews. That's completely the opposite of what today's marketing is all about.  
  • Big Game Changer #4Now, we’ve talked about what’s happened kind of negatively with reputation, but let’s talk about some positive things when it comes to big game changers.First of all, reviews send you prequalified, presold patients because buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. So reviews can be incredibly bad for you if they're bad reviews. But they can be incredibly good for you if they're really good reviews. … Let's look at this stat that came from Myles Anderson from Bright Local. 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Now, if I was to ask a hundred different companies, (and let me just ask you). Would you rather create a marketing plan with people that don't know you, don't like you, don't trust you, and always are worried about price? Or would you rather create a marketing plan with people that know you, people that like you, people that trust you and they’re all referrals? So, of course you want to create a referral plan. Well, for the first time with our online marketing, our marketing can be just as powerful as referral marketing. Because 3 out of 4 people trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations. So we need those five star reviews on your website. You need five star reviews on your directory listings. That’s as good as someone's mother saying you should go buy from this company. That’s as good as someone’s best friend saying, you know what, you should use this type of a service. I used it. It was amazing. That's just as good as a colleague at work saying look, if you need that, you should go to this business. They do a great job. So 72% of buyers trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.Here is a little fact for you :( Groupon & Living Social, need at least 2 good reviews and no bad reviews) before they will allow you to use their service.And now I want to go even deeper..
  • This is a big game changer Nielsen’s Global put on a survey, and said look, when it comes to the extent that you trust different forms of advertising, which are the most important things that you trust. Well, they said 92% of people trust recommendations from people that they know. But here's the big one. Look at the one right under that. 70% trust opinions based on online reviews. So, you can see we have Neilson rating this at 70%. This is huge!But more importantly look at this. They actually trust consumer opinions posted online over an editorial newspaper or article. You could actually have a newspaper article written about you that is editorial and people will not trust that as much as an online review. So you can see here all the evidence points that reputation marketing is the most important marketing that you can do for your practice. So if you going to do any type of marketing for your practice, it shouldn’t start with the type of marketing that people don't trust, Like TV ads at 47% or e-mail marketing at 50% or even branded website marketing at 58%. It should start with the top two recommendations , People they know and consumer opinions posted online which is, reputation marketing. I can go through stat after stat. It's all between the 70 and 80% that online reviews or opinions posted online are a major game changer. So let me ask you, how much do you spend on advertising? (Ask The Doctor what he spends a month on advertising. Active listening) 
  • Ok let’s move on. So why is reputation so vital to a business? Well, this stat is incredible. Consumers look up an average of 10 reviews before making a decision. So all these consumers are online, they’re looking for reviews. More importantly, they're looking at multiple reviews, not just 1 or 2. This stat is also incredible as well as kind of the secret mystery of how many reviews do you actually need to be credible. 70 % of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 reviews. You are not credible without five-star reviews. Without a five-star reputation and a minimum of 10 reviews; your practice can’t be trusted when people actually find you. So this is the difference between your phone ringing and it not ringing, more importantly, this is the difference between your phone not ringing and your competition's phone ringing. We need to get you not just 10 reviews but 10 five-star reviews, so when people see your practice online, your phone rings. So can you see that you need 10 five-star reviews or your practice can’t be trusted? (Get them to say yes)
  • Ok so what exactly is reputation marketing?We’ve talked a little bit about this earlier that reputation management is kind of the old way of doing business. And now, if you really want to dominate your market, it’s all about reputation marketing. It’s very simple. …Position your practice as the market leader in front of thousands of buyers with simply a five-star reputation. It's building a five-star reputation online and then going out and marketing that reputation which we just saw is the most powerful and most trusted type of marketing that any practice can do. (And don't take questions from them at this point because you I think it's an important part. All you want to say is that's a really good question I going to answer that in a few moments) 
  • How do you create a reputation marketing strategy? Let me give you the step-by-step strategies. First off one of the first things you need to do is really understand your reputation. So let me ask you. Do you really know you reputation online? (We saw the ones on Google earlier but that was only Google.) We’re not just building a five-star reputation; we’re leveraging it and marketing it. And so the first thing is to actually know what people are saying. So I have put together proprietary systems and strategies that actually show and reveal anyone's reputation online.
