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Textual Analysis


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Published in: Design, Entertainment & Humor
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Textual Analysis

  1. 1. Textual Analysis:<br />Mcfly<br />Transylvania<br />The Wanted<br />All Time Low<br />Written by Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, Ed Drewett<br />Written by Dougie Poynter<br />Producer – Jason Perry <br />Producer –<br />Steve Mac<br />
  2. 2. To the left is the music video released by The Wanted for there single “All Time Low” <br />To the right is the music video released by McFLY for there single “Transylvania” <br />
  3. 3. Lyrics: Lyrics help to establish a mood or sense of subject matter, rather than offering a rational meaning. Key lines or words may associate with the visual but on many occasions music videos done always illustrate lyrics. <br />The song Transylvania is completely different to the video “All Time Low” throughout the McFLY video it continually matches the lyrics.<br />“Anne Boleyn she kept a tin,Which all her hopes and dreams were in,She plans to run away with him, forever (never to be seen again)Leaves a note and starts to choke,Can feel the lump that's in her throat,It's raining and she leaves her coat in silence”<br />The song tells a story of horrific love, using Anne Boleyn the video goes with the Tudor theme with McFLY playing the majority of characters themselves.<br />Within the song ‘All Time Low’ the chorus goes<br /> “And if you knowHow do you get up from an all time lowI'm in piecesSeems like peace isThe only thing I'll never knowHow do you get upGet up”<br />This is the only part in the song where the video relates to the song, by having the boys in a dance routine where the boys get low as you can see in the 3rd image on the left.<br />The rest of the video consists of close ups and dance routines from the boys, this will help set a large female fan base for an upcoming boy band as the females get to see close ups of the boys and them all together as one. <br />This video is very “boy band” stereotype.<br />
  4. 4. Music: The Wanted – All Time Low<br />In the All Time Low video you don’t see any instruments , how ever the boys in the group dance and move along to the music beat.<br />The video is aimed to show of the boys so the targeted audience can take a close at the boys.<br />
  5. 5. Music: McFLY – Transylvania <br />Throughout the video it shows instruments drums, guitars, and a bass guitar, they focus on the band playing throughout the chorus, I think to make sure the viewer still knows they are a band that play their own instruments.<br />As well as them focusing on the music side they focus on the narrative part, where they match the video with the song being about “Ann Boleyn” and being called Transylvania the story matches perfect, including the band them selves dressing up in the 1500 style <br />
  6. 6. Camerawork: All Time Low <br />The camera work for both All time Low and Transylvania are very similar, both include a lot of close ups and a group shots.<br />The main Camera work for All time low consist of Close – Ups, Mid Shots and a few shots of the group them selves<br />The group shots consist of the boys walking to the beat of the music and showing of there physiques, while the close ups of the boys show off I feel there good looks, it also helps the “female fans” know which member is there favourite. <br />
  7. 7. Camerawork: Transylvania<br />Transylvania mainly has full length shots as there video is a story through out the video, how ever it consists of some close up to show the lyrics clearly on a band members face, as the lyrics tell a story.<br />As the video consists of a story telling it has many long shots and mid shots to help the story, so for the 4 minutes the viewer gets a great understanding of the video.<br />
  8. 8. Editing<br />Both videos consist of fast footage, where they flick between images, like an image fast-cut montage. Music Videos are an important advertisement to help sell the songs them selves .<br />McFLY Transylvania is edit to look like an old effect as if the video has been around for a while, they do this by having the video grainy and black and white, which matches the song perfectly.<br />How ever All time Low video is shot with colour with not a bold theme, the camera editing to show the boys in the best ways possible to help there female fan base grow.<br />When the camera cuts to new scenes or another image in the same scene it matches the rhythm of the song which makes it look seamless.<br />Through both videos there isn’t many special effects used however in McFLY’s video there is one point when it is just there faces singing with the other band members cycling around, there is also a part where Dougie is thinking about something and it appears above him as if he is imagining , the last main editing in the Mcfly video is a house which is a cartoon house which has thunder and lightening surrounding it, this helps give a creepy, weird feel as the house seems very old <br />
  9. 9. Intertextuality:<br />Both videos are completely different, they are both set in different era’s McFLY being 1500 and The Wanted 2010, with McFLY’s video was produced to have a story line which matches the song and All Time Low how ever does not.<br />McFLY has the story line of 2 lovers set in the 1500’s where in this case “Ann Boleyn” is looking for a lover, but doesn’t know what to do<br />‘Hey Ya’ has the story of a fictional band called ‘The Love Below’ and starts with the group backstage talking to the band manager who is played by Outkast’s second member. They are then seen performing the song while the audience dance and take pictures throughout while there are shots of people at home dancing along next to the TV.<br />‘Ain’t No Other Man’ is similar because it to has a simple story, Aguilera who plays ‘Baby Jane’ (reference to the movie ‘The Adventures of Baby Jane’) again a theme of fictional characters or personas in Barber’s videos, is getting ready backstage to perform the climax of the song in the bar. She is also seen being interviewed by the paparazzi and dancing in the hallway before coming onto stage.<br />‘Hey Ya’ particularly uses intertextuality because the idea of the video is based on a performance by The Beatles, the band have things such as the screaming girls and obsession from fans and viewers because it links to the Beatles and how popular they were.<br />