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Digital University NYC

  1. 1. #DUNYC
  2. 2. What is Social Media?
  3. 3. What is Social Media?• Its media• All media is social• Easy to sharing• A way to build community• A way to interact with community• A two-way street
  4. 4. Using Social Media?• Think first of how YOU use it• Think of how your children use it• Use it in a way that makes sense• Be where your audience is, not where you want them to be• You want the candidates who are savvy about how they research schools.
  5. 5. Why is it used? • IMMEDIACY: “I tweeted and no one answered.” • • INTIMACY: “Someone with XYZ Corp. personally responded!” • • ATTENTION: “I just got into the MBA program of my choice!”
  6. 6. Whos Doing It Well? Top 10 U.S. "Social Media Colleges" Johns Hopkins - blog Harvard - Foursquare Notre Dame - mobile-friendly site Ohio State - mobile app Columbia University - social media directory University of Kentucky - YouTube Stanford - iTunes Louisiana State - Athletic social media directory U.S. Military Academy - dozens of Facebook pages University of Texas - 200+ Facebook pages & complete guidelinesAccording to Student Advisor
  7. 7. Whos Doing It Well? Top European MBA Institutions Esade: Blog updated approx 1x per week, no comments; Facebook, 2200+ fans; Foursquare, 169 check-ins Manchester Business School: Twitter, 1500+ followers; Facebook, 1700+ fans; LinkedIn, 2000+ followers; YouTube, 167 fans & 59K+ views Esmt:Blog updated regularly, no comments; Twitter, 614 follower; Facebook,5900+ fans; YouTube, 67 subscribers & 36K+ views; iTunes(inactive) Emylon: Twitter, 3K followers; Facebook, 4400 fans
  8. 8. By the numbers100% of the U.S. colleges and universities surveyed by the University ofMassachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research are using some sortof social media tool or platform.Percentage of these Admissions Offices using:• Facebook: 98%• YouTube: 86%• Twitter: 84%• Blogging: 66%• LinkedIn: 47%• Videoblogging: 47%• Podcasting: 41%• Message/bulletin boards: 37%• Foursquare: 20%2010-11 study by Center for Marketing Research
  9. 9. Fortune 100 numbers The Burson-Marsteller Evidence-Based Communications Group surveyed the Fortune Global 100 companies - 29 in the U.S., 48 in Europe, 20 in Asia- Pacific, 3 in Latin America. • 65% have Twitter accounts • 54% have Facebook fan pages • 50% have YouTube channels • 33% have corporate blogs • 79% are using at least one of the four • 20% are using all four2009-2010 Burson-Marsteller survey of Fortune Global 100
  10. 10. The students MBA candidates are getting a great deal of their information from online, especially social media sites, according to a 2011 QS Applicant Survey. And a lot dont believe schools are doing enough with social media, according to a 2011 MBATour survey. • 85% researched their school using social media • 63% of would-be students thought their schools efforts were insufficient • 14% were outright disappointed with the schools social media use Of those who got their information online: • 77% used Google • 22% used Facebook • 22% used LinkedIn • 13% used Twitter2011 QS Applicant Survey /2011 survey
  11. 11. Amy VernonDigital ConsultantTop female viral networker20,000+ twitter followers62,000+ Facebook Subscribers