Proposal for Outside Broadcast


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Proposal for Outside Broadcast

  1. 1. ProposalAmy Gadsby and Gemma Pryke
  2. 2. Aim• Our outside broadcast will be on the topic of religious education. The main question we will propose will be „why teach religious education to a mainly atheist society?‟. We will also focus on different topics related to religious education such as what amount of the population still practice religion, and the governments opinions on RE. There will also be voxpops of students opinions of RE in a school, and also a short interview with an RE teacher in a secondary school.• Therefore the aim of our outside broadcast is to inform and educate. This is because in the broadcast we hope to inform and educate the public on what the attitudes of religion are like in the UK, and also what RE is like in schools and people‟s views on RE being taught in school, and see if people still believe RE is an important part of a child‟s education.
  3. 3. Summary of content• Intro: In the introduction there will be an establishing shot of the school in which most of the footage will be captured with an accompanied voiceover. There will then be footage of students in this school in lessons and walking about the school establishing the main area in which RE is taught.• Main points: one of our main points is to explore the question „why bother teaching religious education to a mainly atheist society?‟ this will be posed by the presenter before transitioning into footage of people going into church‟s etc. There will then also be further exploration into topics such as faith schools and religion in the UK.• Quotes: most of the quotes used will be from MP‟s who have shared their views on RE to newspapers. Quotes will be used such as:• Stephen Lloyd MP –”In today‟s world where our children can be open to an enormous amount of misleading information I believe it is absolutely essential they are taught about different cultures and religions by trained, experienced RE teachers, allowing children to make informed choices,”• “In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, senior lecturers say a 45 per cent drop in the number of students being allowed to train as RE teachers will leave the subject being taught by untrained staff”
  4. 4. Summary of content• Interview clips: throughout the outside broadcast there will be voxpops given by students in a secondary school, and also adults from the public about their views on RE in school, and if it should be taught to a mainly atheist society. There will also then be a short interview clip from a RE teacher in a secondary school showing his views on RE and its importance to society.• Outro: after the interviews the news report will go back to the presenter where they will summarise the points made in the broadcast, and end once again with the main question of the broadcast and sign off.
  5. 5. Style of presenting• Formality: the broadcast will have a high level of formality and will be presented with sophisticated vocabulary as the broadcast is to be shown on the news.• Timbre: the volume at which the presenter speaks will remain constant throughout the broadcast and will be at a medium level, so that the audience can hear the information clearly. The pace of the presenters speech will also remain constant throughout the broadcast and be at quite a slow pace so that the audience can hear and understand the speech clearly. The tone of the presenter will also remain constant in the broadcast casting a calm persona so that the audience will be comfortable watching the broadcast, and because of the tone trust the information given.• Body language: the presenter will be walking towards the camera for most of the broadcast, or stood on the spot therefore hand gestures will be the most important feature of the presenters body language as they will articulate their speech with these hand movements. However, the presenter will also stand up straight to look professional and look like they are excited to be in that environment.• Dress code: during the broadcast the presenter will be in smart
  6. 6. Locations• The main location for most of the broadcast will be a local secondary school in which we will speak to students and teachers in the school about religion and religious education. There will also be some footage outside of the school show the establishing shot of where the broadcast is taking place, and also to speak to people outside of the school.
  7. 7. Additional footage• Additional footage that will be used are interview clips with people, and students of the public. Also an RE teacher in a secondary school as mentioned before. The cutaways that will be used will be footage of the presenter which will then transition into footage of children in classrooms etc. The presenter will continue to speak except in the form of a voiceover. Archive footage that we will use in the broadcast will be footage of people walking into church, and also children walking around their school and in their RE lessons.