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Five Blogging Myths (From a Talk)


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If you are new to blogging for your business, what's stopping you?
Could it be one of these five popular myths about blogging?
Starting something new is always a daunting prospect but these slides, from a popular talk, share quick and actionable tips to get blogging, as I bust these popular myths.

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Five Blogging Myths (From a Talk)

  1. 1. 5 Blogging Myths
  2. 2. No-one reads blogs
  3. 3. 329 million daily blog views 82% of consumers enjoy reading blogs about their favourite brands
  4. 4. Aim for once a month minimum
  5. 5. I’ve got nothing to say!
  6. 6. You Run A Business! RUBBISH!
  7. 7. Write about what you LOVE!
  8. 8. I have to write a lot
  9. 9. I don’t have time…
  10. 10. We all have 24 hours… Manage your time
  11. 11. Put writing time in your diary, then show up! Show up with a positive attitude and you’ll learn to love that time. When you love something, you make the time.