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Analysis of 3 Film Reviews


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Analysis of 3 Film Reviews

  1. 1. Amy Longworth Media Film Reviews Rule of thirds (Guttenberg design principle) is used because the character is close to the centre of the page. This tells the audience that he is the main character.Film credits – gives audiencemore information on whomade the film, when it isreleased etc. Gives publicity More information about the film, written in bullet points, catches the reader’s eye The text itself is the main focus of the article. Gives an Fire and sparks is a genre insight into the film e.g. plot, characters etc. and convention. Indicates that this is persuades the reader to go and watch the film an action movie and attract the target audience
  2. 2. Amy Longworth Media Film Reviews Image gives the audience an idea of the genre of the film. Man laughing with a teddy on the bench shows that this is going to be a comedy film. Attracts the aimed target audience.Attracts the target audience again, synopsis ofthe film tells the reader what the film is going tobe about. Helps the audience decide if theywant to watch the film.Film credits tell the audience who is in thefilm, who it is made by, when it is releasedetc. This could attract the target audience; There is an informal balance of text andthey may be interested in watching the imagery. This shows that the review isfilm because they like other films the more formal and could be aimed at theactors have been in before etc. target audience. Even though the film is a comedy, it could be aimed at an older audience.
  3. 3. Amy Longworth Media Film Reviews Image objectifies this character as a sex object. Gives an idea on what the film will be about, male dominated.Images and text attract female attention Film credits, gives details of film release date, producers, actors etc. May attract audience if they have seen previous films with the same people. Text shows informality of the review which could give away the Synopsis of the film tells the audience genre. Sans Serif shows informality, what the film will be about. Builds gives away the genre of comedy. target audience.
  4. 4. Amy LongworthMedia Film Reviews