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Creating Salespage to Market a "For Sale" ebook


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Here's how you market a "FOR SALE" Amazon kindle ebook.

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Creating Salespage to Market a "For Sale" ebook

  1. 1. Creating Sales Page to Market A For Sale E-Book
  2. 2. Selling A Digital Text Kindle Book  Write an E-book  Convert it to digital text  Upload to Amazon Kindle store
  3. 3. Although Amazon is a popular website that receives a lot of traffic, you should still market your for sale e-book. With marketing, you generate interest. The right interest should translate into more sales.
  4. 4. So, how do you market a for sale Amazon Kindle e-book?  Create a sales page Amazon converts your file Keep your original file in your computer Convert your file into PDF and create a traditional e-book
  5. 5. Marketing Through Sales Page  Create press release Mention the title of your e-book Put your name as the author Write a short description of your e-book Storyline Topics covered
  6. 6. Marketing Through Sales Page  Visit to create free account  List your e-book for sale with PayPal as the accepted method of payment
  7. 7. Marketing Through Sales Page  At the bottom of your sales page, mention your e-book is available for sale for the Amazon Kindle device.  State your selling price  Provide a link to your Amazon sales page.
  8. 8. Marketing Through Sales Page  Use search engine optimization on your sales page Involves the use of keywords  Incorporate keywords to your sales page
  9. 9. Marketing Through Sales Page  Use customer testimonials on your e-book sales page  Create a listing on asking users to review your e-book  Offer them a free copy  Post those reviews on your sales page and in the product description
  10. 10. Marketing Through Sales Page  Become active in e- book and Amazon Kindle communities.  Join in on a discussion or create your own  In a forum List your for sale Create a link to your sales page
  11. 11. Marketing Through Sales Page  If signatures are allowed: create a catchy slogan for your e-book make the link clickable, leading to your sales page.
  12. 12. It can be difficult to market a for sale Amazon Kindle book. For that reason, create a sales page and sell the traditionally formatted e-book too.
  13. 13. Book not selling? Free report reveals 3 easy fixes for more sales: