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Adventure genre analysis - A Level Media

Genre analysis for my A-Level Media class

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Adventure genre analysis - A Level Media

  1. 1. Adventure - Genre Analysis By Amy Wilkins
  2. 2. Adventure films and games are normally set in exotic places and desert islands. There tends to be a lot of action sequences, but they always take place in high places or at sea (showing the adventure genre.)
  3. 3. Characters Types There are three main character types in this genre.
  4. 4. The Protagonist The Protagonist is normally a male in his thirties. He usually carries an iconic weapon or wears something that sets him apart from the others. Usually, he gains a love interest within the first hour of the game/film and ends up getting together by the end. Sometimes, the protagonist is an outlaw, like Robin Hood, who tries to help for the good of everyone.
  5. 5. The love-Interest This character is normally just there to look pretty and win the affection of the protagonist. Of course, in certain cases (Elena Fisher – Uncharted) this isn’t what happens. She actually becomes useful, and helps the plot.
  6. 6. The Antagonist The Antagonist is normally tall and threatening. Also, they usually have an army who fights the protagonist and co. The end of the film normally ends in the antagonist's demise at the hands of the protagonist or some weird creatures that were introduced. Equally, though, a lot of adventure movies/games have recently used women as the antagonist. Not always men.
  7. 7. The Father/Mother - figure This character is one of the main ones. He or she acts as the voice of reason to the protagonist. Normally, there is a major accident involving this character, which makes the protagonist ‘lose his way’. However, this is usually solved. And everything turns out for the best.
  8. 8. The Comedy Sidekick This character is ALWAYS used, no matter what. Even in movies such as ‘Indiana jones’ and games like ‘Uncharted’. It is used for comic relief from a normally tense plotline. Unfortunately, this character is normally killed off by the end of the film, usually in a heroic fashion.
  9. 9. The Moral Compass This character is only in the films or games that the protagonist loses control. They need a character to calm them down again. This could be the protagonists child, or someone they trust, such as a best friend.
  10. 10. Adventure Sub-Genres There are 3 main sub-genres. These are:  Swashbuckler  Disaster Films  Historical Dramas All of these include the same major plot developments. They are all set on a desert island or in a jungle, and there is always something the protagnist AND the antagonist want to get.
  11. 11. Popular concepts  An outlaw fighting for justice on behalf of people who need it.  Dangerous situations the protagonist manages to get everyone out of.  PIRATES  A journey or a quest of some kind.  Protagonist discovering his identity. Or experiencing some sort of epiphany to set him/her on their way.
  12. 12. History The adventure film genre reached its peak of popularity in 1930s and 1940s Hollywood, with films such as these were in cinemas:  Captain blood  The Adventures of Robin Hood  Mark of Zorro This was also when stars such as Errol Flynn and Tyrone power were associated with the genre.
  13. 13. History part 2 At the same time as this, Saturday morning serials started using the same elements as big-budget adventure films. Also, at this time, the protagonist of almost every adventure film was male. They were courageous, often fighting for freedom and facing tyrants.
  14. 14. History part 3 Recently, though, these male protagonists have occasionally started being replaced by female heroines, Such as Lara Croft (in movies) and Ellie or Tess from The Last of Us (in games). These are usually smart mouthed, strong willed and not easily overpowered, even if they are portrayed as being not stronger than the male protagonists.

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Genre analysis for my A-Level Media class


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