Short Film Questionnaire Report


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Short Film Questionnaire Report

  1. 1. Amy LongworthShort Film Questionnaire - ReportI carried out this market research task to gather opinions of the target audience of my shortfilm so I am able to give the audience what they would like to see in order for my film to bea success. The opinions of students from college will allow me to create a general idea ofwhat appeals to my target audience and I can then put these ideas into making my shortfilm. Designing and using a questionnaire with multiple choice answers as well as answers thatthe reader can answer specifically allowed me to collect both quantitative and qualitativeresearch which I could then write into my report and turn into graphs. The qualitativeresearch came from questions such as ‘What is your favourite film?’ where the reader wasrequired to write an answer rather than tick a box. The answers I get from this question willbe recorded differently in my report to answers with multiple choice tick boxes. I can recordthese answers into graphs as qualitative data by counting the percentage of people thatticked each box.All of the people that completed my questionnaire were aged between 16-25 so this is thetarget audience for my film and the age group that I will be basing my ideas for the film on. Gender Male Female80% of the people who completed my survey were female, which means the majority of myresults are based on a female opinion. This will help me to determine the storyline of myfilm and I will choose a story that is likely to attract a female audience.
  2. 2. Amy Longworth How do you watch films? Cinema DVD Movie Channels Downloads Netflix/Lovefilm How many films do you watch per week 0 films 1 to 4 4 to 9 9+My research showed that a higher percentage of people watch films online than any otherway. This reflects on the change in media consumption and that the rise in the use of web2.0 technologies has resulted in less people watching films in traditional ways such as buyingDVD’s and going to the cinema. Watching films over the internet is less time consuming forviewers and easier and cheaper to distribute. Based on this research I will distribute myshort film over the internet and upload it to YouTube instead of copying it onto DVD’s forpeople to watch.
  3. 3. Amy Longworth Preferred Genre Horror Comedy Action Romance Sci-fi OtherMy questionnaire results show that the most preferred genre for my target audience wascomedy. To make my short film successful I will include stereotypical conventions of acomedy so that the audience get to see what they are expecting to see. This will create apreferred reading for the target audience. However, I will also include conventions of aromantic film to create a hybrid-genre. This could create a negotiated reading for theaudience as they may not accept both genres however it could make the film moresuccessful which is more likely to happen because the second most preferred genre aftercomedy was romance. How much would you be willing to pay for a DVD? £4-£8 £9-£12 £13-£17 £17+
  4. 4. Amy LongworthBased on who my film is targeted at, I would keep the cost of my short film quite low andsell it for no more than around £6. From the information that I gathered from myquestionnaires, I figured that this is a price that my target audience would be willing to payfor the film. However, based on the information I found when researching the most popularway of consumption within my target audience, streaming the short film online would becheaper for distribution and consumption. Narrative Linear Non-linearWhen the structure of a film was explained to my target audience/the people completingthe questionnaires in terms of a linear or non-linear narrative, most people decided thatthey prefer to watch films that have a linear narrative. This means that the events of thefilm run in chronological order with no flashbacks etc. However, to make a rom-com successful I have decided that a non-linear narrative wouldbe more effective by using flashbacks for commentary to add comedy. The target audienceprefer a linear narrative so using a non-linear narrative could create an oppositional ornegotiated reading. However, using commentary of a main characters thoughts and feelingswould create a sense of personal identity for the audience with them being able to relate towhat is happening in the film. This will follow Blumler and Katz theory of Uses andGratifications which could keep the audience drawn to the film and bring back a preferredreading.
  5. 5. Amy Longworth Ideal Short Film Length 10-15 mins 15-45 mins 45-90 mins 2 hours 3 hours+I based the research to be specific to the film that I would be making. I predicted that mostpeople would like the film to be no longer than 15 minutes taking into consideration that itis a short film. My research proved this and as a result my film will be no shorter than 10minutes long but will last no longer than 15 minutes. Preffered Ending Happy Tragedy Cliff hangerThe results from my questionnaire show that the majority of people within my targetaudience prefer to watch a film that has a happy ending. I have planned for my film to be arom-com therefore this is the ending I was aiming to have. This gives the audience whatthey want and what they are expecting to see and will hopefully ensure it creates apreffered reading.
  6. 6. Amy LongworthWhat is your favourite film and what genre does it fit into?- The Notebook x2 (romance)- Dirty Dancing (romance)- Pan’s Labyrinth (drama)- The Beach (adventure drama)- Elf (comedy)- Big Daddy (comedy)- One Day (romance)- Step Brothers (comedy)- No Strings Attached (rom-com)- Friends with Benefits (rom-com)This question was qualitative research on my questionnaire. It helped me to get a more in-depth idea of exactly what films my target audience are interested in rather than just askingwhat genre they prefer. These results show that comedy and romance are preffered by thepeople I asked therefore this has helped me to determine the genre of the film I am going tomake. I will watch clips of short films within the same genre and clips from some of the filmsabove to give myself an idea of what to include in my short film to create a prefferedreading for the audience.EvaluationCarrying out questionnaires and then using both qualitative and quantitative data to writeup a report has helped me to gain a clearer idea of what I am going to include when I createmy short film based on what the audience want to see. I think if I was to carry out this task again, I would have chosen the genre beforehand andthen based the questions I asked people around that specific genre so that I had a moredetailed idea of what people expect from only one genre. Fortunately, my target audience gave similar answers so that I had enough data todetermine the genre of the film and an idea of what the audience expected to see. This hashelped me out when planning my short film and I will carry out further product and marketresearch in order to make the film as successful as it can be. If I spend enough time onresearching audience needs and expectations within the genre I have chosen, hopefully Iwill create a successful short film.
  7. 7. Amy Longworth