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How to Create a Multichannel Campaign Plan

This presentation is from the April 2, 2013 Philadelphia Net Tuesday event presented by Amy Sample Ward. To learn more visit

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How to Create a Multichannel Campaign Plan

  1. Best Practices to Build a Multichannel Campaign @RadCampaign
  2. Why is “multichannel” so important? @RadCampaign
  3. Mobile Facts to Know Fact: 5.2 Billion Mobile Accounts Worldwide Fact: 1 in 2 Mobile U.S. Subscribers Own a @RadCampaign
  4. Mobile Facts to @RadCampaign
  5. Mobile Facts to @RadCampaign
  6. Social Media Facts to Know Fact: Americans spend 25% of their time online on social @RadCampaign
  7. What to consider before creating your multichannel campaign plan? @RadCampaign
  8. Focus on Shared @RadCampaign
  9. Focus on Shared GoalsIdentify Hot Topics:• How did you become aware of our work?• Which of our programs/services/campaigns are you most interested in?• Would you like more information about any of our programs/services/campaigns to share with your friends and family?• What aspects of our work are you least interested in?• What do you think we should focus on together in the coming year? @RadCampaign
  10. Design for Distribution • First occupy camp started in New York City. • People posted and re-shared information about issues, actions, and personal stories on Twitter and Tumblr, live-streamed video on Vimeo, and shared pictures on their mobile @RadCampaign
  11. Design for @RadCampaign
  12. Cross-Channel PromotionOxfam’s Use ofQR CodesFor A Benefit Auction @RadCampaign
  13. 8 Steps to create a multichannel campaign @RadCampaign
  14. Creating A Multichannel Campaign 1. Identify Short-Term And Long-Term Goals.Solving World Hunger? Raising $25K to support local soup kitchen to distribute 300 meals to NO! homeless people in DC in Dec.? YES! @RadCampaign
  15. Creating a Multichannel CampaignExample: What goals will we achieve by raising $25,000 for the local soupkitchen?”Goal One: To illustrate that homelessness has risen 25% in our city over the lastyear, resulting in a rising demand for our free meals and job training services. Wewant donors to understand that every night there are lines of hundreds of hungrypeople outside of our door waiting for a hot meal.Goal Two:For every $50 donated, 25 homeless people will get a nutritious dinnerfor one week at our soup kitchen, beginning next week.Goal Three: For every $25 donated, our soup kitchen will provide computer-training classes to 10 people homeless people we are serving for one month.Goal Four: To tell the personal story of a soup kitchen volunteer who hasbenefitted from eating regularly at our soup kitchen and participating in our job-training program. @RadCampaign
  16. Creating a Multichannel Campaign 2. Identify Your TargetDo you have an advocacy target? Who are you supporters? Are they: • College students • Parents of toddlers • Environmentalists • Insert your supporters here @RadCampaign
  17. Creating a Multichannel Campaign3. Craft Your Core Message And Define The Messaging Hook @RadCampaign
  18. Creating a Multichannel Campaign Examples of Core MessagesExample One: Pink is Pretty, Breast Cancer is Not – a campaign by theNational Coalition of Breast Cancer aimed at deconstructing all of the pinkcorporatization of breast cancer.Example Two:The Golden Boob Awards: Exposing The Biggest Boobs Of All- a campaign aimed at exposing bogus products that claimed they could betterdetect changes in breasts or organizations that made false claims aboutgetting/curing breast cancer. @RadCampaign
  19. Creating a Multichannel Campaign 4. What Actions Do You Want People Take? @RadCampaign
  20. Steps to Creating Multichannel Campaigns 4. What 2 Key Actions Did NWF Want People To take? 1. Re-share NWF’s updated facts on the oil spill and its impact on @RadCampaign
  21. Steps to Creating Multichannel Campaigns 4. What 2 Key Actions Did NWF Want People To take? 2. Collect donations via multiple channels – email, website, text-to-give, checks, to get resources where they were needed to help wildlife impacted by oil @RadCampaign
  22. Steps to Creating Multichannel Campaigns 4. What 2 Key Actions Did NWF Want People To take? @RadCampaign
  23. Creating a Multichannel Campaign 5. Understand How Your Supporters @RadCampaign
  24. Creating a Multichannel Campaign 6. How Do Your Target Audiences Prefer To Get Info? • Direct Mail • Email • Texting • Social @RadCampaign
  25. Creating a Multichannel Campaign 7. Setup A Campaign Calendar • Email appeals and graphics. • Welcome series for new donors. • Website donation landing pages, graphical callout boxes, and homepage hijacks. • Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Advertising (on and offline) etc. • Social media strategies and messaging. • Text-to-give messaging if appropriate. • Fun interactives that don’t ask donors for money. • A/B testing which is to analyze two different versions of a webpage, appeal, or message to see which is more effective. • Segmenting for various channels • Thank you messages and fundraising campaign @RadCampaign
  26. Creating a Multichannel Campaign8. How Will You Reach People In Online Communities? • Niche blogs • Facebook/LinkedIn Groups • Online networks like Care2 or @RadCampaign
  27. What to consider for rolling out your multichannel campaign plan? @RadCampaign
  28. Roll-Out A Multichannel Campaign Launch Your Email Series Email 1: Tell the story of the overall campaign, lay out the campaign goals and the impact donors can expect to see from their action. Email 2: Update people on the campaign’s progress. Remind people of the story you shared in the previous appeal. Reinforce the message that you still need their help to make an impact and meet the campaign goals. Email 3: The final message is another update and one last ask for help to truly make that tangible impact and meet your @RadCampaign
  29. Roll-Out a Multichannel Campaign • Follow Your Campaign Calendar • Tailor Messaging To Each Channel • Segment Your List • Conduct A/B Testing • Promote Your Campaign • Measure the @RadCampaign
  30. Connect with us: Allyson Kapin: Rad Campaign, Women Who Tech Email: Twitter: @womenwhotech Rad Website: Women Who Tech: Amy Sample Ward: NTEN Email: Twitter: @amyrsward NTEN Website: Blog: @RadCampaign