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Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Amy Grace Hewitt <br />Bloc party - Hunting For Witches<br /><br />NumberTimeType of shot usedLyricsDescription10:00 -0:08Birds eye view, slowly zooming in.Slowly getting closer to the band with a spot light on the band.20:08 -0:10Medium Close UpBand member coming towards the camera from the dark with light shining on his face.30:10 -0:14Group ShotGroup shot with a spot light on them.40:14 - 0:16Medium Close UpBand member looking into the camera with light on them.50:16 - 0:20Birds Eye ViewCamera looking down on the band with a light on them.60:20 -0:22Close UpVery close to the band members face, close on the eyes.70:22 -0:24Medium Close UpMedium Close Up on the band members guitar, whilst playing intro.80:24 -0:26Close UpClose Up on the drum with bands name on the front.90:26 -0:28Close UpClose Up on different part of drum set.100:28 -0:29Wide ShotWide shot showing band members legs and drum set.110:29 -0:29Close UpDrum Set again.120:29 -0:30Birds Eye ViewOf the band with a spot light on them130:30 - 0:31Close UpClose up on drum cymbals.140:31 -0:32Group ShotGroup shot of the band with a spot light on them.150:32 - 0:33Medium Close UpMedium Close Up on the drum with bands name on the front.160:33 -0:34Birds Eye ViewOf the drum set.170:34 -0:38Mid ShotOf the drummer playing the drums.180:38 -0:44Wide ShotOf Drummer and two guitar players, slowly zooming on one of the guitarist. 190:44 -0:45Birds Eye ViewOf the drum set again.200:45 -0:45Close UpVery close to the band members face, close on the eyes again.210:45 -0:47Medium ShotOf a guitar being played. 220:47 -0:48Medium ShotBand member playing guitar230:48 -0:48Close UpGuitar being played.240:48 -0:49Close UpCymbals being played.250:49 -0:49Birds Eye ViewBand member playing guitar, not showing his face.260:49 -0:51Close UpDrum set being hit with drum sticks.270:51 -0:53Medium Close Up“I’m Sitting” Lead singer singing into the camera looking away.280:53 -0:54Medium Close UpTwo Guitarist playing their guitars.290:54 -0:56Medium Close Up“Of the roof of my house”Lead singer singing looking away from camera.300:56 -0:58Close UpCymbals being hit by drummer.310:58 -0:59Group Shot“with a shot gun”Band with a spot light on them.320:59 -0:59Close UpGuitar being played.330:59 -1:01Medium Close UpDrum set with drummer playing.341:01 -1:02Medium Close Up“and six pack ”Lead singer singing looking away from camera again. 351:02 -1:03Group Shot“of beers”Band with spot light on them.361:03 -1:04Medium Close UpDrum set with drummer playing.371:04 -1:05Birds eye view“the newscaster”Guitarist playing guitar381:05 -1:06Group Shot“says the enemy is among us”Group playing instruments391:06 -1:09Medium Close Up“as bomb explodes”Lead singers face401:09 -1:10Medium Close Up“on the 30 bus”Lead singers face and shoulders411:10 -1:11Birds Eye View“kill that middle”Guitarist playing.421:11 -1:11Close Up“class indeci --”Lead singer431:11 -1:12Close Up“-- sion”Lead singer441:12 -1:13Medium Close UpShot showing band members legs and drum set.451:13 -1:13Medium Close Up“now is not”Lead singer with camera zooming out on him461:13 -1:15Group Shot“the time for”Group shot with spot light on him.471:15 -1:15Group Shot“liberal”Group shot from another point of view.481:15 -1:16Group Shot“thought”Group shot from another point of view.491:16 -1:16Medium Close upGroup playing their instruments.501:16 -1:18Close Up“So I go”Lead singer singing.511:18: -1:18Close Up“hunting”Guitarist playing guitar.521:18 - 1:19Close Up“for wit--”Lead singer singing into the camera.531:19 -1:20Group Shot“--ches”Group playing their instruments.541:20 -1:21Close UpGuitarist playing.551:21 -1:23Group Shot“So I go hunting for witches”Group all playing their instruments.561:23 -1:23Close UpGuitarist playing.571:23 - 1:24Birds Eye ViewBassist playing.581:24 -1:25Wide Shot“heads are going to”Lead singer.591:25 -1:26Close Up“roll”Lead Singer601:26 -1:26Wide ShotTwo guitarists playing their guitars.611:26 - 1:27Wide ShotGuitarist playing his guitar facing away.621:27 -1:28Birds Eye ViewBassist.631:28 - 1:29Wide Shot“so I go hunting”Lead Singer641:29 -1:30Group Shot“1990’s”Group playing.651:31 -1:33Wide Shot“Optimistic as a teen”Group all playing their instruments. 