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Front Cover Analysis


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Amy LongworthMedia Portfolio NME magazine targets an indie/rock audience and the age range varies from around 16-30. This is because of the artists and the style of music that the magazine features. For example, Noel Gallagher is the main image on the cover of this magazine and will appeal to a younger audience because of his recent solo career but it will also appeal to a slightly older audience because of his role in Oasis. The masthead of the NME magazine is in the primary optical area and follows the house style of the writing being in bright red. This bright colour catches the readers’ eye but also portrays the style of music as loud rock.There is house style of red, white and black writing in a sans serif font. This shows the informality of themagazine which would also attract a younger audience. The Guttenberg design principle is used on the front cover of this magazine and divides itinto four sections. The masthead is in the primary optical area (top left) because this is seenas the first place a reader will look when they pick up the magazine. The masthead is usefulin this corner because straight away the reader recognises the magazine. In the strongfallow area of this magazine (top right) an image of another band which star in the magazineis used. This is useful because it shows the reader other information other than just themain cover star. The weak fallow area (bottom left) consists of a barcode. This is because itis not a main focal point for the reader therefore less important information is put there.This is a well-designed magazine cover as there is very little text in both the weak fallowarea and the terminal area. This is because these areas are not seen as a strong vocal pointto a reader, therefore information in these areas would be less effective. The main image ties in with the lead article. The way that Noel Gallagher is dressed all inwhite with white surrounding him and a shadow behind him represents the cover line ‘NOELSTARTS OVER’. The colour white is linked with innocence/death. ‘Starts over’ representsinnocence as if Noel is leaving his past and anything bad he may have done behind andstarting again. Considering he has taken up a solo career, white could represent the death ofOasis and a fresh start for him. The shadow behind him could represent that he is startingover and his old ways are just a shadow in the past in which he has put behind him.
  2. 2. Amy LongworthMedia Portfolio The majority of the lead article is set in the left third of the front cover, over Noel’sshadow in the background. The writing is in a large font and the colours stand out againstthe background as they follow the house style of red, white and black. The white writingused for the lead article is the only place where this same font is used in white on the page.This makes it stand out more and attracts the reader to reading the lead article. The shortquote from Noel Gallagher that NME have used as the cover line is effective enough tointerest the reader.The more important cover lines are set at the right side of the magazine cover and arewrote in a larger font than the cover lines at the very top/bottom of the page. This isbecause these are the articles in which the reader will be more interested in therefore theyare made to stand out more.Mixmag magazine targets aslightly older audience thanNME with the average ageof Mixmag readers beingaround 24 years old. Thismeans this magazine targets20-30 year olds. Themajority of Mixmag readersare male which isrepresented by the dark,simple colours on this frontcover. As Mixmag is quite anexpensive magazine, mostof its readers only read thismagazine and do notpurchase others. Thismagazine featuresurban/dance music. The masthead uses thesame font on each issue ofthe magazine so that it isrecognisable by readers andgives continuity. The
  3. 3. Amy LongworthMedia Portfoliomasthead spreads right across the top of this magazine cover therefore stands out andattracts the reader to the magazine. The colour of the masthead follows the house style ofthis cover which is white, black and gold. These are the only three colours used on the coverand relate to the genre of music that this magazine features. The black background couldrepresent the darkness of a nightclub where this sort of music would be played, while thewhite and gold could show bright lights. The Guttenberg design principle isn’t followed very well on this magazine. Both theprimary optical area and the strong fallow area are taken up by the masthead alone. This iseffective in a way because it is what the reader is most attracted to however they could bemade better use of by leaving the strong fallow area for different information. The weakfallow area has no writing in it which is ideal however cover lines are written in the terminalarea. As the reader isn’t attracted to the terminal area, it isn’t a convenient place to write acover line. As it is the only kind of image on this cover, the main image is the insect shape outlined onthe left side of the cover. This isn’t really effective and has no relevance to the title/genre ofthe magazine. The lead article is set in the centre of the page and the font follows the house style. Theblack and gold writing on the white background means it stands out against the blackbackground of the cover. The most important words are in the largest font. This is because‘DANCE ACT’ is interesting to the reader as it is linked to the genre of music that themagazine is based on. Having these words in a larger font make it appealing to the reader asit is a main focal point and encourages them to carry on reading. The cover lines are set to the right side of the page below the leading article. This isbecause they won’t appeal to the audience as much therefore are set below the moreimportant information. Some of the cover lines are wrote in the terminal area, which isn’t aseffective as it could be as this is the least attractive area of the page to the reader, meaningthese cover lines will be the last thing they notice.