  • All you have to do is put in your phone number and my system will sift and sort through thousands of different data pieces online. It will actually share with you what others are saying about you and bring back your score. ( You can see on your screen bad reviews about you.) And then I’ll take your good reviews versus your bad reviews, and I’ll give you a reputation score. And more importantly than that, I’ll also search on the most important sites that your practice should be branded on to see if you're even listed. So literally within moments you can find out exactly what your reputation is online. So that’s where we begin. I want you to go to right now and type in your phone# so you can see for yourself what others are saying about you. I will give you instantly your reputation report. I normally charge $46 to $97 dollars for this but I want to give you the report for free so you can get started. (Can stop here if you want to and only have a little to present)
  • Now coming back, We now know your reputation and there are really only four types of reputation that you're going to have. One is going to be a bad reputation. Obviously, we know that that's not good and you’re going to need to do something about that fast. But then there's no reputation at all, which we saw earlier, is just as bad as having a bad reputation because it doesn’t get your phone ringing. Remember you need at least 10 positive five-star reviews for you to even look credible online. Then there's a good reputation, and if you have a good reputation that simply means you have some good reviews and maybe some not so good reviews. But it’s more good than bad. Well, what if you have 10 really good reviews but the last 2 are bad? See, this is the question I asked earlier. Remember, if you had multiple good reviews but you had 1 bad review versus another practice, who would you go with? Remember Dr. Koo’s Review? This is the difference. Having a good review is not enough. So these types of reputations are not going to get your phone ringing and they're not going to be able to position you as a leader in your industry. … Remember, it’s getting a five-star reputation that is going to make you the industry leader. How do you do that? Ok here are the steps.
  • Remember the 4 R Strategies every Medical Practice needs to develop and optimize? Ok, First of all Strategy 1. You want to develop that five-star reputation which we will go into in a little bit here. And I’ll give you some insider strategies of how I do this, Strategy 2 we want to actually market that reputation. I’m going to show you exactly how I actually use and leverage the power of this reputation and actually get it out into the marketplace to get people really excited about doing business with you.  Strategy 3, you want to manage that reputation. You want to keep that reputation going, because I mean, everybody has a bad day: the receptionist, your sales person, your strategic partner. Everybody is one day and just one patient away from a bad review. And we not only want to manage the reviews coming in, we want a system in place to upsell and cross sell your new and existing patients.Strategy 4, which is most important, I want to create a reputation marketing culture. It's not enough just to try to fix things, but we want to be proactive inside your practice to make sure that every single person in your practice is on the same page. And they're all motivated to do one thing, do a great job for your patients, giving them a first-class experience, and get five-star reviews and turn those reviews into a referral system to keep that five-star reputation going. So you can see when you have a 4 part plan like this put together, you can completely dominate your market online.  
  • So let's look at strategy number 1. Developing your five-star reputation.Now, one of the big insider strategies is a private review page. See, what we want to do is we want to be able to have a one-stop shop for all patients to be able to post their reviews. So here's the question. Would you rather someone post a review on Vitals that’s not so good or would you rather have them put it on your own personal review page where that reviewed never see the light of day? So I'll create a private review page so that all of the reviews are funneled into one area. And then when I receive them, I post them online and the only ones that I post are the really good ones. And the ones that aren't so good, I will send you a private email making sure that you can address this review before that patient actually goes and post another review online that isn’t going to really reflect a five-star reputation. I will also set up a share page. This page will only show up when someone gives you a 5 star rating on your private review page. This page is designed to have your patient leave a review on one of your other directory sites that we want to populate, along with a video thanking them for leaving a 5 star review. Now what if a patient leaves a bad review, well, I will set up feedback video stating “We want the opportunity to correct our mistake. Please contact us directly and let us know how we can turn you next visit in to a 5-star first class experience.” This is where you correct the problem either with you fixing the problem for free or at a discount. Just remember the amount you think you will lose by fixing the problem for free is a lot less then that patient saying and posting negative reviews about you and your practice on and offline.Now I want to go over how I post these reviewsLet’s say even if you were to collect these reviews for yourself, well, Medical Practices can't post a review that actually comes from a patient on any directory sites.