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The importance of blogging for ebook authors and publishers


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As a writer and publisher, one of the most proven ways to expand your audience is to showcase your work through blogging.

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The importance of blogging for ebook authors and publishers

  1. 1.  It is a freelancer’s marketing tool Like social networking sites, it is a way to communicate with your readers. It is an effective approach to promote yourself and your work better to the rest of the world.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Blogs are fairly easy to start thanks to thenumerous blog tools and publishing platforms thatyou can use for free. Examples are: - - - Delicious - CoffeeCup - Stock.xchng - PollDaddy
  4. 4.  It helps you sell your work on the web It allows you to get to know your market It allows you to build relationship with your reader It also allows your readers to know more aboutyou and what you can offer them.
  5. 5. Writing is your own personal businessand blogging is one way to create a good customer service
  6. 6.  Blogs generate more traffic to the website whereyour eBooks and articles are published Utilize various social networking sites like Twitterand Facebook to link back to your blog.
  7. 7. Write a short blog post about yourupcoming eBook and then post an activelink that directs your readers to the page where they can find and download your book.
  8. 8.  Create an “About the Author” page on your blog Write for your readers and not for yourself Don’t just write about your goals; consider yourtarget niche as well
  9. 9. Even if you are just using a pen name, you can still brandyourself as a writer who knows his potential and what he can offer to his readers.
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