A summary of our trip to the Philippines through Tweets and YouTube


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Our March trip to the Manila on Rotary Group Study Exchange looking at housing and so much more.

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A summary of our trip to the Philippines through Tweets and YouTube

  1. 1. GSE 2013 District 1280 » 3780 Quezon City Manila
  2. 2. What is GSE?
  3. 3. “Welcome to Manila”
  4. 4. “Fantastic second day starting at 5am in Quezon City; a flag ceremony, meeting the mayor, appearing on UNTV and a second mall trip”
  5. 5. “Off to the National Housing Authority headquarters in QC – so much to see”
  6. 6. “Great to hear from the Quezon City planning dept about hsg projects – lots of similarities but bigger waiting lists with slums all over the city”
  7. 7. “Off to city hall and the urban planning department today. Then blazers on for the first presentation”
  8. 8. “National Housing Authority, tree planting and a much needed night out…”
  9. 9. “Off to play some Filipino games which according to my hosts need to remain a surprise”
  10. 10. “Fiesta at a housing project and gangnam style the Filipino way”
  11. 11. “Enjoying some invigorating herbal tea at the Chinese medicine office of Dr Bong in QC in slight deviation from housing”
  12. 12. “Another great housing project this morning able to withstand the 2009 flooding”
  13. 13. “Filipino govt: Windows 7, laptops, macs, and a presentation in an outdoor location not a problem. Definitely lessons to be learnt here!”
  14. 14. “Greening the Philippines „Mission Possible‟ presentation on the govt tree planting programme from the HQ in QC”
  15. 15. “Turns out I met the top person for housing in the Philippines today. Possibly should have had some better chat than jam jar accounts + #bedroomtax”
  16. 16. “Off to Boracay for a mid tour break. Some exciting challenges ahead”
  17. 17. “You can follow my fellow traveller Councillor Richard Silvester‟s experience at www.richardewsilvester.blogspot.c om”
  18. 18. “Am feeling like I deserve some sort of prize after working out how to connect to Filipino 3G and now their mysterious internet bundles”
  19. 19. “QR codes for more info on the stamp pictures. Great idea!”
  20. 20. “Off to meet the chairman of the MMDA. Better prepared this time with questions about their comms and app”
  21. 21. “@MMDA thankyou very much for showing us around today. You showed us some amazing work and we‟ve learnt a lot #rotary #manila”
  22. 22. “First lunch: burgers at the Special Action Force. Second lunch: Organic food at a farm in the hills”
  23. 23. “Just in case anyone thought I was having too much fun here I‟d like to let you know my alarm is set for 4am”
  24. 24. “Off to Baguio and defeat for Dan‟s van”
  25. 25. “Quote of the day from Richard on North Korea: „There‟ really no need for any of this‟ – could someone pass the message on?”
  26. 26. “Final preparations for the big presentation tomorrow..!”
  27. 27. “@JonL-BaH Thanks – luckily tech wise they‟re quite a bit further advanced than the UK so hopefully no issues”
  28. 28. “Our first presentation seemed to go down well despite the audio track in the video being out. Got a few hundred rotarians doing Zumba though!”
  29. 29. “Our last week off to a good start with a visit to @phoenixpublish #rotary #manila”
  30. 30. “Really interesting that Filipino children learn about govt depts, NGOS and #housing at 12. No wonder they think we‟re so badly informed”
  31. 31. “Loving our off the record #rotary nights out. Clubbing and personal security on the way to the toilet #welltakencareof”
  32. 32. “Last day in Quezon City looking good with visits to Seed Finance, the Red Cross, he immigration department and goodbye drinks #manila #rotary”
  33. 33. “Following my donations to @lendwithcare at SEED Finance”
  34. 34. It’s been more fun in the Philippines… Thankyou! http://youtu.be/buaKfBl2Wf4