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How to Find the Right Contracts and the Right People to Fill Them: Part 3 - Assess the Talent Available


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This post has tips for businesses who do or want to contract with the Federal Government. It is the third in a series of four.

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How to Find the Right Contracts and the Right People to Fill Them: Part 3 - Assess the Talent Available

  1. 1. How to Find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill ThemPart Three: Assess the Talent Available As Presented by Ginger Groeber President, For Next Generation Contractors Meetup
  2. 2. Assess the Talent Available
  3. 3. Assess the Talent Available• Look for Federal Experience• Ensure Experience is in the Right Field• Look at Talent’s Relationships• Assess Talent’s Work Experience• Look at Talent’s Availability and Location
  4. 4. Assess the Talent AvailableLook for Federal Experience• When looking for applicants to fill contractor positions, the majority of the time you want to look for whether or not they have any federal experience, whether as a government employee or contractor.• Many government contracts in the services and staff augmentation environment are looking for contractors who can provide resumes of employees who have experience in the government environment.
  5. 5. Assess the Talent AvailableEnsure Experience is in the Right Field• The experience a government contractor brings to a contract must match the work to be performed.• There is a difference between private and public experience. Commercial accounting is not the same as government accounting. There are a number of fields that require the knowledge to be specific to the government work to be performed.
  6. 6. Assess the Talent AvailableLook at Talent’s RelationshipsWhen hiring employees or partnering with other companies, ifanyone has worked in the Agency where the work is located,what were their relationships with government employees whenthey left?While knowledge of an Agency is important, if there isn’t a goodrelationship to go with it, it’s a detriment. Ensure that anyonewho has worked in the same Agency or organization has noprohibition from doing the work.
  7. 7. Assess the Talent AvailableAssess Talent’s Work ExperienceAs a continuation of the assessment of potential contract staff, lookat the supporting work experience.• Is it at the right level? (Junior, Senior, Subject Matter Expert, etc.)• Do the duties performed satisfy the job requirements?• If systems or programs are involved, is the experience with the right systems or programs?
  8. 8. Assess the Talent AvailableLook at Talent’s Availability andLocationContracts are very specific about where work is going tobe performed and when the government wants the workperformed. Ensure that potential contract staff match — orhave the flexibility to adapt to — the requirements found in thegovernment terms.
  9. 9. Tomorrow’s Topic: Part FourContract Staff Requirements