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How to find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill Them: Part 4 - Contract Staff Requirements


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This post has tips for businesses who do or want to contract with the Federal Government. It is the final piece in a series of four.

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How to find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill Them: Part 4 - Contract Staff Requirements

  1. 1. How to Find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill ThemPart Four: Contract Staff Requirements As Presented by Ginger Groeber President, For Next Generation Contractors Meetup
  2. 2. Contract Staff Requirements
  3. 3. Contract Staff Requirements• Understand the Parameters for Key and Essential Personnel• Determine Resume Needs and Format Early• Assess Vetting Process and Clearance Requirements• Determine Citizenship Requirements
  4. 4. Contract Staff RequirementsUnderstand the Parameters for Keyand Essential PersonnelWhen bidding on a contract, there will be specific instructionson the requirements for key and essential personnel. Ensure thatyour bid meets the requirements. If the government asks forspecific experience, the resumes need to contain that experience.For example, if they want an expert on SAP financial systems,then the applicant must have SAP financial systems experience.If the instructions on what to provide are unclear, use thequestion and answer time period to obtain clarity.
  5. 5. Contract Staff RequirementsDetermine Resume Needs and FormatEarly• Resume formatting is usually left to the last minute with primes and subcontractors scrambling to get their proposed candidate’s resume in the prime contractor’s format.• Get information early on the format and complete this part of the proposal response process early.
  6. 6. Contract Staff RequirementsAssess Vetting Process and ClearanceRequirements• Understanding the clearance process for your staff is important as you look for candidates to meet the requirements.• You should be able to tell the candidates you are recruiting the clearance process for the contract.• Some contracts require staff members to have a specified security clearance before the contract starts.• Obtaining high level security clearances take time and costs additional funds, so most contractors will look for candidates who already have the required clearances.
  7. 7. Contract Staff RequirementsDetermine Citizenship Requirements• Ensure that you understand the citizenship requirements of the positions on the contract.• If you are bidding on a contract that requires all staff to be US citizens, you can focus your review of applicants who are US citizens.• Understand the difference between legal residents and people who have student visas.• If a candidate is a green card holder, ensure you understand the requirement for them to keep their green card before you offer them a job.
  8. 8. Find more contracting tips