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Nurse Powerpoint


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Nurse Powerpoint

  2. 2. THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND • TB solution EXPIRES 30 days after it has been opened. Keep track of this. You can put it in the calendar so that it isn’t missed.
  3. 3. CONTINUED • As a general rule of thumb…..any meds (other than pills) expire at 30 days of opening. This includes flu vaccines. • Make sure you are dating everything when you open it. Not just on the package but the actual container.
  4. 4. Diabetic Supplies • Any time supplies are ordered, they have to send safety sharps and safety needles. • You have to document all blood sugar results. • We cannot have “house stock” diabetic supplies. • If the pharmacy does not send safety supplies, call them.
  5. 5. Documentation • Initialing the MAR is mandatory. No holes can be in the MAR. Blood sugars need initialed, filled out, etc. If state finds a hole in the MAR for insulin or a blood sugar, they can issue an Immediate Jeopardy tag. • Daily MAR audits will occur. If there are holes, disciplinary action will occur.
  6. 6. Documentation Con’t • Any verbal order in the charts must have an MD or NP signature. If no signature, then no chart. Place in mailbox in med room that is designated for these. • On the MARs, the residents’ code statuses need to be on there. I hand wrote them in for July and I hope that Omnicare will put them on the August batch.
  7. 7. More Documentation • There are now forms called “72 Hour Observation”. • This form is used for a Change of Condition. (ie: s/p fall, 911 being called with refusal to be transported, generalized complaints with an assessment and no new orders. • The regular Nurses’ Notes are for anything requiring longer than 72 hour documentation.
  8. 8. Narcotic Count • All narcotics will be counted with the on- coming and off-going shifts every day. CNAs are witnessing in counting of the narcotics. • DO NOT forget to sign the count sheets.
  9. 9. Coumadins • Make sure you are keeping track of any Coumadin changes on the form that is provided. • This is critical to complete…….
  10. 10. Beginning in July • MARs and TARs will be in the same binder. • Our nursing staff will be responsible for completing the monthly weights and vital signs as we are no longer allowed to have hospice come in and do these. Our plan is to make an activity out of this. • All residents’ have to have a master signature log with their MARS. These will stay with them until they are discharged or deceased.
  11. 11. Nursing No-Nos • We are not allowed to draw blood. • We are in the process of getting Med-Lab to come in and do our blood draws. • KDH will no longer be doing our blood draws. • We will let you know when this transition occurs. • When a resident goes out for a visit and meds need to be sent, you have to send the entire cards, bottles, etc. No more individual doses in envelopes. • There is a form for this.
  12. 12. Nurses/ QMAs Please sign and date below stating that you have read and understood the content of this information. Detach this page and return to ALD. Name:___________Signature:______________ Title:__________ Date:__________