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Post production


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Post production

  1. 1.  When filming the film, some of thelighting was quite dark which meant thatwatching the play back of the film wecouldn’t really watch it as it was so dark. However in order for our audience towatch his film, we had to adjust thebrightness, to make these scenesviewable.
  2. 2.  When editing our 2 minute film some ofour sound was really quiet which meantthat we had to improve it. We did this bydownloading sounds . The sounds we usedhelped improve the sound of the chairbeing thrown across the floor.
  3. 3.  We also used a range of different soundeffects such as the sound of floor boardscreaking. This helped make the film scarieras a stereotypical horror film uses creakingboards to help build up tension and makethe film jumpier. We also added in an old man laughing atthe end of our film. This sound effect helpedmake the film more scarier as there was noold man in the film which builds up the ideathat there is a ghost in the building. Also in atypical horror film there is usually a man aftera girl which makes our film a conventionalhorror.
  4. 4.  For our opening and ending we use A text.We used this so that it gave a clear plot/message to the audience, so that theywould know what is happening and also abit of background to the film. We wantedto use A text in the opening as it alsohelped build up a tense atmospherebecause the idea of two girls trying toprove that there is no such things as ghostsis bound to go wrong as it is something thata conventional horror story would do.
  5. 5.  When editing our video we decided to usea special effect which was bad TV. Wewanted to use this because it created moreof a mystery for the audience as they don’tknow what the ghost looks like which meantthat if we carried on filming it then theywouldn’t know who the ghost was. Also it played on the audiences fear of theunknown. This is because the audiencewould have been imagining something elseas they couldn’t see what the ghost lookedlike.