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Short Film Questionnaire


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Short Film Questionnaire

  1. 1. Short Film QuestionnaireGenderMale FemaleAge16-25 26-31 32-40 40+OccupationFull time Part time Unemployed StudentWhat is your preferred film genre?Horror Comedy Action Thriller Romance Sci-fi Other:How many films do you usually watch each week?None 1-4 5-9 9+How do you watch films?Cinema DVD TV Movie Channels Internet Downloads Netflix/LovefilmHow do you prefer a film to end?Happy ending Cliff hanger TragedyDo you prefer a linear (chronological) or non-linear (goes back/forward intime, flashbacks etc.) narrative?Linear Non-linear EitherHow long would your ideal film last?10-15 mins 15-45 mins 45-90 mins 2 hours 3 hours +What is your favourite film and which genre does it fit in to?Please state: