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Healthy Mind


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Presentation opens with this video by XVIVO Scientific Animation:
and closed with Jason Silva's the Biological Benefits of Awe:

Talk given by Amy Robinson at Redstone Federal Arsenal on Aug 22, 2012 about how to build a healthy mind. Original slides reformatted with added text to make presentation more slideshare friendly.

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Healthy Mind

  1. 1. Healthy Mind Amy Robinson | Creative DirectorImage Source: TEDxAmsterdam Sterling Health
  2. 2. What is a mind?
  3. 3. Image Source: Onformative
  4. 4. The ConnectomeCourtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging and Martinos Center for BiomedicalImaging,
  5. 5. Connects specialized brain regions allowing for higher cognitive function.Courtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging and Martinos Center for BiomedicalImaging,
  6. 6. Your knowledge and thoughts, hopes and dreams are neural connection networks.Courtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging,
  7. 7. Isolated NeuronImage Source: Michael Colicos
  8. 8. Neuron Cell Bodies in Cerebral Cortex Mind StrongImage Source: Jeff Lichtman, Harvard University
  9. 9. Cerebral Cortex LayersImage Source: Tamily Weissman, Harvard University
  10. 10. 80% of Genetic Expression Diversity Occurs in the BrainImage: Nerve Growth Factor, Molecules iPad App
  11. 11. Growing AxonsImage Source: Albert Pan, Olympus BioScapes
  12. 12. Mind Strong Myelinated AxonsImage Source: Dawen Cai, Josh R. Sanes, Jeff W. Lichtman, Harvard U.
  13. 13. Image Source: UMPC Cross-section of Myelinated Axon
  14. 14. Use it or lose it.Image Source: UMPC
  15. 15. Image Source:Dr. Vonda Wright, UPMC
  16. 16. Growing NeuronImage Source: Richard Klemke, UCSD
  17. 17. Relax
  18. 18. Stress leads to atrophy and loss of neurons.Source:
  19. 19. Stress-induced neural atrophyImage Source: Supplement 23: Handbook of Physiology, The Endocrine System, Coping with the Environment:Neural and Endocrine Mechanisms
  20. 20. Environmental stimuli induces growthImage Source: Johansson and Belichenko (2002)
  21. 21. Stress decreases integrity of white matter.Source:
  22. 22. White matter connectivity underlies every complex cognitive process.Courtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging and Martinos Center for BiomedicalImaging,
  23. 23. What’s good for your neurons?
  24. 24. Source: Internetz
  25. 25. Happiness Positive impact: • Neuroendocrine • Inflammation • CardiovascularSource: Andrew Steptoe et al. 2005, PNAS
  26. 26. PerspectiveImage Source: InstantShift
  27. 27. The Yale Smoothie Study 140 cal 380 cal 620 cal “sensible” “average” “indulgent”Source: Yale University Center for Clinical Investigation
  28. 28. 140 Calorie Group • Participants were less full • Bodies released less ghrelin, hormone regulating appetiteSource: Yale University Center for Clinical Investigation
  29. 29. 620 Calorie Group • Participants were more full • Bodies released more ghrelinSource: Yale University Center for Clinical Investigation
  30. 30. The surprising part?
  31. 31. All the smoothies had the same number of calories.
  32. 32. Perception influences physiological response in body as well as mind.Source: Yale University Center for Clinical Investigation
  33. 33. Cognitive Appraisal:Subjective assessment of situationaldemands and available resources.
  34. 34. Exhibit AImage Source: Daily-Diabetic
  35. 35. Exhibit BImage Source:
  36. 36. Threat vs. Challenge
  37. 37. Sleep
  38. 38. fMRI of Non-REM versus Deep (REM) SleepImage Source: Journal of Human Brain Mapping
  39. 39. Rats allowed to sleep but deprived of REM were dead in 33 days.Source: Rechtschaffen et al (1983)
  40. 40. During Sleep: • Growth hormones are released • Neurotransmitters are synthesized • Protein breakdown in cells slows • Toxins removed • Long-term memories are formedSource: NIH
  41. 41. Hydration
  42. 42. Your Brain is 60% Water
  43. 43. Dehydration causes shrinkage. Diameter of an axon is directly related to signal transduction capacity.Source: UCSF
  44. 44. Dehydration: • Slows Neuron Processing Speeds • Impairs Short-Term Memory • Attentional DeficitsSource: UCSF
  45. 45. Micronutrients
  46. 46. Feed Your Growing NeuronsImage Source: Yale Univeristy
  47. 47. What food has thehighest nutrient value per calorie?
  48. 48. Kale: Highest Nutrient Value per Calorie of All Known FoodsImage Source: Yale Univeristy
  49. 49. Healthy GutThere are more non-human cells inyour body than human ones.
  50. 50. 100 Trillion BacteriaResponsible for nutrient absorption andinfluence production of hormones likeSerotonin, 90% of which is in gut.
  51. 51. Make your mind epic. Exercise Relax Laugh Be Happy Shift Perspective Sleep Hydrate Eat Well and one more..
  52. 52. Experience Awe Image by bpitman12 on photobucket
  53. 53. Biological Benefits of Awe: • Expands perception of time • Increases patience • Boosts decision making ability • Boosts well-beingImage Source: Stanford GSB
  54. 54. [Jason Silva Video]
  55. 55. Exercise Relaxation Laughter Happiness Perspective Healthy Mind Sleep Hydration Nutrition AweImage Source: TEDxAmsterdam
  56. 56. Healthy Mind Amy Robinson | Creative DirectorImage Source: TEDxAmsterdam Sterling Health