Why market your book via social media


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It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that social media is easily one of the biggest and best things to happen to Kindle book self-publishers since, well… since forever!

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Why market your book via social media

  1. 1. social media is easily one of the biggest and bestthings to happen to Kindle book self- publishers http://amydebcreations.com/
  2. 2.  It’s never been easierfor anyone to publishtheir own book on Kindleif they so choose to doso Make a moderatelysizeable income fromdoing so http://amydebcreations.com/
  3. 3. Thanks to all the of us who are making a full orpart-time income from writing/publishing our own Kindle books, things are looking to get even better in regards to marketing via social media.Let’s go ahead and take a look at the specific social media outlets http://amydebcreations.com/
  4. 4.  It has certainly went above and beyond in regardsto their advertising and business marketingLucrative, multi-tiered enhancements to fanpages, likes, sponsored posts and much more hasmade Facebook the cream of the crop in regards tomarketing your Kindle book online http://amydebcreations.com/
  5. 5.  Promoting yourKindle book is usuallyfor free Millionsof peopleuse Twitter daily. http://amydebcreations.com/
  6. 6. Google+ may consistently lose out to Facebookand Twitter, but there are still hundreds uponhundreds of thousands of active, consistent users If there was ever a company that you’d want to bein charge of ensuring that a particular social mediaoutlet never went stale or out of commission, itwould have to be Google http://amydebcreations.com/
  7. 7. The entire world can’t get enough of thissocial media craze, there’s surely going to be even more big guns of the social media industry that are created in the short future that we never even thought could be possible. http://amydebcreations.com/
  8. 8. With the current rate of internet and mobiletechnology advancement,there’s certainly bound to be something. So youbetter get educated on the current social media outlets before even morecome along or you’ll really be behind the curve! http://amydebcreations.com/
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