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Student Stay Marketing Plan


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Published in: Marketing, Education, Business
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Student Stay Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Student Stay by Marriott Cracking into an untapped market Amy Stamm Brad Olin Michael Cantalupo
  2. 2. Mission Statement  To promote safe traveling practices to college students by providing welcoming, reliable, and safe short-term lodging in top European cities at rates students can afford.
  3. 3. Competitive Advantage  We will provide hostel services at a lower cost than comparable area hostels while maintaining a safe, clean and welcoming environment because our number one priority is promoting safe travelling practices.
  4. 4. Main Objectives  Non-financial  To develop a widespread reputation as a reliable and safe place for college students to stay when traveling in Europe.  To educate customers on safe traveling practices in general as well as in each hostel’s particular city.  To generate a sense of community among travelers staying in the hostel in order to encourage travelers not to explore the city alone.  To form partnerships with university study abroad/international student offices to educate students on safe traveling practices.
  5. 5. Main Objectives (Continued…)  Financial  To form partnerships with local businesses to decrease cost of running hostel by 10%.  To earn enough revenue to open a new hostel every 3 years.  To secure charitable donations or partial financial backing from at least one organization or person (such as Visitors Bureaus, area attractions or local philanthropists) in each city to which we plan to expand.
  6. 6. Why You Should Join Us  Benefits to Marriott  Good public relations because it shows that Marriott cares about safety in traveling  People who stay at StudentStay can be translated into general Marriott customers in a few years; good-will will create loyal customers
  7. 7. Why You Fit With Us  Marriott’s involvement in StudentStay would give credibility to our hostels, advancing our goal of making it easy for students to find reliable and safe hostels in which to stay.  Marriott has business connections in the international markets to which we hope to open hostels.
  8. 8. External Factors & Environmental Forces
  9. 9. Target Market  College Students (international and national)  Parent’s of college students  Possibly study abroad schools looking to cut deals for their students traveling abroad  All demographics  Age 18-25  All races  Aimed toward students in middle class (financial)
  10. 10. What Makes Us Different?  Safety  Affordable  Student discounts  Meet other college students  Customer service  List of activities for popular travel destinations  With contact information  Location  in a variety of different cities, customers know that they can trust our hostel chain.  Choosing a hostel when visiting a variety of cities is made easier
  11. 11. Connecting With the Customer  Psychological influences: Financial security (always low prices for the customers),  Situational influences: Easy to navigate website & excellent trained customer service  Sociocultural influences: Allows comments from past customers, connects to Facebook to inform customer which friends have used our service
  12. 12. Marketing Research
  13. 13. Understanding Our Target Market  Market segments  college students  traveling for pleasure  part of a study abroad program.  Limited income (if any)  Want low prices while not having to settle for quality.  Only design the bare minimum  the essentials  Sleep and directions for popular attractions  Cleanliness and maintenance efficiency
  14. 14. Positioning Statement  For students who want an inexpensive place to lodge  Don’t want to settle for cleanliness, customer service and quality of the facilities,  Student Stay by Marriott is the perfect place for students to lodge while they are exploring the amazing sites our world has to offer.
  15. 15. Introduction/Growth Stage  Advertising through Marriot  Introduce our new hostels.  We will claim how the Marriot hotels are clean and safe; “Student Stay matches your Marriott standards”  Educate our audience about our hostels and also create the message we want to be heard (clean, safe, and reasonably priced).  Growth  manage our price right, attract our student audience.  Therefore, increasing sales/revenue and creating ways for the hostel to grow.
  16. 16. Pricing Scheme  Hostel rates will change, fluctuating depending on city, day of the week, time of year and holidays.
  17. 17. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain  Transactional Intermediaries:,,  Channels: Direct Channel and Electronic Marketing Channels  Inventory: furniture, linens, hostel store stock  Reducing inventory costs: seek not-for-profit discounts from local businesses  Customer Service: dependability and convenience
  18. 18. Social Media Networks  Primary social media networks  Great for engaging people who like your brand, want to share their opinions, and have customer service questions  Great for monitoring programs to track what people are saying about your brand  A powerful tool to build my channel, to explain a complex product, and to brand our videos.
  19. 19. Content and Resources  Large assortment of video tutorials     “Things to Remember to Travel Safely” “Top 10 Places to Visit in Rome/Paris/Madrid” “How to Pack for your Weekend Abroad” “10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad”  Shared on ALL our social media networks  Will also be distributed to universities and other partners
  20. 20. Interactive Marketing  Context Fun, engaging design; easy to navigate  Content Hostel info; travel tips; Marriott messages  Customization User account  Connection link to Marriott site  Communication eBlasts, comment section on website  Community connect with other student travelers  Commerce make reservations directly from the website (student travel deals)