… And the reason is that all of these different directory sites have created algorithms and filters that delete all reviews that are posted from the same computer IP network. So that means if you take a few reviews and have your staff post them, they instantly get filtered and deleted not to mention getting slapped by GoogleSo I’ve developed a proprietary system that can post reviews for your practice without being filtered or deleted. So when you have a private review page to be able to collect all your reviews and be able to filter them as well, and then a proprietary system to post your reviews that’s a one-two knockout punch to be able to dominate your market online and really separate yourself from everyone else in the industry.Next I create 3 Video Reviews. I use professional Videographer's to come to your practice on-site and record 3 different patients that have glowing 5 star reviews to say about your practice. We will make sure these patients are instructed on the structure of the review. Who they are, Where there from, What benefit they received from your service, Why they would recommend your practice to others. So this system of capturing video reviews is incredibly effective.  Next I will create Professionally designed Business cards with a QR Code and custom URL to your private review page for your staff to hand out to happy patients. See, your staff needs to be armed with a way for your patients to actually give you reviews and having a business card that tells your patients where they can leave their review. Now almost everyone has a smart phone. So if a patient wants to immediately leave a review, they can scan the QR code and it will immediately take them to your private review page and the review page is mobile responsive ,meaning it fits perfectly within any mobile device. Remember how easily accessible it is for a patient to give a review is vital for creating a five-star reputation. Next create professionally designed review postcards with a QR Code to your review page and a custom URL. These will go out to your list of past happy patients that have had an exceptional experience with your practice within the last few months.  And then I will also create review email templates. Emails are very easy ways to get reviews. Your staff will be able to automatically send one to patients that received a procedure and are very happy. I recommend giving the business card first and then in 2 days sending a gentle email, reminding them to leave a review. So now your patient has 3 ways to leave a review. They can scan the QR Code on the professional business card, they can wait and write a review from their home computer through your private review page URL or if they can write a review from the email we send them. And the last 1 is claiming and setting up directories site listings. Now you might have some niche specific listings already claimed but what I do is research what directory sites are in high regards with Google for your city. This includes where the highest number of reviews are being left for your competition and claiming those sites as well. Those sites are some of the ones we want to be posting your 5 star reviews on.
  • Strategy # 2So let’s talk about how to actually market your reputation. So once I actually build a five-star reputation, how do we actually market it?1. Video Marketing. Just like we talked about in the last slide. Nowadays people are very visual so a visual review showing a potential patient that lands on your website what past patients experienced with your practice is extremely effective.  2. You’re Website. Let me ask you, do you have reviews on the front page of your website right now? I will post the latest 5 star reviews to your website along with the Video reviews. So now this is the first thing potential patients will see. They will convert quickly by having that unbelievable authority that we've been talking about. You will see that when a patient calls into the office they will have no problem with your prices. People want to go to the most reputable Plastic Surgeon in the area.  3. Social Media. You know, I really talked about social media before but no one really can convert social media into leads until now because when you're using reputation marketing in your social media it's incredibly powerful. So I will set up a review page on your Facebook Fan page and have the latest Video and written 5 star reviews posted. Next we can set your video reviews on YouTube. Now what do you think a person looking for a great plastic surgeon will think when they see these reviews on YouTube.  4.Maps Marketing. We do not want to rank a practice in the top of Google first until they have glowing 5 star reviews. Remember, they might find you and they might find your competition, but they’re looking for a practice to do business with that has the best reputation. 5. Email Marketing. Ok so what we find here is when we looked at those Neilson Global stats, is that email marketing isn’t really effective but it can be if you combine it with reputation marketing. So every time you send an Appointment Reminder, every time you respond to inquiries, every time you send out a promotional piece whenever we send out our potential patient drip emails, you must couple it with your five-star reputation. It's going to be incredibly powerful if you do. 6. Sales Marketing. Practices that take advantage of this can literally double their sales closing. Just imagine the ability to sit in front of a patient that's kind of on the fence of whether they should go with your practice. And then your staff says don't take my word for it. Let’s actually go online and see what other patients have said that were just like you and what their thoughts were about us. And then you read all your five-star reviews to them. Remember statistically speaking that's just as powerful as having their best friend or family member, a colleague at work recommending your practice to them. So you’re going to be able to close a lot more sales if you arm yourself with reputation marketing not to mention increase your prices due to the massive trust flow you have established.
