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Convert your book to kindle format with these 3 easy steps


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So you have written or bought the rights to a book and you want to convert to Kindle format and publish it. In this report we will look at how to do this and give you plenty of hints and tips.

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Convert your book to kindle format with these 3 easy steps

  1. Convert Your Book to KindleFormat with These 3 Easy Steps
  2. So you have written orbought the rights to a bookand you want to convert toKindle format and publish it.
  3. Want to sell book on Amazon? Create an account at Convert your book to Kindle format within the kindle digital publishing site. Start uploading your book at
  4. Want a Kindle-friendly version of your book?  Convert your book to Kindle format using the Kindle Previewer tool/ You can find it at:  eature.html?ie=UTF8&docId =1000234621  or search for Amazon Kindle Previewer.
  5. But before you convert yourbook, here are three easy tipsof what you need to prepare.
  6. 1. Have the text of your booksaved as a Word .doc or .docx document
  7. Here are some formatting tips:• Be sure to have a title page giving the book title and author name.• Insert a page break, have a copyright page, copyright date, the date of publication, the publishers name and address.• Use indenting for a new paragraph.• Use bold and italic text.• Avoid special characters, bullet points, headers and footers.• Insert any images in the right places
  8. 2. Go to Save As and choose to save with a new name as a Web Page in HTML.
  9. 3. Finally, openKindle Previeweror your KDPaccount andupload yourHTML WebPage file.
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