Social Media Automation: Here's the Bad


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Automating certain aspects of social media can be helpful. But sometimes it can go extremely wrong. I presented on the negative aspects of social media automation at the SMX West Conference in San Jose yesterday.

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  • Matt Fisher’s sister died. She carried Progressive Insurance. The other insurance company paid out without fighting it, but guy was underinsured
  • Duane Forrester uses to send out tweets
  • Doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I liked the idea of a robot ostrich
  • Doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I liked the idea of a robot ostrich
  • Social Media Automation: Here's the Bad

    1. 1. Social Media Automation:The Good and the Bad Here’s the bad @amyvernon #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    2. 2. What Is Automation?“The technique of making an apparatus, aprocess, or a system operate automatically.” Merriam-Webster #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    3. 3. It doesn’t have to be bad #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    4. 4. Keep the human element• – If this, then • Triberr that. – Carefully curate the – Starred items from my “tribes” I’m in Google Reader are – Don’t automatically moved to my BufferApp share everything – Facebook photos I’m – Know whose content I’m tagged in are sharing, it sets the automatically schedule downloaded to my – Can have others Dropbox automatically share your content. #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    5. 5. Wasn’t this about the bad?OK, OK.How about this? #TheLabNYC Comic via xkcd #SMX #25A
    6. 6. Progressive Car Insurance #TheLabNYC Twitter snapshot via NY Observer #SMX #25A
    7. 7. Progressive basics• Matt Fisher wrote a Tumblr post• It was extensively reblogged and tweeted• Progressive set up an automated tweet to respond to all those tweeting the post.• Did I mention the tweet was too long and so was posted on Twitlonger? #TheLabNYC Research by Ann Marie Van Den Hurk #SMX #25A
    8. 8. Let’s Look At That Again #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    9. 9. What Went Wrong• Progressive looked uncaring• Progressive expected those it was tweeting to to work extra to get the full response.• Poor Flo. Her smiling mug just made the message even more insensitive. #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    10. 10. How Not To Use Triberr #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    11. 11. How Triberr Works• Join “Tribes” according to interest or friendships• RSS feeds of their sites or content stream in• Able to share content on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, G+, StumbleUpon& elsewhere directly from Tribal feed.• Automates scheduling to Twitter/FB/LI #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    12. 12. #TheLabNYC#SMX #25A
    13. 13. Doing it Right• You’re vetting the posts you share before approving• You’re following people you trust and so even if you approve an individual post first, you’re certain of the quality #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    14. 14. Danger Zone• “Atomic tribes” enable you to automatically tweet anything by the person whose tribe it is• Ease of approving posts for sharing means many share without reading.• Some people join any tribe they can and share everything without paying attention #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    15. 15. #TheLabNYCImage via Travelfish #SMX #25A
    16. 16. What about HootSuite?• Choose a site you love and would tweet out just about anything from• Stick in the RSS feed• Voila! (Side note: NOT Wala!) #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    17. 17. #TheLabNYCImage via Econsultancy #SMX #25A
    18. 18. Give a Hoot• Do you know you want to share EVERYTHING from a site?• What if sponsored posts are included in that feed?• What if your beloved covers a story days after everyone else? #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    19. 19. #TheLabNYCImage via TechnologyVehicles #SMX #25A
    20. 20. Takeaways• Use automation to streamline, not replace the human touch• Make sure you know what you’re sharing• In a crisis, be of the moment.• Don’t. Be. Stupid. #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A
    21. 21. Contact me #TheLabNYC #SMX #25A