  •  Strategy #3So let’s jump in here and talk about how to manage your five-star reputation.You need to make sure that you track and monitor your results daily. This high voltage of tracking is often over looked within a medical practice. There are a lot of SEO & Reputation companies that actually monitor by using tools like Google alerts. And unfortunately, Google alerts and hundreds of other tools don't work when it comes to monitoring your reputation. And the reason is, these tools only work when someone types in your name and posts it or post something about your Services. It searches the entire web for your name or your practice name or partner. And the problem with that is when someone posts a review, they’re typically doing it on your listing, like Yelp or Vitals, Bing, Yahoo or Google, and they never mention your name at all. They just post something about you but not your name, not the exact service name. So, you can have all the alerts you want from all these tools but none of them will show you reviews.So 1. I manually monitor all the major sites that your listings are on. And every single day I know exactly who posts and what’s posted to these sites. 2. Daily Review Alerts. (Which gives you the competitive advantage.) See, a lot of these directory sites actually aggregate reviews. So when bad reviews are posted, guess what it does? It will show up on other websites and other directory sites. You don't want that happening. So again, that's why having a personal review page for your patients to put in their reviews before it actually hits the web is vital for filtering out any bad reviews that you might be getting.So if I see a negative review posted, I’ll let you know. And I can even send these reviews to a specific staff member so they can address this immediately. When you get a positive review you also want to know about that and what I will do is I will send the positive reviews along as well so that your staff can follow up with that person and get a referral from it.  3. Posting Reviews. I continually get the latest five-star reviews, because your potential patients don’t want to actually see reviews that are a year, 18 months or even 6 months old. They want to see up-to-date reviews to know that you are continually giving great service in the marketplace so you must keep on posting reviews and make sure that you understand that it can’t be done by the individual. That each medical practice needs a system and a process that overrides these filters. If not, posted reviews will just be deleted the next day.  4. Marketing Only The Five-Star Reviews. Now, this is really important because even an average review, even though it’s good, isn’t going to convert very well unless it has the right information, the right social and buying triggers inside of it. So I continually monitor for the right reviews to be able to post in order to market that reputation online. So it's real important to pick the best reviews because you don't need a lot. Remember, 10, 12, 15 maximum to really be able to convert these people to becoming your patients.  5. Now let’s talk about tracking and reporting. Tracking how well your marketing efforts are and your ROI is extremely important. You can’t manage what’s not being tracked. So what I've done is integrated with a lead tracking system called MyMedLeads a pre-patient relationship software company that helps medical practices by tracking all of their marketing sources & providing return on investment, while automating many of the redundant tasks that it takes to convert inquiries into paying patients.This tracking system ensures that 100% of phone inquiries and web inquiries are captured, marketed to, and tracked without the need for manual entry into practice management software. They provide unique call tracking phone numbers that get forwarded to your office so that each call is recorded for quality assurance. This system will track all marketing campaigns including SEO and pay-per-click by associating search results (keywords) with each patient. MyMedLeads & PM software communicate seamlessly throughout the patient lifecycle to create a highly automated workflow that combines the benefits of both tools. (Integrates with PatientNow EMR NexTech EMR & PM = Practice Management Software EMR=Electronic Medical Record)So this powerful tracking system is extremely effective when combined with Reputation Marketing and the value of all your marketing efforts. 6. Implementing promotional marketing to upsell and cross sell your new or existing patients. Now we talked about this earlier with having a drip email system in place for new leads. So when a possible new patient is riding the fence and reading reviews over the phone is not enough to get them to make an appointment. I encourage your staff to explain to them that you would like to email them some more information about the specific procedure they are interested in. Now I will set up a custom 5 email campaign series called a drip email strategy. This system is designed to automatic drip feed information and glowing 5 star reviews to the potential patient and entice that patient to call and make an appointment and then upsell or cross-sell them to another procedure. Now what about existing patients. We need to reactivate your exiting patients so I work with you to get a special offer together to promote an existing or new procedure via email, mobile, direct mail and promotional sites like Yelp, Google Offers, Foursquare, Facebook, Etc. Now can see how important tracking is?
