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Beethoven presentation


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test for beethoven

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Beethoven presentation

  2. 2. • Born December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany • First public performance at age 7.5 on March 26, 1778
  3. 3. Franz Josef Haydn Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. 5. BEETHOVEN’S LIFE WORKS: • 9 symphonies • 17 string quartets • 9 concertos • 32 piano sonatas • 10 sonatas for violin and piano • 1 opera
  6. 6. Beethoven’s Most Famous Works:  Bagatelle in A minor (“Für Elise”)  Symphony No. 5  Symphony No. 9 (“The Choral”)  Piano Sonata in C Minor (“Moonlight” Sonata)
  7. 7. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 1.Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770, in the city of Bonn in the country of Germany. 2.Beethoven gave his first known public performance on the piano at the age of 7.5 on March 26, 1778 . This was also the date on which he died.
  8. 8. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 3.His father told people that Ludwig was 6 years old, and so Ludwig always thought that he was 1.5 years younger than his real age. His father lied about his age because he wanted everyone to think his son was a child prodigy. 4.Beethoven continued his piano studies with some of the greatest musicians, including Haydn and Mozart.
  9. 9. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 5. One of his favorite foods was Macaroni & Cheese . 6. He always put 60 coffee beans in his cup of coffee. 7. Every time he sat down to compose music, he would pour lots of ice water over his head. 8. He was known more for his piano playing than for his composing when he was alive.
  10. 10. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 9. He owned 5 legless pianos and composed great works on the floor . 10.His increased deafness eventually put an end to his career as a pianist. Hearing aides had not yet been invented. A famous inventor made ear trumpets for Beethoven to help him hear better.
  11. 11. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 11.He composed many symphonies and performed in various concerts even after he had completely lost his hearing! 12.He would take long walks in the countryside for inspiration. His Pastoral Symphony is one result of his countryside ramblings.
  12. 12. QUICK FACTS ABOUT BEETHOVEN 13.Beethoven died in the middle of a violent thunderstorm on the same day he made his first public piano performance .