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Innovative Teacher Housing


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Published in: Education, Business
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Innovative Teacher Housing

  1. 1. Innovative Teacher Housing November 19, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • Welcome & introductions • Review of process & ground rules – 5 minutes • Presentation – 25 minutes • Similar successful projects • RFP process • Station process - 60 minutes • What’s next?
  3. 3. Ground Rules • There will be multiple opportunities for input • Everyone can help the facilitator keep on task and on track • The meeting will end no later than 8:00 p.m. • All ideas are good ideas • This is about possibilities for the project as detailed in the RFP • All data will be collected and reviewed • Issues not specific to the RFP for teacher housing should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent for follow-up • Developers or would-be respondents to the RFP: • Please respect the process by not participating in feedback and sharing any questions in writing as requested in the RFP
  4. 4. Innovative Teacher Housing Background • MPS is hiring hundreds of teachers • Most are single adults looking for support system in new community • City Year, Teach for America partnerships • Millennial educators need affordable, comfortable housing • 62% prefer mixed-use housing • 52% like pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods • 55% want to be close to public transportation • GMC Teachtown initiative
  5. 5. It’s been done before Baltimore, Maryland • Two abandoned, but structurally sound buildings • Refurbished into desirable housing • Near public transportation, shopping, restaurants • Amenities • Gym • Restaurant • Lounge areas • Copy room
  6. 6. Baltimore, Maryland
  7. 7. Baltimore, Maryland
  8. 8. Baltimore, Maryland
  9. 9. Impact in Baltimore • Spurred economic development and neighborhood revitalization • Provided teachers with peer-support community • Teachers report living in teacher housing made their jobs easier • Ninety-seven percent of those living in teacher housing wouldn’t live anywhere else
  10. 10. What about Milwaukee?
  11. 11. Jackie Robinson Senior Housing • Former middle school • Community input process • Indicated desire for senior housing • Private development by local developer • All units rented – current waitlist
  12. 12. Jackie Robinson Senior Housing
  13. 13. Jackie Robinson Senior Housing
  14. 14. Why Bay View? • Bay View offers: • Vibrant, safe neighborhood • Walkable business district • Access to public transportation • Converts vacant, unused space into vibrant housing with professional neighbors • Places the units back on the tax rolls, supporting the City of Milwaukee and local taxpayers • Survey of new teachers showed Bay View is a desirable neighborhood
  15. 15. Why Dover?
  16. 16. Why Dover?
  17. 17. Why Dover?
  18. 18. Request for Proposal (RFP)
  19. 19. Property Sale Principles & Goals • Public property available to public • Fair process/consistent • Balance city-wide goals and neighborhood concerns • Don’t sell on speculation/performance required • Expand City Tax Base & Increase Revenues • Protect Historic Assets • Revitalize the City & Neighborhoods • Promote Quality Design – Building & Site • Promote Sustainable Development
  20. 20. Neighborhood benefits • Continued shared parking space with St. Lucas Church and School • Compatible with existing residential property in the area • Landscaped green space and community space • Continued use of playground by St. Lucas and the community
  21. 21. RFP Project Requirements • Convert building to provide multi-family housing targeted for teachers with an emphasis on market-rate, but affordable units • A marketing strategy to allow a mix of teacher experiences is encouraged • Possible additional housing units along Dover and Potter that are compatible with the neighborhood • Common areas to foster resident interaction and collaboration • Centralize parking to minimize adverse neighborhood impacts
  22. 22. RFP Project Requirements • Attractive landscaping with vegetable and rain gardens in the existing green space • Retention of the existing tot lot for public use • Maintain partnership with Saint Lucas Church for use of playground and parking areas • Replace chain link fencing with decorative metal fencing • Increase the City’s tax base • Meet the City’s SBE policies
  23. 23. RFP Timeline • Last day for questions • Proposals due • Committee meetings • Board approval • City timeline
  24. 24. Review & Selection • Goal achievement for teacher housing and peer collaboration • Financial viability of proposal • Housing mix that maximizes market-rate units and is compatible with the neighborhood • Expertise of the development team with an emphasis on rehabilitation/adaptive reuse experience • Quality and attractiveness of renovations and site improvements • Tax base to be generated • Compliance with SBE goals • Extent of sustainable or green elements • Offering price
  25. 25. Station Options
  26. 26. Innovative Teacher Housing November 19, 2013