  • Strategy #4  Create a Reputation Marketing Culture inside your Practice… So here's the question. We expect your staff to give first-class service to every single one of your patients, right?Ok so what’s the planto inspire your staff to give first-class service to those patients and get raving reviews and referrals? … What I want to do is actually build a reputation marketing culture so all of your staff are on the same page. So what's the plan? … … The plan is to build a personalized reputation training center. An educational training center for every single staff member so they can go and understand and learn what reputation marketing is. And more importantly, the way that they treat the patient today is the reason that we’re going to get a new patient tomorrow. Because you're always one patient away from getting a bad reputation online. And your entire staff needs to know that. So, I’ll make sure that your entire staff understands by developing a personalized reputation training center for them. They will be able to login, watch the training videos and see what reputation marketing is all about. Next I’m going to make sure that they’re really on your page and making sure that they’re focused on giving first-class customer service, I will give them a quiz at the end of the video series. They will take the quiz and I’ll score them. Next I’m going to send those results directly to you so you can see what part of your staff really understands reputation marketing and making sure that again, the way they treat the patient today and how great of an experience they have, is the reason you're going to get the next patient in the door.Now for the staff members that did not do so well on the quiz, they will be able to retake the quiz because we don't really care how many they get wrong. We just want to make sure they're getting the right answers and they get the concepts correctly.I want to really change your culture and make a difference. More importantly, I want to help a Medical Practice that really provides great service and procedures build that five-star reputation and be able to create a great reputation marketing strategy.Next we will set up your lead tracking system.The tool is very easy to learn. When the account is ready, we schedule a 30 minute training session with your staff to not only train them on how to use the product but we also explain to them the benefits of using the tool and how it will simplify their work in the long run.Calls will be recorded and leads will be entered into the system. Your staff’s response time will be tracked so when a lead comes into the system they can call and respond immediately to that lead. (Studies show that calling an inquiry in 7 to 10 minutes is 72% more effective than waiting 30 minutes to convert a lead into a patient. We then set up a second session about 3 weeks later once they have used the software to teach them about some more advanced features. We also have a series of about 15 two-minute videos that they can watch at any time. 
  • So now let’s go over the RoI of a new patient. Tell me, how much you charge per Breast Augmentation? Now are you ever able to upsell or cross-sell them on any other procedures? If so, how much in general are you able to up- sell or cross-sell them? And to what procedure? Do you get a referral out of that patient?So let’s equal this up. Patient Value $3000 + $500 additional Fees + 3500 1 Patient Referral = $7000 Client Value
  • Your Reputation is the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new patients. As you can see every medical practice needs a marketing strategy. And I would be happy to help you put one together. For you Doctor______ your reputation is everything. It’s the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new patients. As you can see every medical practice needs a marketing strategy.
  • My Guarantee to you (Read Slide)
  • So please contact me either by phone or email if you prefer and I will research, create and deliver proven marketing systems that enhance your Reputation with a 5 star reputation, Reach more of your target audience, Resell your products and services to increase the lifetime value of each patient, and generate more Referral practice.Your Role will be toEngage with my team of experts; share your goals and challenges openly; provide me with information I need in a timely manner so that I can execute myservices and deliver swift results; and do your part to promptly capitalize on the interest generated by our campaigns.We will work together side by side to create a Reputation Marketing Culture for your practiceI look forward to working with you
  • So we have gone over what different strategies Reputation, Reach, Resell, Referral which needs to come into play to completely revamp your practice and the high search volume there is. 2,900 people search for St. Louis Plastic Surgery. Which is costing you as much as__________
  • Now we know right now that when a potential patient searches for you this is what they see and if they decide they want to become a patient.
  • So just bad reviews alone are costing you $______ each month. Let’s go over the numbers..(Read slide)
  • So here is the hard evidence for you Dr._______ Remember 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Read rest of Slide)
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  • Doctor______ your reputation is everything. It’s the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new patients. As you can see every medical practice needs a marketing strategy. It’s the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new patients. As you can see every medical practice needs a marketing strategy. And I would be happy to help you put one together. For you
  • So what I’d like to do is set up a meeting and go over all the details Next I will create a proposal on how you will dominate your market... and last create a contract if you would like. I do NOT require a contract however there are clients that prefer to have one. We will work together side by side to create a Reputation Marketing Culture for your practice. We will get together again in 30 days to review the progress and results.So what I’d like to do is take a few questions. So what questions do you have?