661:33 -1:35Close Up“but now its terror”Lead Singer671:35 - 1:37Medium ShotShowing drum set and guitarists legs.681:37 - 1:38Over Shoulder Shot“airplanes crash into towers”Group playing their instruments.691:38 -1:41Wide Shot-echoes-Group playing their instruments 701:41 -1:42Wide Shot“the daily mail says”Lead Singer711:42 -1:43Group Shot“the enemy”Group playing their instruments.721:43 - 1:44Group Shot“is among us”Group playing their instruments.731:44 -1:45Medium Shot“taking our women”Lead singer741:45 - 1:46Close Up“and taking our jobs”Close up on lead singer.751:46 - 1:49Two Shot“all reasonable thought is being drowned”Showing two guitarists playing.761:49 -1:51Close Up“by the non-stop baying”Lead singer771:51 -1:53Close Up“baying for blood”Lead singer781:53 -1:55Medium Close Up“so I go hunting for--”Lead singer791:55 -1:56Close Up“--witches”Lead singers face801:56 - 1:57Close UpGuitar811:57 - 1:58Medium Shot“so I go hunting--”Showing the group playing.821:58 -2:00Close Up“heads are--”Lead singer832:00 - 2:03Medium Close Up/Group Shot“--going to roll”Group playing842:03 - 2:06Wide Shot“an ordinary man”Lead singer852:06 - 2:08Wide Shot“wait ordinary desire”Lead singer862:08 - 2:09Medium Close Up“I watched TV”Lead singer looking into the camera singing.872:09 - 2:10Two Shot“it informed me”Two guitarists882:10 - 2:11Close Up“I was--”Lead Singer892:11 - 2:13Wide Shot“--an ordinary man”Drummer902:13 - 2:14Close Up“with ordinary desire”Lead singer912:14 - 2:15Close Up“there must be”Close up on drummer922:15 - 2:16Close Up“accountability”Lead Singer932:16 - 2:17Birds Eye ViewOn drum set whilst being played.942:17 - 2:19Group Shot“disparate”Group playing952:19 - 2:22Medium Close Up“and misinformed”Lead singer962:22 - 2:27Group Shot“fear keeps us al in place”Group playing.972:27 - 2:30Group ShotGroup playing.982:30 - 2:32Close UpLead singer playing guitar992:32 - 2:33Two ShotTwo Guitarists playing<br />1002:33 - 2:35Two ShotTwo Guitarists playing from another shot1012:35 - 2:36Wide ShotDrummer1022:36 - 2:37Two ShotTwo Guitarists playing zooming out from their guitars.1032:37 - 2:39Wide ShotLead Singer playing guitar1042:39 - 2:39Birds Eye ViewDrum set whilst being played1052:39 - 2:40Two ShotTwo Guitarists playing1062:40 - 2:41Close UpDrummer playing1072:41 - 2:42Medium ShotLead Singer playing guitar1082:42 - 2:43Group ShotGroup Playing their instruments1092:43 - 2:43Close UpOf a guitar1102:43 - 2:44Two ShotTwo guitarists playing guitar1112:44 - 2:452: 22:45Close UpDrummer playing drums1122:45 - 2:46Birds Eye ViewOf drummer playing drums1132:46 - 2:47Close UpOf guitar being played1142:47 - 2:48Close Up “so I go hunting for--”Lead Singer1152:48 - 2:48Close Up“--witches”Lead Singer showing his shoulders1162:48 - 2:49Birds Eye View “I go hunting--”Guitarist1172:49 - 2:50Medium Close Up“--for witchesGuitarist1182:50 - 2:51Group Shot“I go hunting for--”Group Playing their instruments1192:51 - 2:52Medium Shot“--witches”Lead Singer1202:52- 2:53Medium Shot“heads are going to--”Lead Singer1212:53 - 2:55Group Shot“-roll”Group Playing their instruments1222:55 - 2:57Close Up“I go hunting for--”Drummer playing drums.1232:57 - 2:57Birds Eye View“I was--”Drummer1242:57 - 2:58Wide Shot“--an ordinary man with--”Lead singer1252:58 - 2:58Close Up“--with”Drummer1262:58 - 2:59Over Shoulder Shot“--ordin--”Drummer1272:59 - 3:01Wide Shot“--ary desire. I watched TV --”Lead Singer1283:01 - 3:03Over Shoulder Shot“-- and it informed me”Group playing 1293:03 - 3:04Medium Close Up“I was an ordinary man”Lead singer1303:04 - 3:06Over Shoulder Shot“with ordinary desire”Group1313:06 - 3:07Wide Shot“there must be”Lead Singer singing1323:07 - 3:08Wide Shot“accountability”group1333:08 - 3:08Over Shoulder ShotDrummer1343:08 - 3:11Group“dispara--”Group1353:11 - 3:12Two Shot“--ate”Two guitarists playing guitar1363:12 - 3:13Medium Close Up“and”Lead Singer1373:13 - 3:14Group Shot“misinformed”Group1383:14 - 3:17Medium Close Up“fears keep us all”Lead singer singing looking away from camera1393:17 - 3:18Group“in”Group all playing their instruments1403:18 - 3:20Medium Close Up“place”Lead singer looking up1413:20 - 3:21Group ShotAll playing their instruments1423:21 - 3:22Birds Eye ViewCamera looking down on the band.1433:22 - 3:24Two ShotTwo guitarists playing their guitars1443:24 - 3:25 Close UpOn the bass drum cover showing the bands name.1453:25 - 3:32Birds Eye ViewLooking down on the band slowly zooming out and in the last second the light goes out on the band.<br />Overall Analysis.<br />From watching this video so many time I have begun to realise some of the techniques used in this video, I could use in the music video I am creating. I will include the zooming in and out on characters in the music video and also I am planning on using a spot light in our music video to highlight a character. To show their importance in the video, which would work very well. Finally I am going to include the singer, singing into the camera or in the background of my music video like this music video I have analyzed. <br />