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You! Now New & Improved


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Over 70% of employers research prospective employees on social media - and you'd be surprised
on what they really want to see. Get the answers on what they really want and how you can actually use Twitter,
Linkedin, Facebook, and blogs to get the job. In addition to enhancing career opportunities, develop your
network to build an amazing network of professionals that can provide insight, advice, and share resources.
Learn about how this can benefit both the new and seasoned professional from two housing rock stars (from
opposite sides of the country) that met through Twitter.

Presented by Dr. Ray Gasser & Amy Jorgensen at the ACUHO-I Business Conference 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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You! Now New & Improved

  1. 1. Now New & Improved
  2. 2. @AmyLJorgensen@DrRayGasser WELCOME
  3. 3. I’m eating #bacon I “like” bacon I am skilled at eating bacon I write [blogs] about bacon Watch me eat my bacon This is where I eat bacon Here is a bacon recipe I take cool pictures of bacon I work at Google and eat bacon SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLAINED
  4. 4. PERSONAL BRANDING The way we market ourselves to others
  5. 5. PERSONAL BRANDING HIRING • Be genuine • Display interests • Be professional • Illustrate qualifications • Be creative • Show communication skills • Have references
  6. 6. PERSONAL BRANDING HIRING Pre-screen Candidates Reject applicants due to posts
  7. 7. PERSONAL BRANDING YOUR NICHE What sets you apart from the crowd? How it can help others?
  9. 9. THE PLAN YOU
  10. 10. THE PLAN ROI
  11. 11. @AmyLJorgensen@DrRayGasser QUESTIONS?