  • Thank you
  • Reputation Marketing Training

    1. 1. Company Company: Social Txt Map Presenter: Amy Zehr Logo 1
    2. 2. Social Txt Map• A full service, one-stop-shop provider of Medical SEO, & Internet Marketing Solutions.(No Problems Just Solutions)• Your medical marketing consultant• A medical SEO company who believes in under-promise and over-delivering.• A medical SEO company who has taken the time to understand which types of ideal patients (they generate the most profit and impact on the equity value of your practice) are in highest demand for each Medical Specialty I serve.• A medical SEO company that listens to your needs, goals and objectives in order to develop a full service, custom medical marketing solution.• A medical SEO company who always looks at my services from your perspective – as in "what would I do if I were in your shoes?” 2
    3. 3. 4 Marketing Strategies• Reputation• Reach• Resell• Referral• Practices massively grow by implementing and optimizing marketing systems in four critical areas. 3
    4. 4. R1: Reputation• 72%of U.S. consumers said they research companies through social channels before making purchases (Society for Communications Research) What are people saying about you? Reputations take a long time to build, but they can be badly damaged with just a few stray comments from unhappy patients. 4
    5. 5. R2: Reach• Did you know?• 95.91 % of all clicks occur on page 1 of Google, and the top three positions deliver 58.4 % of traffic. Do more people know about you today than yesterday? • Target your marketing efforts to the right audience • Get your name in front of more of the right prospects each day • Keep you front-and-center in the marketplace so you aren’t forgotten . 5
    6. 6. R3: Resell• “Would you like fries with that?” – most profitable cross-sell ever Are you maximizing the value of your existing patient base? It takes time, money and effort to acquire new patients. Why not capitalize on your investment by focusing on those who are already coming to you?!  Up sell new patients  Cross sell your complimentary products and services  Increase the average lifetime value of your patients 6
    7. 7. R4: Referral• 92% among 25,000 consumers surveyed, 92% trust online recommendations from people they know. – Nielsen• FACT: Referrals spend more, convert better and shop faster. But there’s a catch: Even if your patients love you, they’re not likely to recommend you to their peers unless you ask them to. I can help you create systems and campaigns that:  Generate more referrals  Get the good word about you spread virally in social media  Enhance your overall reputation in the marketplace You don’t need to passively wait for your patients to spread the word about your 7 practice
    8. 8. 2,900 Potential Patients Search For St Louis Plastic Surgery EVERY MONTHNow I Want To Show You Why You Must Start With Reputation 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. Question? Two Plastic Surgeons Are Identical One Has 10 Good ReviewsOne Has 3 Good Reviews & 1 Bad ReviewWhich Plastic Surgeon Would You Use ? 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. The Online MarketingGame Has Just Changed 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Game Changer #1• Dr. Michele Koo Review 14
    15. 15. Customer Reviews Are A Major FactorIn Almost Every Type Of Online Marketing 15
    16. 16. NONE OF IT WORKS ANYMORE! 16
    17. 17. Because Buyers Trust Reviews… 72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. Consumers Look Up An Average Of 10 Reviews Before Making A Decision“70% Of Consumers Trust A Business With A Minimum Of 6 – 10 Reviews” 19
    20. 20. Thousands Of Buyers With A 20
    21. 21. 21
    22. 22. 22
    23. 23. Bad ReputationNo ReputationGood Reputation5 Star Reputation 23
    24. 24. 1) Develop 5 Star Reputation (Reputation)2) Market That Reputation (Reach)3) Manage That Reputation (Resell)4) Create A Reputation Marketing Culture (Referral) 24
    25. 25. 25
    26. 26. 26
    27. 27. 27
    28. 28. You Expect Your Staff To Give 1st Class Service To Your Patients Right? So What’s Your Plan To Inspire and Educate Your Staff ? They Need To Know How to Give 1st Class Service To Your Patients, Get Raving Reviews and Implement Referral Strategies from your Patients ? 28
    29. 29. Reputation Marketing Is The Most Important Marketing 30
    30. 30. My Guarantee To You Guarantee: “My objective is to provide the absolute best services to your medical practiceand have a long term relationship with you. If youare ever not happy with my services, all I ask is tocontact me and let me know why and give me an opportunity to fix it. If, after that, you are still unhappy with my services I will refund whatever portion of your payment that you feel is appropriate.” 31
    31. 31. Amy Zehr 32
    32. 32. Reputation Marketing Is The Most Important Marketing 39
    33. 33. What’s Next?• So Let’s Get Started• I’ll Create a Strategic Marketing System Recommendation• I’ll Send You a Proposal Sign & Return• I’ll Send You the Contract Sign & Return• Do You Prefer To Use a Debit or Credit Card?• (Automatic Payments assigned cancel anytime) Let’s Set Up a Special Meeting To Discuss the Details I Really Like To Have Deep Long-Term Partnerships With My Clients So I will stay closely in touch with you or the person you would like me to stay in connection with We’ll Meet Again in 30 Days to Review Progress and Results. 40
    34. 34. Amy Zehr 41