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Blogs Worldwide: 450+
 Create a design that compliments your other social
media platforms.
 Blog about your...
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Sweet Personal branding for U-M WISA Chapter (handout)


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handout with details used during a presentation on personal branding for Women in Student Affairs at the University of Michigan.

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Sweet Personal branding for U-M WISA Chapter (handout)

  1. 1. BLOG Blogs Worldwide: 450+ Million  Create a design that compliments your other social media platforms.  Blog about your defined niche and promote!  Avenues: Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, etc. PERSONAL BRANDING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Social media tools have the tremendous power to put you in contact with thousands of people. In order to build your online brand you need to know all of the possibilities, as well as how all of your activities are working together. It is important to be consistent so that each part of your social media network is contributing positively to the brand you are trying to build. HELP! Personal Branding FACEBOOK Users: 900+ Million  User your cover photo to show off your personality.  Keep your work and education history up to date and relevant.  Add milestones and experiences that further enhance your image.  Customize your privacy settings and hide past content that is unfavorable (or delete it!). TWITTER Users: 140+ Million Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, allowing you to share updates with your followers in 140 characters or less. It is a great way to share content about your interests and industry. You can search just about anything you are interested in and join conversations in real time, find the latest news, and connect to users with similar interests.  Update a professional background & profile photo  Follow others!  Check out: @WISA_KC @WLSalt & @SAChat LINKEDIN Users: 150+ Million Linkedin is a business-oriented social networking site. Users can join and follow groups and companies. A user’s profile allows them to connect with people in their network and helps build their professional brand.  Update your information frequently  Keep it inclusive  Endorse others GOOGLE+ Users: 100+ Million Google+ allows users to group their contacts into circles. This allows users to regulate who sees what information. Be mindful of what content you make public. Content shared in Google+ shows up in Google search results, so make sure it’s positive. Each user has a profile that displays information about themselves.  Connect all professional accounts through here  Keep things professional KLOUT Users: 100+ Million Gives you a way to gauge the effectiveness of your online branding and social media efforts. Provides a score that tells you how influential you are. Tells you what areas you are influential in, your personal reach, and the amplification of your posts. ABOUT.ME Users: 1+ Million Allows you to create a personal landing page. Can add widgets to all of your social media outlets and web presences. Easy to format – no coding needed. Simply drop in a background, pick a color scheme, and write your small blurb. The perfect “home base” to put on your business cards. DISCOVER YOUR BRAND Identify your Niche  Select something that sets you apart from the crowd  Be precise and clear about how it can help others  Better to be narrowed down than blend into the crowd. Identify Personal Core Values  What is important to you?  How do you display these core values? Build a mission statement Develop a plan of action SWOT Analysis CREATE YOUR BRAND Personal Interactions  Effective Communication  Appearance and Wardrobe  Customer Service Business Standards  Business Cards  Resumes and Cover Letters  Portfolios  E-mail Addresses Social Networking MAINTAIN YOUR BRAND Keep things relevant and fresh Relate/Connect with others Find new ways to connect with others Management Tools  Google Alerts  Hootsuite  Connect Accounts PROTECT YOUR BRAND The Internet is FOREVER Google Yourself Social Media Privacy Settings