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How to find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill Them: Part 2 - Assess Partner Relationships


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This post has tips for businesses who do or want to contract with the Federal Government. It is the second in a series of four.

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How to find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill Them: Part 2 - Assess Partner Relationships

  1. 1. How to Find the Right Contracts & the Right People to Fill ThemPart Two: Assess Partner Relationships As Presented by Ginger Groeber President, For Next Generation Contractors Meetup
  2. 2. Assess Partner Relationships
  3. 3. Assess Partner Relationships• Determine the Need for Partners• Look for Set-asides if Qualified• Ask Around about Potential Partner’s Relationships & Reputation• Determine if you will be a Named Partner• Ensure you have a Stake in the Game
  4. 4. Assess Partner RelationshipsDetermine the Need for Partners• Can you perform the work alone or would a partner add another dimension to the bid proposal?• In today’s contracting environment, agencies like to see a depth of capability. A strategic partner can assist in providing that depth.
  5. 5. Assess Partner RelationshipsLook for Set-asides if Qualified• Businesses that qualify for set-aside bids or direct awards should be looking for contracting opportunities in these categories. Go to the Small Business Administrations website ( and review the requirements for identification of your business as a small business, women owned, HUB zone, 8a and service disabled veteran owned business.• If you can’t perform the whole contract independently, look for partner.• Assess how any 51% Prime 49% Subcontractor performance percentages would be applied in a contract win.
  6. 6. Assess Partner RelationshipsAsk Around about Potential Partner’sRelationships & ReputationPerform due diligence in choosing a partner.• Ask around about how they are as a partner.• Ensure that they don’t overwhelm a small business and take work in their direction.• If they have bid on contracts for recompete, determine if they won and how.• If you are a subcontractor, ask about the prime’s payment schedule to its subcontractors.
  7. 7. Assess Partner RelationshipsDetermine if you will be a Named PartnerWhen asked to partner on a bid with other companies, ensure thatyou understand whether or not you are a named partner on the bidand the subsequent contract. If you are a named partner, you’ll havea significant reference for a past performance for future contracts.This is an issue for small consulting companies that could potentiallyonly have one person bid on the contract but are looking toexpand. This is also important for contracts with agencies that havesalary caps for individuals on a contract. As a named partner (orsubcontractor) there is a different calculation for companypayment.
  8. 8. Assess Partner RelationshipsEnsure you have a Stake in the Game• When developing a teaming arrangement with a partner, ensure that you have a guarantee of some of work when the contract is won.• A stake could be a specific proportion of the work or a dedicated segment of the work.
  9. 9. Tomorrow’s Topic: Part ThreeAssess the Talent Available